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Srixon z765 vs z785 irons

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I went from 745 to 765 and will be bagging the 785 as soon as my order arrives. The 785's are by far the best CB set Srixon has launched IMO. I wasn't totally in love with the 765's because the CG was moved really far out toward the toe. After demoing the 785's they married the best things of the 45 and 65 series and took a little off the sole. It's such an incredible golf club - looks, feel, performance. So, if I had to pick between the 65 and 85 series there's no question...go with the 785's.

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great video, sounds to me like they love both irons and u cant go wrong with either. My 765 are just perfect for now

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Is the consensus that the Srixon Z 745 / 765 / 785 are very similar, almost the same club? I have my eye on two used Srixon iron sets, a 765 for about $350 and a 745 for about $250. Both sets look almost new. Would I be better off just going for the older 745 since they're "almost the same"? Why would one choose one over the other?


If price is the main factor and you can look down at most anything, the 745's at that price point would definitely be the way to go. I am more of a picker/sweeper and the sole isn't as much of a factor for ME between models, but the 785 is the narrowest and that gives me more confidence in a solid strike without worrying about too much drag or catching too much turf before hitting the ball. The 765 is probably the most forgiving overall, but again that'll depend on swing Type as a shallower swing such as mine finds the 785 more forgiving. The 745 is more square, the 765 more round, and the 785 a good mix of the two. All of these differences are pretty minuscule and quite honestly I could play any of them in a heartbeat and shoot the same score haha.


I am in the same boat. I have the 765's currently combo with 965 in 8-P. I found the narrower sole on the 785 easier for me to make solid contact vs any of the 5 series (too wide) and the 765. In a move that shocked me, I really liked the u85 in the long irons (its super wide, so this makes no sense I know). So my new set is U85 4-5 and 785 6-P. Just a much better fit for me. Some of that is the 965 can be tough on me when not exactly on. For reference 4.5 hcp in my fitting I was 83-84mph with a 7iron, and fairly low spin. For me, the contact was just better with the 785 vs 765.

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Funny you mention the U85 in the long irons, I liked it better in my 4 iron haha.

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