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OMG, Gary McCord is insufferable!

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I like McCord, especially back in the day when he'd play off Ben Wright.   His acting like a vulture on #10 yesterday, the bet with Faldo over someone making an eagle and then Phil doing him in with a

Just let golf be golf. McCord is trying to inject his sense of humor into the broadcast and it just doesn’t work.   I’ve said for years, the European Tour absolutely kills their broadcasts; they are

Dottie Pepper has put me on suicide watch several times.

High handicappers hate Gary McCord, Johnny Miller and Lanny Watkins, not sure why. Maybe they don’t get the sarcasm or the jokes. But these guys know a lot about golf and golfers could learn from them if they would listen to them.


Agree. I’ve found that to be true too. All 3 are extremely knowledgeable on the game and it’s history , ins and outs etc.


Maybe he has plenty of knowledge, but I don’t need to listen to someone talk me through the roll of the ball on the way to the hole. Way too much.


The alternative is someone like Joe Buck or Tony romo. Neither of which know more about golf than most good ams.


How about we just watch the putt without all the “ugh” “ohh” “wah” commentary.


Mute provides that.


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He used to be good

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I have always liked him ok but he does seem to try a little too hard sometime now? Still like him but see where some would not.

However, yesterday I was super frustrated when they finished up and no one asked JB how much he was going to pay his caddie! I sure would have thought that would be the burning question America and WRX's wanted answered :-)

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Always find him annoying and "mute" is a must as is "fast forward", but I also found Jim Nance almost as annoying.

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Gary has stepped his terrible "I'm the smartest guy on the telecast " humor to a new level. It's bad when the on course commentators are so

hungry for attention they take away from the product.

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Based on this thread, most of you just want "bland, vanilla" announcers.


McCord's whole persona began because HE was the joke. A tour pro/Monday qualifier who never won a tournament. I thought he was pretty entertaining for most of his career.


Part of the problem, as a hole announcer, he sometimes has a lot of time to fill. He's better in short spurts, so that's the producers fault.

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I tend to agree with those that think he over does it at times. Years ago he was refreshing and funny, but now he tries too hard. I still find him entertaining at times, but he needs to tone it down. I think back to his days of bantering with Ben Wright. That was fun because it didn't dominate the telecast and Ben was the perfect foil. A distinguished British announcer versus a goofy, weird former PGA Tour player.

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There is nothing wrong with McCord, or any announcer in sports.

Brightens up the telecasts. If your that sensitive, turn it to mute or find

Something else to do. McCord and others like him, will be around till

They decide to quit, these kind of threads make me laugh, I did not think

Golf Wrxer's were that jealous of McCord's job and others in that field.

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I am going to have to put the TV on mute. I really am wanting to watch this extended coverage on TGC, but McCord cannot shut up. He prattles on endlessness, trying to act funny, and it is horrid. I mean like nails on a chalkboard bad. I’m sure he’s a nice guy in person, but tv announcer wise, this is just brutal. He seems worse than normal today, like it’s actually really irritating me.... lol. Is it just me??

if McCord went away tomorrow, his replacement is already in the wings. Colt Knost got a chance to announce during parts of the GENESIS OPEN and he talks MORE han McCord. he prattles on endlessly and contributes nothing.

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There is nothing wrong with McCord, or any announcer in sports.

Brightens up the telecasts. If your that sensitive, turn it to mute or find

Something else to do. McCord and others like him, will be around till

They decide to quit, these kind of threads make me laugh, I did not think

Golf Wrxer's were that jealous of McCord's job and others in that field.

I don't think many are at all jealous.. Side banter is acceptable, but it should not dominate the game itself. McCord and Dottie, were talking through the players shots as if they weren't even on the course. I can only speak for myself and I could very well be a minority, but I truly believe that golf fans are tuning in to watch the competitors hit shots, manage the course and not necessarily for the talk show banter that was taking place.


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I tend to mute most of the golf and tennis announcers. IF you think golf is bad..try tennis..there is a particular European Lady who wants to describe everything...all the time..non-stop. Thanks for the mute button..whoever invented it.

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i usually give little thought to the announcers. some are better than others. but when it comes to McCord, there is not a worse announcer in sports. i've been muting the telecast and playing music in background lately. i get everyone has their opinions on announcers. some love Miller, some dislike him. i get that. but i can't fathom why anyone enjoys McCord and i can't understand how producers think he brings value to telecast

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I think Kostis is the only person that didn't catch the wrath (yet) in this thread - I found McCord super-annoying yesterday, but I also got the nbc sports gold thing to watch early-round coverage, give me that all day every day. I'm sure its because they only follow two groups, but they basically showed every shot for each person, with the camera behind the player. I found it informative to see how Tiger would set up angles, how a lot of the iron shots were being flighted low, etc. It would be great if CBS/NBC would do alternative streams of that coverage.

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You ladies and Gents think it is easy to fill in time waiting for J B Holmes to take a shot

Can only find so much to talk about before thinking of blowing your brains out

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You guys must be a lot of fun at parties.

In the Hoofer

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I like Gary, he is a bit of an odd ball at times but non-conventional has it's place.

Like in the earlier years, he had lived in a converted shipping container, odd but practical. I remembered back in the days that was the solution for a living space , cheap ( $2,000 to start the set up with the container ) put it on your property or a designated mobile home park, then you'll have a studio space to call home. I had considered the same idea when I was single .

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Let's see, do I dislike Dottie Pepper's sneering, "I'm just one of the boys!" routine more than McCord's inane babble? Hard choice! However McCord has made me really, really appreciate the Board of Directors for Augusta who had the foresight to ban McCord for life and thus saved their golf course from being seriously stunk up once a year.

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