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There's a few putters inside. Mix a drink and come on in

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I'm so behind getting this stuff from farm to table but that's my problem and not necessarily yours unless you like other poeple's problems. Go ahead and scroll through, I hope you find something to get transactional over. You probably want to trade me some musty artifact from your basement or offer three packs of expired BigLots ramen for a tour quality putter, so let's just get the polite "no" and "sorry, I'm not interested" 4uckery out of the way early. I ship to the America where most of the states share borders and I'd prefer not to ship to the colder northern non-america unless I'm otherwise greased.


Bettinardi Tour Stock DASS BB2 35" with FIT face and a sultry blue headcover - $575


This one basically screams DTF and everyone knows it. Head style is that BB2 with a little more width which is perfect for those of us who've been around enough size 2s turned 6s who've traded their cocktail of coke, IG gym selfies and psuedo-vegan garbage for some bacon, a vacation from narcissism and caloric ignorance. This one's more fun and you know it fellas. I think they use the term, "she bangs" in Miami or something, maybe not, I'm not familiar with all sexual colloquialisms, but you get the point. Odyssey blue grip because the Bettinardi grip was one of those leather options which seems like a good idea until you actually try it and realize they're for people who enjoy watching golf in their study/den not playing golf -- outside -- in weather -- sweating. Finish is a cool grey and I think it's 34.5 inches with 355 gram head but I don't have a scale because I don't weigh drugs either.


SOLD! Odyssey PT82 33 inches with original grip and headcover $130 SOLD!


If you hate millenials but enjoy golf, this is the perfect club for you. Heel-shafted goodness built with some Odyssey and FIGJAM Micklelson thumb's up, fist bump phony-ism all packed into an 8813 chassis. Soft yet firm insert and somebody once told me there's tungsten behind the face because Phil requested it and that makes sense because he's the type. I've used this one a bit as evidenced by the worn grip (I hear the jerk-offs call it patina) and the headcover looks as though I lent it to 1900s English orphanage, but it's all perfect for a guy like you. Buy it pre-worn and it'll go without saying you put the work into it yourself.


Titleist Scotty Cameron 7m 35 - original red Matador midsize grip $255


I've had this Futura 7m for a bit but only played it occasionally when my putting put me in dark places. It's big, unsightly and could double as a trash compactor or prop from The Punisher when not on course. I don't really even like it and I flat loathe it whenever I think about the "M" referring to "Muscle bar". This putter wants to take money off your playing partners like I want Linda Cardellini to give me a come hither eye-fu$kapow glance at a dinner party neither of us cares to attend. Maybe it's fatal attraction, I don't know, but I'm not the kind of guy to ask questions when situations percolate in my favor.


Bettinardi Studio Stock #8 35" stock Lamkin grip $255 ===) $235


Nobody knows why I ever bought this putter and I've used it zero times which makes me feel a little sad or ultimately confused. True story, same day I got a smoking deal on that O'Keeffe's Working Hands cream in the little circular green canister while buying wiper fluid at Auto Zone. $hit's normally a few bucks each and they had a marked down to 25 cents. My kids were like a couple of triple-zoinked cage monkeys in there and I was starting to sweat the shear volume of hand cream I endeavored to purchase, but a deal like that in the middle of winter is a, "slide the stacks to the middle and roll" kind of opportunity. Twenty-five cents! I bought all 20 and it's the first time in my life when I can actually say I needed a bag to carry my hand lotion. I'm sure a volume-buy like this puts me on some sort of federal registry, but with this late-winter sandpaper skin, I'll take my chances. Sorry federales. Now just imagine trying to wrangle all those disks of hand cream and two PCP-laced children through a shooting gallery of a parking lot on a Sunday morning? You can't because it's surreal and ridiculous. Putter's never been used, and even if it were, you couldn't tell because my hands are supple AF.


SOLD! Bushnell Tour X used sparingly $255 SOLD!


Perfect if you’re stalking an ex and, on account of court orders, need to do so from in excess of 100yrds. Even better you want to calculate that distance from sea-level to the ivory tower she inhabits. Doesn’t play music on its own, but don’t let that stop you from humming “Every Step You Take†whilst going for a looky-loo. Industry leading laser technology coupled with the ability to do your 6th grade Euclidean geometry on the spot. Uses one of those chode batteries which always seem overpriced until you’re 2-down through 5 and can’t figure out if it’s a three-knuckle cut 7-iron or show your buddies how far you can bump hump and dump a 9-iron into a back left pin. Take the guess work and subsequent yardage book/grass toss fingerfu$k out of the equation by getting this hound into the bag. Us guys stuck in the thumb-twiddling group behind that blazing fast first weekend group out (which is always full of retirees and childless/spouseless jerkoffs who have no reason to be first out regardless of how many times they’re patronizing the club for the free coffee and hair tonic each morning) will thank you for it. I’m feeling generous so I’ll include a new chode free of charge in addition to the standard accoutrements.



SOLD! PING WRX Redwood - Starshot finish, tungsten weights, sight dot with dual flange sightline, PING Man grip and fancy WRX cover at 33" - $175 SOLD!


Here's something you really out to think about if you're in the market for a cooler than average putter. Nearly nothing stock, it's upgraded in every capacity, yet I don't think I've used it more than a handful of times. Could be said for most of my clubs, but don't get me wrong, I'm not some sort of supermarket creep who get's his stones polished by hanging out in my basement looking at golf clubs. I'm actually fairly normal but I have way too many and that's irritating because I often arrive to the course thinking I've brought a particular club just to discover I've mistakenly have the wrong one. Not cool. Consequently, I need to reduce the options. What we have here is an attempt to remedy these issues.


SOLD !Slighter - custom center-shafted with Nippon putter shaft and Iomic grip 32.5" $155. SOLD!


When I adopted my dog, the organization told me she was 8, maybe 9 years old and in great health in spite of her history of homelessness, heavy breeding, starvation and abuse. Excellent dog, but 8 or 9 she is not. In fact, on four separate occasions people have actually stopped me while I walked her to say, "Wow, that's an old dog", "Damn! That dog is OLD" and "Look at that dog -- it's really old! How old is your dog, man?" Nobody knows how old she is, but I can say for absolute certain that she's not the pinnacle of good health either. About a week after I adopted her, I brought her to the vet and she told me it was great that I'd adopted a geriatric animal. Butters me up with how great a person I allegedly am and then tells me the dog is a petri dish of parasites/skin diseases, needs a root canal and 18 teeth removed. Yes, you read it correctly, 18. So, now that I have a roughly one and a half Circle-Ts invested in her, she's in tip-top shape for a 17 year old dog, and I'll tell you what, she's worth every penny. Best damn dog I've ever had and women LOVE to hear you've adopted a jalopy so keep that in mind if you like the benefits associated with impressing women. None of this has anything to do with the putter, but it's center-shafted, a little ugly, well-built, and feels great if you're into those sorts of things. Tom makes a great putter and this one's no different. I don't know the headweight, so don't ask and the Nippon putter shaft feels excellent. Has some stamps which you can love or hate, that's not my right to judge.


PING Anser Milled Zero with hand-filed topline and headcover 35" $101


Many folks liked this model and I'm certainly not one of them, but you might be. I have the headcover which is really white and fairy apt to stain without cause, but it is magnetic and that's positive. There's also the original grey corded grip which I found laughably short-lived in my attempts on other putters, BUT I made my own upgrade and added a topline which was subsequently painted with red nail polish. I'm no fancy putter guru but this f9cker sings now and you want her as your backup or maybe more. No dents, dings or other unmentionables, she just wants some action, sport.


SOLD PING Karsten 1966 TR WRX Starshot finish, gold dot, ping man grip and black PING headcover 35" $123


Starshot finish and TR grooves in one place can pop the zip on your favorite performance chinos so make sure you're in private before continuing. Go ahead and buy this for putter for yourself and the guy next to you in the member-guest because we know he's been carrying your high-school-hero a** for the last several years. Guy needs a closer, not another embroidered shoebag, so do everyone a solid and Paypal me right away. I've considered keeping this, but I don't think I've used it but once since purchase and that's not a very nice way to treat a minx like this. Get some rest, you'll need it, she's a handful.


Nike VR Tour 460 9.5 Head only $65


I have this driver head kicking around in my basement and there's simply no chance I'll ever build it up again. Good driver, but never did much for me, maybe it will for you though. I know people around here like to build, "retro bags" full of $hit they thought was good "back in the day" or whatever else you people do by making, "my Nike bag" or similar manufacturer's "all time best" configurations. If this fits your niche-culture weirdness, by all means buy it and if, instead you're one of those people hell-bent on flaming Nike for making clubs, then I guess you can buy this to anvil-smash. I don't care how weird you are or what your golf-kink motivations might be as long as your paypal hits my account. It's in good shape, has the term, "Compression Channel" inscribed on the sole so you know it'll pepper the grid with t!tty-r!pping speed. Obviously, I'll double tape the box and package accordingly as to prevent that kind of power from escaping premature to your delivery. Oh, and it already has a clear-coat idiot mark at center court because, why wouldn't it.



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“ if you hate millennials but love golf “ You sir are a very good salesman ! I almost bought based on that thought alone.


Titleist tsi2 10* Mitsubishi TB 70x 

Titleist ts2 16.5 * Tensei CK pro Blue 80TX

Pxg Gen 2 0317X 3h  kbs 95 s+ 

Titleist T100 [email protected]*  modus 130x 

Vokey sm7 50*54*58*v grind s400

Cameron GSS 009  1.5 , sound slot , tungsten sole weights , head speed shaft. 

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God this is a good ad !!!’ Lol. 9 year old dog. Wow.


Never trust a person who hates dogs.


Titleist tsi2 10* Mitsubishi TB 70x 

Titleist ts2 16.5 * Tensei CK pro Blue 80TX

Pxg Gen 2 0317X 3h  kbs 95 s+ 

Titleist T100 [email protected]*  modus 130x 

Vokey sm7 50*54*58*v grind s400

Cameron GSS 009  1.5 , sound slot , tungsten sole weights , head speed shaft. 

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I'm 3 glasses of wine in, I read every word of this and I love it all. 2 more glasses and you'll have all my dollars

Titleist TSi3 8.5*. Tensei AV Raw White 70x.
Titleist TSi3 16.5*. Tensei AV Raw White 80x.
Titleist U500 2 Iron. Evenflow T1100 100x.
Titleist T100 3-9. TT AMT X100. 
Vokey SM8 50, 54, 60. TT X100  
Scotty Cameron JT Inspired By 

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Best for sale post I've ever seen.

Ping G400 LST 9* - Diamana Kai'li 70x
Ping G30 14.5* - UST VTS Silver 7F5
Adams DHY Pro 18* - Aldila Proto 95x
Srixon Z545 4i - UST Recoil 110 F5
Srixon Z785 5-PW - Modus 120x
Cleveland 588 Rotex 2.0  - DG S400
Tommy Armour 845 DLT Todd Sones
Srixon Z Star

"Dont play too much golf. Two rounds per day is plenty." - Harry Vardon

"Every day that I missed practicing takes me one day longer to be good." Ben Hogan

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You my friend have a lot of time on your hands. Thanks for the post. I feel like I should buy something just because.



M5 Kiyoshi Purple
TM M4 16.5 VA Composites Drago 75
Epon AF901 19*/22*
PXG 031X Proto CTaper 125 5-P/Ping I500/I210 KBS Tour 125 5-P
PXG 0311 Forged 50/56/60-Scratch 1018 50/53/58
Rife Deep Blue

FOR NOW...........
All Clubs subject to change relative to my last bad round of golf......

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