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There's a few putters inside. Mix a drink and come on in

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I’ve had some trade offers and unless you have a set of Don White grinds or an old Mercedes diesel wagon I’m fairly disinterested. Low-ballers haven’t shown up yet, so I guess I have that going for me. Send me some offers though, I’d like to buy new things which I’ll no doubt like better than the aforementioned things.

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Always great Ads. I have a 2000 Audi S4 bone stock with 88k

- TI M3 - 10.5 w/ Haz Black or KK Proto 60s
- TI SLDR Mini 16* w/ Tp6HD  & TI Sldr Mini 14*w/ PX 7c3
- CBX 18* and 20* w/ Haz Yellow - 910 17-19* w Diamana
- Srixon z945’s w/s400 
- Tour Issue Cleveland CG10 54-60
-Putters  - VLine Tank wrist lock / Tank 1 Versa wrist lock / TC VLine WHP
Testing - Everything and Anything to try and improve. Golf is all what you make of it. 

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