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How do I stop leaving the face open?

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If you are comfortable with your swing and don't want to change it - begin slightly strengthening your grip by rotating the grip within your hands (closing the face) until your shots straighten out.


However, If you believe your SWING is causing the problem and needs to be fixed - See a pro.




I have not heard of anyone advocating simply closing the face relative to the target while keeping the grip itself the same. Actually strengthening his grip is another story and cam have a real benefit for a lot of golfers.

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I can relate. I started trying to get more shaft lean at impact and ended up holding the face open with little arm rotation in the downswing. Currently trying to rotate my arms through impact (per my instructor and similar to Eric Corgorno's video) and hoping it helps. Right now I'm turning an 8 iron into a wedge, etc. and it's really frustrating. Hopefully more work with the pro and time practicing will cure this evil action soon (did I say it's frustrating?!).

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Driver and irons? It's killing me right now.


Start by making sure that the heel pad in your lead hand is on top of the grip, not beside it. Many times if the heel pad is beside the end of the grip, the left hand will be too weak - but more importantly it is much more difficult to physically release the club through impact.


Lead hand heel pad on top of grip.


Make sure that when you put your lead hand on the club, the edge of the heel pad lines up with the trail edge of the grip.


That will be a good start. Swing and release suggestions from there.

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What's interesting to me about this thread, and the Eric Cogorno video I posted, is that like others I could swear I've heard "turn your body to square the clubface".


However, it was evident to me that if my body was turned ~30 degrees toward the target at impact, the only way I could get the clubface square at impact without rotating my lead arm would be if I contacted the ball well up near my lead foot.


On the flipside, since I hadn't really learned to turn well into impact, if I rotated my lead arm into impact, I'd make contact with my body square to the ball and the clubface would be pointed well left, resulting in serious pulls.


I believe Eric mentions something about we tend to teach people backwards (in his opinion). I also recall Monte in his "Drive for Dough" video talking about having a slightly strong grip because the impact position tends to leave the face slightly open.


All of this together seems to make a lot more sense. Can't wait to finally get out again and try it out. Balls going consistently left would beat the heck out of my lifelong weak slice, especially if I understand why and that I'm working toward bringing it all together.

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