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CHEAP PXG gen 2’s,mint epic flash 3, PXG mustang,Tensei Pro white

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1st up

3-G-wedge PXG’s - see set make up below

5-p gen 2 0311t’s - gap is 0311p (they don’t make a t gap) gen 2’s c-taper lite stiff

3 and 4 iron gen 1 XF c-taper light stiff

All standard LLL- played about a 1/2 season, some bag chatter, zero browning, all in all 8/10 at worse, tons of life left



2nd up

Hit one ball with it. 9.99/10

Epic flash 3 wood w/ Tensei Pro white 70 stiff w/ head cover




Tensei Pro white 60 stiff. Plays just over 45” TM tip



PXG 35” mustang putter 9/10 PXG super stroke grip. Black leather Head cover included


Feel free to ask questions, ONLY trade interest would be AD DI 6 stiff

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Hey can you confirm the specs on the Tensei Pro White? According to the pics it looks like 70g stiff and not 60g stiff.

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