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Looking for Sexy Slick Minimal Irons

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Looking to purchase new irons. None of the major brands have what I want

Looking for blades or progressive, I would like black heads if possible.

My ideal irons were from a company called Scratch Golf they Made the SB 1 it had just an S on the muscle.

THATS WHATS MOST important to me it must be very clean almost zero brandings or markings. I prefer no numbers on the clubs either just lofts if possible.

I would get Scratch SB1 but they re non conforming and I want a new set. Budget F it you only live once, no seriously say 5K

I don't care at all about name brands. I would kill for a set brand new old snake eyes blades the ones with the eyes only.

About the slickest I have see so far are the Datang Dragons but know nothing about but look cool.

Any ideas?

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check out the Lynx Prowler VT ...   

Vega should offer what you want.younmight need to contact them as it they aren't currently offering black on their website, yet I'm sure they will have them.

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tour spec offers japanese blade blanks that come 30 grams over weight so you grind them to the shape and weight you want. Plus they come with no markings and are raw so you could get them DLC coated black. Should be what your after.






they also have wedges

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National Custom Works are Scratch. Same grinders and owners I believe. I'm sure they can hook you up.



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Another for National Custom works, incredible products, and from what i see watching there IG everyday, they will make them to your exact requests, any stamping you want (or dont) any shape muscle you want, sole grinds you want, seems like everything can be customized starting from forged blanks. True craftsmen.

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The only thing I do not particularly care for though is how the numbers look on the bottom. It is sometimes difficult to tell the difference between the 5 6 and 9 irons quickly. Mine are red paint fill so that may be a little of the issue too. Especially bothersome b/t the 5&6 as they look similar at address as far as loft. But they are super soft and may well be the best feeling iron I have ever hit.

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If you really have a $5k budget and liked Scratch golf, you have to go with National Custom Works. Not only are going to end up with a gorgeous set of blades, but I haven’t seen anybody outside of a tour van that will get you set up like Patrick Boyd will. He’s crazy thorough with the prebuild questions and will make sure the irons fit you perfect.


The Koyei’s are good looking (outside of the font used for the sole numbers...puke), but it would be a shame to buy that set and find out that the sole grinds don’t work for you.

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Those might literally be the best looking irons Ive ever seen. Any info on how they play?


I’ve never seen any review on them or any threads here from anyone who has purchased them.


Pretty cool though. I’ve thought of putting myself on the signup list on their website a few times, but I wouldn’t have the scratch for those even if they called my name.


My 1954 Hogan Precision’s are already American forged classics, and really hard to beat for a beautiful blade.

The bag...
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