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Anyone ever hear of this Snake Pit ?

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What? :s

Cobra F9 10.5*, VA Composites Raijin 44 F2
Cobra F9 16.0, UST Helium 49 A Flex
TXG Custom SIM Max 7-wood, Accra 140 2.0 M2
Sonartec MD 23* Hybrid, UST Irod A Flex 
TXG Custom, Mizuno JPX 919 Hotmetal 6-pw, "B" heads, 1* up, + 1/2", UST Recoil ESX 460 R, Soft Stepped Once
Mizuno S18 50/07, KBS Tour 110 R
Ping Glide 1.0 55*, Accra 90i R
Callaway MD4 58*, DG Tour Issue 115
Ping Karsten TR Pal, 35"
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what ?

[color=#4B0082]T[/color][color=#800080]our[/color][color=#4B0082] E[/color][color=#800080]xotics [/color][color=#FF0000]E [/color][color=#000000]10 [/color][color=#800080]15*[/color]
[font="Comic Sans MS"][color="#ff0000"]Sri[/color][/font][color=#000000]xon 785's w/G P stnd. cord [/color]
[color=#0000CD]Mizuno T 7 52 T 20 56 &60[/color]
Bobby Grace SNYPER  46"
[color=#006400]Oregon Ducks Bag[/color]
Eureka Ca. 

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> @Hankshank said:

> Prepare for Amen Corner


Amen what? Will never catch on.

Srixon Z785 9.5 Hzrdus stiff

Srixon Z F85 18* Hzrdus stiff

Ping Karsten 22* Hybrid

Srixon Z585 4i Modus 3 105 stiff

Srixon Z785 5-PW Modus 3 120 stiff
Srixon Z765 51* Modus stiff
Srixon Z765 57* Modus stiff
Cleveland RTX 3 62* TTDG
Seemore M5 HT Platinum

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