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Chrome Soft X Diamond with Triple Track

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> @linkerpan said:

> > @cmatthews77 said:

> > I just picked up a dozen of these... who knows if it's the exact same or not as the regular Chrome Soft X. Either way, the YouTube video someone posted in the big ball test thread that debunked the 18 yard discrepency between Chrome Soft X and MTB X


> Why would you buy this over the ProV or the Bridgestone?


So HONESTLY... here goes the main reason...

I've gotten used to having something on my golf ball (Truvis) and I wanted to try the Triple Track lines as something in between Truvis and the traditional white golf ball. I don't believe the study that there is 18 yards difference-- just don't believe it based on the ball speed and other numbers; something is up there. No doubt Chrome Soft is probably a yard or two shorter than a ProV1x for me (its definitely not 18). Although I also got a dozen of the Bridgestone BXS I look forward to playing with as well.


Outside of that reason, the bigger picture...

1. I stopped playing the ProV1 2 years ago just to try out new balls that were cheaper when I became convinced that while I'm a good player (2 handicap) I don't need the ProV1 (100mph driver speed)-- I went back and forth between the TP5, TP5x, Chrome Soft and Chrome Soft X settling on the Chrome Soft/Chrome Soft X (because it was $5 cheaper per dozen than the TP5 , $10 cheaper than the ProV1 and honestly I couldn't tell any real performance difference on the course between any of them although I thought the TP5 balls lacked a bit of green side spin (whether this was true or not I'm not even sure).

2. The Truvis came out and while I initially hated it, I picked up some of the Red,White, Blue balls around 4th of July and they really grew on me (same thing with Shamrock balls this year).

3. One thing I didn't anticipate that I've really come to like is that I'm usually the only player in my group NOT playing a ProV1 or ProV1x. I don't have to worry about marking the ball, I know which one is mine in the fairway, green, etc.

4. I've gotten used to the soft feel of the Chrome Soft. I played a few holes after work this week with a ProV1 (not even the X) and was just surprised at how much I've gotten used to the Chrome Soft feel.

5. On Bridgestone, I've never educated myself in previous generations of the 330 which ball was which. I can't keep track of which Bridgestone ball does what. Its' much easier with ProV1 and ProV1x (and subsequent Taylor Made or Callaway offerings).

6. Now that the Chrome Soft raised price to $44/dozen there is really no difference price wise between it, the TP5 and the Bridgestone Tour balls.

7. While my WITB and behavior would indicate otherwise, I'm not some Callaway homer. They're customer service is good and I've traded things over the years and just sort of stuck in their family of products. I like their products but there is another part of me that would like to build another golf bag that was mixed up of at least 3 or 4 manufacturers. (example: I think the Titleist CB irons are the best looking irons on the planet).




Epic Flash Sub Zero 9 degree (10°)- Hzrdus Yellow Handcrafted
Epic Flash Sub Zero 3W (16°)- Hzrdus Smoke
Apex 3 (20°) & 4 (23°) Hybrid- Kuro Kage
'18 Apex MB (8-PW) and '19 Apex Pro (5-7i) Nippon Pro Modus 105 s
MD3 Black 50°, 54° (S Grind), 58° (PM Grind)
Toulon Design Odyssey Atlanta or Stroke Lab Las Vegas
Ball: Bridgestone Tour BX
*Sometimes play strong 3w, 5 wood and 52/58 wedge setup

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I discovered they find the water as easy as any other golf ball. :(

After using these balls for a couple of months now I'm a big fan. I have been using a drawn line on my ball for a while but for some reason the triple track seems to make it so much easier to aim and commit to the line. I've always had issues pulling right to left putts but that has pretty much totally gone.

From a tee to green perspective I haven't noticed a difference vs the older chrome soft x until less than full wedges which seem to spin a lot more. I don't think most people would really notice a difference.

I've bought 3 dozen so that tells what I think of them

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> @rkelso184 said:

> Crap pic I know but here is 1 I cut open and on the screen is the standard CSX from the **** page.


> k6q7bzr9xy7d.jpg


Looks like it does infact have a different core, aka different characteristics.

Mavrik + ATMOS TS Black / Mavrik 4W + ATMOS TS Blue / Mavrik 7W + ATMOS TS Red / XForged UT + ATMOS TS Black  / Apex 19 Pro + Modus3 120 / MD5 / Toulon Las Vegas + SuperStroke Cord 2.0

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I wrote the USGA asking about Srixon balls having the metallic printing on them being listed separately on the conforming list despite having all other markings the same, the USGA basically said if it is a different entry the differences are not merely cosmetic.


That surprised me. I used to buy the Srixon "Ishikawa" balls because of the metallic printing, now I find they were probably different from the standard XV.


***they did feel slightly softer, but I thought that was mental because of the slightly off white color.

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JNB1C84RO4ZB.jpgRobert Allenby played my home course today. Unfortunately I didn't get a chance to follow him around but played a few holes behind him. I think this maybe a tour only ball of his. Will have to check with some of the members who walked with him to see if he lost one on the 10th.

Similar black diamond to the op but no triple lines.

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On 12/11/2019 at 1:31 AM, Dherbo23299 said:


JNB1C84RO4ZB.jpgRobert Allenby played my home course today. Unfortunately I didn't get a chance to follow him around but played a few holes behind him. I think this maybe a tour only ball of his. Will have to check with some of the members who walked with him to see if he lost one on the 10th.

Similar black diamond to the op but no triple lines.

I bought 3 dozen of the above balls off eBay a few months back that were un-used practice balls at a PGA tournament in Michigan. Great ball.

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