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2019 Masters Tournament hosted by ANGC (merged)

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I cried. My dad passed a little over a year ago and I wish he was here to watch this with me today. He was tiger fan and we would have had a blast today. The Miller lites would have been flowing.

Tiger has bred a whole new generation of golfers   LOL, maybe _literally_!

Thanks for giving me first 'abuse' for asking to ban you @"Cool Runnings". That's a great honour. You simply aren't going to trick the whole board though, the victim act is too little too late. Your p

This weather system is a bad one. Coming in Bands like hurricane weather. They definitely don’t want to wait till it’s close by.


TM Sim Max 10.5 Ventus Red 6x 

TM RBZ 14* Addi 8x 

Ping g410 17.5* synergy blue 70TX 

Miura MC-501 3-Pw modus 130x 

Artisan 53 59 modus 130s 

Cameron GSS 009  1.5 , sound slot , tungsten sole weights , head speed shaft. 

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> @"Ashley Schaeffer" said:


> > @kcsf said:

> > > @TServos said:

> > > I goy no problem with Faldo tearing up. It’s not manufactured...it’s real

> >

> > What happened that he teared up?


> CBS decided to go live from Butler Cabin instead of showing golf, Nantz mentioned that Faldo had won before, Faldo cried.




Nantz is as dopey as that short guy from NBC. Can’t even think of the guys name but we can sure picture his sappy face.

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