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$200-$250 to spend on used driver. What you getting?


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1) Shaking the couch cushions for a few extra bucks and getting a Cobra F9 Avalanche head.

2) Saving $200 and buying a Cobra Fly-Z or BioCell for $50.

"Of all the hazards, fear is the worst" - Sam Snead
WITB: Taylormade M6 ~ Ping Anser 4w ~ Ping G30 3h ~ Cobra King Forged One 4-P ~ Cobra King 50-V, 56-WL, Titleist Vokey 60 ~ Cleveland HB 11

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Depends what kind of speed and swing you have but G400 LST for me combos the longest and most forgiving in years.

My F9 is getting dialed in now and sounds/feels better but won’t find one for 250 yet.

[url="http://www.golfwrx.com/forums/topic/1237994-my-carls-golfland-contest-fitting-experience-grab-a-drink/"]My Carl's Golfland / GolfWRX WITB story[/url]

Cobra F9, Atmos Black TS 6X
Titleist TS3 3w, Atmos Black TS 7s

Titleist 510 3i Atmos Black TS 9x
Srixon U85 4, z785 5-PW Modus 120x
Titleist Vokey SM5 50F/54M/58M, DG TIS400

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Is a used G400 Max for $225 a good deal? I have never hit the head.

Taylormade M3, 10.5
Callaway Epic Flash 14
Cobra Baffler set to 17.5 with the Red Tie shaft
Titleist 818 H1 with the Tensei Pro White 90 shaft
Taylormade P790 Irons (5-PW) with Project X shafts
Vokey SM7 (50 & 54) in F and S grind
Callaway PM grind 58
Odyssey O-Works #7

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> @FormerBigDaddy said:

> > @pak said:

> > I purchased a 16 m2 last year thinking I was saving money and getting a better or equivalent driver than the M4. One year later and I’m trading in the M2 for an M4. Going from a 10.5 M2 to 9.5 M4 and based on testing hopefully will get better feel and forgiveness.


> Interesting. Why the drop in loft? Based on your swing or do they perform differently?


> How much you want for that m2? Haha




I was lofting up with the M2 due to age but did not like the ball flight on the course. I got fitted for the M4 and hopefully reduced spin with a Tensei Blue CK rather than the standard Atmos. Definitely a difference after only 1 outdoor range session. I am beginning to think the 50 gram shafts are good for the range but I tend to get too quick on the course. I'm willing to give up a few yards for stability.


Sorry but I already traded the M2 in. It was in great shape and only had less than 12 rounds on it. You will find the right driver. Best of luck.

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> @BlackM00Nlight said:

> Mizuno ST-180 off eBay


I haven't played a Mizuno club since a brief stint with a set of T-Zoid Comp EZ irons long, long ago. On a lark, after reading so much good stuff about the ST-190 drivers, I did some research and decided I'd go with the year-old model to save some cash since I didn't expect much. I picked a new in wrapper GT-180 head only for $125 and EvenFlow White for $100, then a like-new ST-180 head from member here. I'm still testing, but so far the GT-180 is the best driver I've hit so far. That's going through TM '17 M1, R15, SLDR, Ping G25, Cobra Fly Z+, Titleist 910D2, and probably others I'm forgetting in the adjustable era. I've picked up easy yards without having to go after it hard, and ball flight/dispersion is so much better.

Mizuno GT/ST-180 Dr w/ EvenFlow White 6.0 75
Mizuno GT-180 3wd w/ Tensei CK White 75
TM UDI 1, 3 w/ KBS C-Taper Lite S
TM P770 4-PW w/ TT Tour Concept Satin
TM Milled Grind 52* LB and 58* SB
Odyssey O-Works 7S Tank

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Original TM M1 or M2 depending on what works better for your swing. Probably get them less than $200 as well. Like the 2016 versions better than 2017 by far.

Titleist TSi3 7.25 deg - Mitsubishi Diamana DF 70 TX

Titleist TSi3 14.25 deg - Mitsubishi Diamana DF 80 TX

Titleist 816 H2 18.25 deg - Mitsubishi Diamana D+ 90 X

Titleist T200 4-5 - Project X 6.5

Titleist T100 6-PW - Project X 6.5

Vokey SM8 Jet Black 50.12 F, 54.10 S, 58.08 M - TT DG TI Black Onyx S400

Scotty Cameron Special Select Newport 2

Titleist ProV1x

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1. Epic Sub Zero

2. Rogue Sub Zero

3. G LS Tec


I'm a fairly stock mid/mid-low 65 Gram shaft type guy so not a lot needed in that department for my swing.

G425 Max 8.75* - Ventus Blue 6X
SIM 15* - VTS Red 7X
SIM 19*-VTS Red 8X
MP18 FLIHI MMC 4-6. MP18 SC 7-PW - AMT X100
Glide 2.0 Stealth 50.12* & 54.12*. SM8 58.12D*-DG S200
Adrmore. PRO V1X

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After researching and all the rave about the Mizuno ST190, I hit a ST180 at a PGASS and was very impressed once I set it a loft of 10.5 and had better numbers than my gamer (Honma TW737 445 9.5). So I purchased a like new condition one with the MRC Tensei Blue off eBay ($190.00 w/free shipping) that had already been cut down to 43.25" and swing weighted at D4. Adjusted it to 10.5 which helps open the face angle a little, took about 5 rounds to get used to the draw bias look now I am hitting the ball further than I ever have an I am able to move it either way. Well worth a look at.

Srixon Z785 10.5 Project X Hzdrus Yellow 6.0
Exotics EX10 Beta 17  Graphite Design AD50 Stiff
Srixon U85 23 Recoil 95 F4
Bridgestone J15 CB 5-PW Recoil 95 F3 Hard stepped 1X
Bridgestone J15 52 Recoil 95 F3 Hard Stepped 1X
Bridgestone J15 56 Aldila TGI 85

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Easy. LTD

And have $ left over to buy another shaft you may like

King LTD Black CK Tensei Blue S 44”
Titleist 915f 15deg 3w Diamana 70g blue
Cobra King Forged CB ‘19 5-PW UST Recoil 95 F4
Callaway Steelhead XR Pro 4i Project X Catalyst 80
Cobra F6 Baffler Rogue Black 70
Ping Glide 2.0  Stealth 50, 54, 58 SS
Kenny Giannini G6

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M4. Try Taylormade Pre Owned.

TaylorMade Kingdom M4 9.5* Red 5S stiff Atmos 44.5” vs Callaway Mavrik SZ 9* w/ Rogue Max
TaylorMade M4 3HL 16.5* fairway stiff Atmos 
TaylorMade M4 3 hybrid stiff Atmos
TaylorMade M4 4 hybrid stiff Atmos
PING G410 5-U w/DG 105s 
Cleveland RTX 54* & 58*
Odyssey Stroke Lab Big Seven TU, Seemore si3, si5, Directed Force Reno, PING Ketsch
Precision Pro Nx7 Pro, Shot Scope V3


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Update... just won high bid on eBay for a 2016 M2 in excellent condition for $130. Shaft is speeder 661 evo ts and don’t know much about it honestly. But with the money saved I guess I could always swap out the shaft. Anyone wanna school me on what paired up well with that head? Probably will be looking for a mid launch shaft. Used to love the blueboard diamana in my r5 tp. Ha! Thinking of reuniting with a s+ 60.

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Epic Sub Zero with d+70 Whiteboard shaft. I’m loving it as much as my all time favorite- the 905s w graffaloy blue. The Rogue is a low spin beast itself and the trackman numbers might be a little better-I just prefer feel and sound of the older epic and for me that means more than an extra 4-7 yards. For anyone in the market, I just put up that Rogue SZ on the bst.

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As you are talking second hand, I would say M4. Not talking from experience (I recently bought a new '17 M2) but one of my golf mates has a 2016 M2 but got the M4 this year as well and reckons it's quite a bit more forgiving. He has a similar HC as you.

But if you stick with about 4 year old drivers you can get just about anything brand new.

Home bag: Driver: Titleist 910D3 9.5o; ; 3h: Nickent 3ds; 5h: Acer 5h; Irons: Srixon Z355 5-pw, AW: Taylormade RSi (50o); SW: Titleist 65o; Putter: Wilson

Travel bag: 3w: Nike Covert 2; 4h: TM M1 ('17) ; MD Golf 7i & 9i, PW: McGregor PW; LB: Cleveland 60o; Putter: Spalding Pro Flite


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