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Champions Retreat - Augusta, GA 2019

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Hey WRX Fam,


I just wanted to provide a course review for a place that I haven't seen a ton about on this site or online for that matter. I recently had a gathering of life long buddies and we settled on a golf trip. 5 of the 7 are heavy golfers with the other 2 being pretty novice, but still enjoy getting out when they can.



We were placed in the Bobby Jones house. This is right off the 9th fairway on the Creek 9 Holes. Upon pulling up we initially though the place looked small in size considering we would have 7 dudes in this place. However, upon inspecting the place we couldn't have been more wrong. The house was outfitted with EIGHT king size bedrooms and EIGHT full bathrooms. Awesome deck, pool table, card table, upstairs and downstairs common areas, full kitchen, grills, fire pit. Essentially everything you need to have a good time.



Everyone was super nice. We were definitely the outsiders, bunch of mid 20's guys out there whooping it up. We were respectful to everyone and we felt it was reciprocated to us as well. The first night there we had the retreat cater a dinner for us. They sent two of their kitchen staff to our house where they served up a 4 course meal, including cowboy ribeyes and creme brûlée . Pro shop guys were solid, and took care of us throughout the weekend. We battled some weather to get in 36 each day, and the pro shop made it happen for us. Caddies were good for the most part, they toughed out 72 holes with us in the wind, rain, and changing temps. I wouldn't say you were working with green reading experts or anything like that, but they had a good time with us and helped the pace of play a bunch when it was carts on path.


**Facilities & Course:**

Those who don't know, Champions Retreat was designed by Arnold Palmer, Jack Nicklaus, and Gary Player. Each a Masters Champion, and each designed their own 9 at Champions Retreat. Nicklaus (Bluffs) torments you with elevated greens, false fronts, and terrifying green complexes. Palmer (Island) gives you a breather every now and again by offering some bailouts around the greens. He also has the most picturesque hole on the property, #4 coined the Broccoli Tree Hole. Player (Creek) is the only holes on the course that have properties within site of the holes. That being said, these holes were the most enjoyable to play. The greens were massive, bunkering pleasing to the eyes, and he offered a myriad of ways to approach his pins.


As I said earlier, we had to battle the elements. Getting in 18 Friday morning before a 2-3 hour deluge in the afternoon we were unsure about the fate of our trip. Much to our surprise we got back out in the afternoon for 18 more, and aside from a few bunkers that washed out from the downpour you wouldn't have known that it rained only a few hours earlier. To top it off we pushed through on and off showers and a morning downpour on Saturday that we thought all but guaranteed our golfing fun was over. All 7 of us and our 2 loyal caddies hid out under a tree and waited it out, after about 30-45 minutes we were off and running, and again much to our surprise the course was just fine.


Finally, the greens. I'm sure some or many of you have the opportunity to play beautifully manicured greens and are spoiled by the pureness of perfect bent grass, but for the 7 of us jokers who pound the municipal circuit we were in heaven. These things were like glass, they just hosted the first 2 rounds of the Augusta National Women's Amateur 2 weeks prior to our arrival, so they were ROLLING. The first round of the week they were a 13, and thankfully the rain softened and slowed them up a bit for the remaining 3 rounds because I don't know if my pride could have handled 3 more rounds with those ice rinks.



We had a blast. If you are looking for a simple get away without the headache and costs that come with the Pinehursts and Bandons of the world I would definitely recommend Champions Retreat. I wouldn't put it at the caliber of a Streamsong by any means, but I have played all of the courses in Pinehurst and Champions Retreat as a whole was more enjoyable than pretty much everything Pinehurst has to offer aside from a course or two, and at a fraction of the cost (at least it was for us).


I'm sure I'm forgetting something, but just take a look at some course photos, and shots of the crib to decide for yourself!





















Ping G410 LST 7.5º | Fujikura Ventus Black 7X
Titleist TS3 14.25º | Diamana ZF 70TX
TaylorMade P790 UDI 17º | KBS $-Taper 130X / Cobra F6 Baffler 17.5º | Fujikura Pro 2.0 TS 8X
Callaway Apex Pro ‘19 | KBS $-Taper 130X
Vokey 52ºF, 56ºD, 60ºLow K  | KBS $-Taper 130X
TaylorMade Spider FCG

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> @"Cottonseed." said:

> Great pics.

> Did you guys use a CR member to get on or utilize your own clubs pro?

> In terms of exclusivity, it definitely ranks higher than your aforementioned comparisons (Streamsong, Pinehurst, Bandon).

> Am I right in saying that?


I would definitely agree with that. That being said, it wasn't terribly difficult for us to get on. We knew someone with a corporate membership, and worked our way in through that relationship. None of the guys, including myself, were members at a private course.

Ping G410 LST 7.5º | Fujikura Ventus Black 7X
Titleist TS3 14.25º | Diamana ZF 70TX
TaylorMade P790 UDI 17º | KBS $-Taper 130X / Cobra F6 Baffler 17.5º | Fujikura Pro 2.0 TS 8X
Callaway Apex Pro ‘19 | KBS $-Taper 130X
Vokey 52ºF, 56ºD, 60ºLow K  | KBS $-Taper 130X
TaylorMade Spider FCG

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