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Dallas/Ft Worth Area Courses


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19 hours ago, cval said:

Waterchase is not ranked because it does not have a club house.

That doesn't make sense to me, but I guess it follows the AG rating Cowboys on top since their clubhouse and all food included is nice.  Southern Oaks, one of my favorites, doesn't really have a clubhouse anymore either; just a pro shop.  I'm fine with a trailer on a public course since I only use most clubhouses to pay for my round on public tracks.

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On 11/24/2021 at 8:28 AM, North Texas said:

This month's Avid Golfer is the issue where they rank the Best of Public Golf 2021 for the DFW area. They do this by dividing DFW into East and West. 


Cowboys Golf Club is ranked as the Best Overall in the area and has been every year I've seen this ranking. 


Here are the top 15 for the East (out of 41 course) and West (out of 33 course). 


Here is my only comment. Could probably be a lot of argument that this or that course is ranked a few places too high or two low. But, being most familiar with East courses, I do see one course that is egregiously overranked and that is Twin Creeks at #13. Conditions are absolutely awful right now. 



1. Old American Golf Club

2. The Tribute Golf Links

3. Heritage Ranch G&CC

4. Tangle Ridge Golf Course

5. Firewheel Golf Park - Bridges

6. Sherrill Park Golf Course - No. 1

7. Thorntree Golf Club

8. The Courses at Watters Creek

9. Indian Creek - Creek Course

10. The Trails of Frisco Golf Club

11. Buffalo Creek Golf Club

12. Frisco Lakes Golf Course

13. The Golf Club at Twin Creeks

14. Prairie Lakes Golf Course

15. Pecan Hollow Golf Course



1. Cowboys Golf Club

2. Texas Rangers Golf Club

3. Texas Star Golf Course

4. Wildhorse at Robson Ranch

5. Sky Creek Ranch Golf Club

6. Grapevine Golf Course

7. Bridlewood Golf Club

8. Split Rail Golf Club

9. Southern Oaks Golf Club

10. Tierra Verde Golf Club

11. Bear Creek Golf Club - West

12. The Golf Club Fossil Creek

13. Sugar Tree Golf Club

14. Rockwood Park Golf Course

15. Tour 18 Dallas


Best Outlying

1. Tempest Golf Club

2. Pine Dunes Golf Club

3. The Links at Land's End

4. Squaw Valley Golf Club












Not sure how Pecan Hollow is ranked so low and how Trails of Frisco, Frisco Lakes, and Water creek are ranked above it.  


Also agree on Waterchase not being ranked is just dumb. 

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21 hours ago, callawayjay said:

My home course got much love. #splitrail. 

waterchase is probably moving over to the old McClain golf building which was the original clubhouse when it opened. 


Split Rail is one of the courses that I would really like to play but it's just a pretty good hike from I live north of McKinney. Just got to find the time to do it. 

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21 hours ago, cjblake09 said:

Not sure how Pecan Hollow is ranked so low and how Trails of Frisco, Frisco Lakes, and Water creek are ranked above it.  


Also agree on Waterchase not being ranked is just dumb. 


I would rather play Pecan Hollow than Trails of Frisco or Watters Creek any day of the week. But I do enjoy Frisco Lakes. 

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Played Rangers yesterday (Sunday 12/12).  Started about 30 minutes after the frost delay was lifted.  Course was in pretty good shape.  A few of the tee boxes really need some love with sand.  There are guys out there that must dig straight into the ground going after a teed ball.  Broken wrists galore.  Fairways are overseeded and pretty good.  Greens were fantastic - very receptive - rolled true but rolled much slower than I expected.  Still not sure the track is worth the money they are charging but I do like that golf course a lot.  Hard to believe the goat ranch that was Ditto used to sit on that same ground.

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On 12/21/2021 at 8:37 AM, North Texas said:


For some reason this made me think of something George Carlin once said. 


Think of how stupid the average person is and then realize that half of them are stupider than that.


After re-reading my post, I just want to be really clear that this was in no way, shape, or form directed at @callawayjay. Hope no one took that way. Especially him. He's one of the mainstays in this on-going thread.

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As most have said Waterchase was nice on Friday.  


Mesquite Golf course today and I think the greens are better there than Waterchase.  We still had our balls picking up water on 18 from the crappy weather this morning but the were still quick.  Going to have to go back on a better day to get the full experience.   The course had a couple rough areas but for a muni and $35 to walk today it was nice.  

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On 11/28/2021 at 10:52 AM, cjblake09 said:

Not sure how Pecan Hollow is ranked so low 

I personally think Pecan Hollow is extremely over-rated. 


The course has a boring layout, pace of play has been awful the last couple of years, no walking rate, and arguably the best aspect of the facility (players development program) they got rid of late last year. 







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20 hours ago, cjblake09 said:

Anyone know what is going on at The Tribute or OA?  I tried to make a tee time all this week and weekend and they don't have any open at all. 

With the freeze last Sunday and the freeze again tomorrow they have been having to cover greens/uncover greens which has really limited play and the few times that are available are for members. 

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1 hour ago, Maroon_19 said:

You must not be one of their 20 or 30 regular favorites.  Talk about a boy's club...
I've given up on trying to get on there.

Totally agree and a shame as i like the course.  I guess i can try Callawayjay's trick but i every time i look the 1st day i can book the first time is like 2:30 or 3.

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