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Wood or Plastic Tees - Which do You Prefer?

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Martini tees. Accept no substitutes.

Actually I do prefer wood tees but will use plastic too---- It does not really matter one way or the other to me--- I find plenty of both

I like wood simply because some of the plastic tend to bend when you try to push them into firmer ground. I use whatever I get for free generally though.

A couple of years ago, I bought two 30 packs of Pride plastic tees. One pack of 2 3/4" and the other 1 1/2". Without breaking tees on nearly every hole anymore, I now carry 2 of each tee in my pocket, rather than having a whole pocketful of tees.


2 years later, I still have about 25 of each still in their packaging. At that rate, it will be a long time before I need more tees.

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I was pondering plastic tees but I seem to bend or break them as well.

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My club provides bamboo tees, which I like. A friend’s club switched to plastic, the rationale being that since they don’t break there will be less litter of broken tees. The pro at my course said, yeah, but the ones that do get left are hard on the mowers. Who knows. At any rate, I’m another who hasn’t bought a tee in years and I don’t take any from the box at the first tee. They are all over the place, between the tees and the ball marks there must be plenty of golfers who can’t or won’t bend down for anything.

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I play light pink plastic tees. I don't know the brand but would recognize the packaging.


Why pink? I have found them to be pretty easy to find on the ground after a drive and people don't bum tees from me this way.


I do use wood tees that I pick up with my persimmon clubs however. Probably makes no difference but I have it in my mind that the wood tee being softer won't mar the wooden club.

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> @Mikey5e said:

> So far, I have literally used a total of two tees. Two, because I lost the first Martini tee.

> Longer Drives.

> - Independent laboratory testing proves that Martini Tees give you drives that are both farther and a straighter, compared to wooden tees.


I have used the same Martini tee, pink, since February. I will lose it one day and I will truly be devastated :)

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Wood tees. When I first started playing golf, my grandfather took me to the golf course. When he saw me pull a plastic tee out of my bag and start to put it in the ground, he grabbed it from my hands, threw it in the pond beside the first tee, grabbed me with both hands and said "son, real golfers don't use godda*mn plastic tees." And I never have since.

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I used to be plastic tees. Now it's wooden.


It used to be plastic because you tended to lose them rather than break them (ie I'm cheap) but I switched to wooden as a form of "feedback" on by drives. If they broke, more likely I was swinging down rather than up. Using wooden helped me try to hit up because I was thinking "don't break the tee. Hit up on the ball".


I don't know it it's true or if it works but I feel my driving improved a bit

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White wooden tees because they leave a mark on the sole and face.

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