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Not sure that anything can be done after the fact unless it can be shown he signed an incorrect scorecard. I keep scores for everyone in my kid’s group but it’s more for my benefit than anything else. I’d probably encourage the other players to tell Angelia what happened, explained how they didn’t come to realize until after the fact, and then just accept whatever happens.


Players need to understand, however, that being a “marker” is a responsibility. There is a reason they don’t let competitors keep their own score. It is your responsibility to have an awareness of the play of the player for whom you are scoring.


Enjoy Dothan!

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Following have been my limited experience/observations

1) After scorecard is signed that's it. Done. Very rarely does anything change.

2) Yes, but I know most kids are not capable or are not interested. At least tell your kid to verify everyone's score to each other after every hole. They have many chances to go over the score; at par 3 when there's a wait, during the turn, AND/OR before the table.

3) If you are spectating, you can't get involved. When I spectate, I keep everyone's score, but it's only for me or other parents in the same group, not for the players.

4) You can try, but nothing usually happens.

I hope your daughter's placement was not affected by Player A. It would have sucked if it did.


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