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Is 120-140 too high a score to be on a public course?

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> @dlygrisse said:

> When a buddy of mine wanted to learn to play I told him, 1. no one cares what you shoot, so don't worry about it and don't throw a tantrum, you aren't good enough. 2. Just keep up with the group, if you need to pick it up do so, but just play ready golf and don't screw around.

> He normally shot in the 120's, but often played faster than people shooting in the 80's.


> I see more people slowing groups around by using bad cart etiquette, spending more than the allotted time searching for balls than anything. You get 3 minutes, don't take forever, you will lose balls if you aren't good, keep an extra in your pocket. As far as taking an extra shot or two a hole, it only takes a few seconds to hit a shot, you aren't a tour pro trying to win the Masters on every shot, so don't pretend to be.

> So no, it's not an issue as long as you observe proper etiquette, and play ready golf.


This says it all really. Such a great post.

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It's a bit high but it's not really the score that matters - It's how long it takes to get through a round that matters - and understanding how to care for the course and interact with other players o

get some lessons and hit up executive courses -- hone the simple things before you take on a full regulation course.

My wife shoots around that most of the time. But she moves along quickly, hits when it's her turn, doesn't take 5000 practice swings, etc. As Stuart said, it's more about the pace of play than the sco

No. My wife shot 146 last Friday aka day after July 4th.

However, she has a handicap of 26 and her equitable max score is 10.

When she got to 10 she would pick up.

I am a scratch golfer so I simply coach her on how to maintain pace. We don't look all day for balls in the woods. From 100 yards and in she will take all the clubs need and work her way to the green.

She has shot in the 90s earlier in the summer. Good/experienced golfers are obligated to teach new golfers - just like I was taught.

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You shouldn't be taking 120-140 swings at the ball. It's tiring, frustrating, you're probably not learning anything, and you're probably taking way too long to play your round.


Hit your tee shot. If it goes where you (reasonably) wanted it to, great! If not, pick it up and drop it about where you wanted to play your next shot from there. Rinse and repeat.


You'll learn a lot more, have more time to hit each shot, and will be able to play in a reasonable amount of time. Once you're gaining some control over the ball you can start playing more of your shots "down".


Do this for a while, and you'll get a feel for when you should start playing the ball down and counting your strokes. This game's difficult enough to learn from the fairway. You can learn the more difficult shots once you get the tee/fairway/green shots down.

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it seems a few people here assume that everyone lives next door to an executive course or par 3. i wouldn't know where to play if i were limited to a par 3....

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> @HoosierMizuno said:

> it seems a few people here assume that everyone lives next door to an executive course or par 3. i wouldn't know where to play if i were limited to a par 3....


In some places they're quite common actually. I grew up in an area where there were 2 within the surrounding communities. One was an 18-hole Par-3 and the other was a 9-hole "executive" course. Both were cheap and quite "friendly" to all levels of golfer.


That 9-hole course was actually my entrance into golf and it probably had something to do with the fact I don't recall ever really shooting much beyond 100 on a full-size course. So I can't really relate to someone saying they shoot in the 130's. IMHO, that shows a real lack of aptitude for the skills required. Thus I tend to agree with folks in the second half of this thread.


I do respect the OP for asking however. I appreciate his desire not to get in the way. Nonetheless, his is a good question that may not have as friendly an answer as we'd all hope.


I played with someone similar once this year. TBH, it was rough. He slowed us down a great deal despite us all being friendly, cheerful and encouraging. He was chasing his ball into the woods on every hole as I recall and despite his best efforts it was difficult for his lack of skill not to be the focus as the rest of us were constantly watching, waiting and re-positioning ourselves so as to get out of his line.


If at all possible that level of golfer should be dipping their toes in the water on a shorter course or playing from the very forward tees with pace of play foremost in his mind.


That's fair and it's part of why the OP asked. Good for him for being considerate.

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> @wkuo3 said:

> Seriously ?

> Can the person shoots 120-140 really enjoy the game on the golf course ?

> They should start from the par 3 and executive golf course and progress to the regular length 18.

> Even if these "golfers" insist that they could enjoy scoring 120-140 , do they realiz that thy might have spoiled many others day on the golf course ?

> I'd played at some golf courses which won;t allow "golfers" on the golf course unless they can proof they have the ability to advance the golf golf ball reasonably. By providing either a handicap index or a few minutes on the driving range with the staff to witness.




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As the predominant thought in this thread, its not totally about score or skill level. Its about pace of play, so the main thing is to keep moving. And there are other things that influence the pace of play. like, how many are in your group? If you're playing with a 4 some, welp, thats probably gonna be a very slow deal. A two some would be better at your skill level.


Use cheap golf balls, and dont spend more than 20 seconds looking for it. If your in the rough or in a bunker, move the ball to the fairway and hit from there. Maybe even tee it up in the fairway. Thats what I did when I was learning.


You're just starting out and everyone has to learn, and going to the course is part of that. Its already apparent by the viritue of you even asking the question here, that you are worried about holding others up, so kudos for seeking the advice in advance.


And please do let others play through if they are catching up on you. They will appreciate it, and respect you for it, even if you cant play well yet.


Good Luck!

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I saw a foursome today who pre-apologized for the wife being a beginner. Nice, cordial, husband was a solid player you could tell.


They teed off a group ahead of us, wife would tee off and if she duffed it she would drop a ball at his tee shot spot. They kept up, she obviously was shown etiquette and the basic rules.


She likely had 120+ shots even picking up half the time but it wasnt even a blip on our groups radar. They handled everything quickly and efficiently.


You can play golf for fun even if you shoot really high scores. You just have to do it properly.


The group holding everyone up was a bunch of 90 shooting members who think they are a couple steps from the PGA tour. 4 quadrant reads on putts, 5 minute searches for every lost ball, 2-3 practice swings on every shot etc.

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I taught my 60 yo mom to get around the course in sub four hours typically shooting in the 120s. That is what matters.


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