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First round with Mizuno ST190


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Played my first round yesterday with my new ST190 9.5 driver with stock ATMOS 5S shaft. Really wanted a slightly heavier, higher bend pt shaft, but got a good deal on this on ebay so pulled the trigger. Have been playing JPX-850 with Motore Speeder VC 6.3 S flex for 4+ years and just haven't found anything that performed better than it for me. Usually play it in the 9.5 loft setting which gives me the desired trajectory with seemingly pretty low spin. Only detraction at all for the JPX has been the sound at impact - just a bit hollow sounding. Not awful but not great. After all the reviews I've read on the great sound and performance of the ST190 I thought it was worth the try. I only play about 10 rounds a year now, so I'm not investing in new equipment anymore - this was a first purchase in over 4 years!

So, I get to the course, head to the range and hit the first range ball with the club in the 9.5 setting. The trajectory was jaw droppingly high - couldn't believe it compared to the JPX at 9.5 - I mean REALLY high! Think of driver-length 7 iron shot and that's about what it looked like. It really shows the Mid-high bend pt of the Speeder versus the mid-low bend pt of the ATMOS makes a monstrous difference - gotta say I was shocked. I hit several more balls to see if the high traj was consistent, and it was. The ball seemed to really be carrying but wow it was high! I cranked it down to 8.5 and it was still high but I thought it might be workable. So I played the front nine at 8.5. Hit it pretty well. Feel was very solid, and the sound was more solid-sounding than the JPX, but honestly not as different from the JPX as I expected, but overall somewhat more pleasing. Since it was still a high traj at 8.5 I changed it to 7.5 on the back nine to see how that worked. 7.5 on the JPX would be a low bullet for me. With the ST at 7.5, I still hit it pretty high but with what seemed like moderate to low spin, the ball carried nicely into the wind (and it was a windy day). I'd say it was maybe a bit longer than the JPX but with the wind it's hard to know for sure. I did hit one par 5 in two I'd never hit before and that was with a hybrid for my second, so that was definitely a longer drive for me (500 yard par 5 and I had 204 for my second shot, a bit into a quartering wind). The BIG thing I noticed was on toe misses - I hit two drives way out on the toe and the results were truly staggering. The ball started right of where I aimed by about 10 yards and just stayed there and flew - no draw or loopy hook. The first one was headed for a bunker that I've hit sweet spot drives before that landed in it - this toe shot drive flew the bunker by 10-15 yards - really was shocked. The other toed drive did the same thing - flew straight and considerably longer than I expected.

Overall, I'm pretty stoked about what I saw out of the driver - certainly didn't anticipate the trajectory, but I'm going to try one of my old faithful Grafalloy ProLite 3.5S shafts (63g high bend pt) in it and see how that performs. I would try the Speeder in it (I'm sure I will at the range) but I play the JPX at 44.5" and when I put that shaft in the ST190 the shorter length dropped the swingweight to D-1 so I wouldn't want to play it at that weight (and don't want to fool with lead tape for a test). Looking forward to see how the ST performs with the ProLite - could be an interesting comparison! Overall no regrets at all after one round! Was very interesting actually...

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Nice review. Great to see a review of lesser played clubs. Sounds like the 190g might have been a better fit for you? Mizuno have made some fantastic drivers over the years, but they're still a brand name that only gets associated with their irons.

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I just got one, too, and tried it at Thursday night league. I have a Tour 65 in my G30 LST, so I picked up an Elements Chrome for the ST190 (thanks to GolfWRX searches for similar shafts) and gave it a go. Did not like that combo - too stiff for me that night. I've been having some shoulder/elbow issues and it was bad during the round. When the round finished, I swapped it with the stock Atmos 5S and dang!! I was surprised how much I liked it!! The flight was high-ish...I wouldn't say too high, just similar to what I was seeing with the G30. I seemed to hit it more consistently than I do the G30 and, after hitting the ST190, the sound the G30 makes is just nasty!! The ST190 will be in the bag for the foreseeable future!!

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Just an update on my ST190.  Shortly after my original post above, I did install a Grafalloy ProLite 3.5S (stiff) shaft at 45", and I've added one strip of lead tape to the sole to get the swing weight to D-4.  The ProLite turned the ST190 into a bullet machine - nice low, non-ballooning trajectory, with enough spin that the ball carries nicely.  It's exactly what I like to see with the ball coming off the face.  While I'm still not ecstatic about the sound of this head, and have heard the ST-X has a much better sound, the performance of this combo is just optimal for me - I can't imagine beating it with anything else.  Plus the black/red combo looks pretty nice too!


And as an aside, ProV1X has been my normal ball for years.  I was given a few sleeves of the Titleist TruFeel ball, and decided to give it a try on a cool day a few weeks ago.  Let me tell ya, this ball is Titleist nasty little secret.  Having grown up playing persimmon woods and balata balls, to me, a soft feeling ball is just what feels "right" to me.  This one not only satisfies that feel component, it is really long - honestly longer for me than the X.  But the two things that I really love about it is 1) it changes the sound of the ST190 drastically - it sounds great with this ball! and 2) a toe miss with the ball is RADICALLY different than with a ProV1 or X.  I guess it must be the softness and the way the head reacts, but a toe miss with the TruFeel delivers a MUCH better (straighter and longer) shot than with a ProV1, ProV1X, or ChromeSoft - noticeably so.  It's pretty crazy how different it is really!

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Two full rounds with the ST 190 under my belt.


I like it, it sounds and feels much better than my old Cobra 6+, and it is surprisingly forgiving especially when hit in the heel it still goes long and has a nice fade. There seems to be a slight hotspot when hitting toe shots. Overall quite pleased. Got it with a Tensei blue 60g stiff shaft and set it to 8 degrees.


Stays in the bag for now 😉

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