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Best training aid I’ve ever used. I’ve used plenty. This fixes my issues (right elbow gets behind me and then stuck so stall flip. It literally took me 30 minutes to stop doing that with the planemate. Obviously I need to continue to use it to ingrain it but I took it off after 30 minutes with it and immediately changed my pattern. I am truly amazed. Generally speaking there is no such thing as a magic bullet, but this is it at least for me. Just wow!!!!! 

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Planematemania in full effect for this guy. I’ve had the planemate for almost a month. Decided to warmup with it before my round yesterday. Results: my first Hole In One and shot a personal best by 3

you can’t teach that guy anything, he never stops interrupting instructors, it’s a painful watch for me

In my opinion I think the instant feedback is what makes this tool so valuable. How many times have you taken a lesson and implemented things quickly while your instructor was there watching and givin

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Has anyone found a cheaper source in the UK than the UK Tour Striker website? I don't mind paying for the device but the big difference between the UK and US price is a bit hard to swallow. £212 ($280) here in the UK v $162 in the US.


After reading all 64 pages this seems great for me even when I'm away with work to work on half shots in the hotel room. I've started the day 1 protocols without the PM but excited to see how it improves my swing.

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Recently got this off the WTB forum here and have to say the PM is amazing. Haven't shot any better because my driver is the problem, and I haven't gotten around to those protocols, but my wedges are absolutely pure after the first 5 protocols. Every shot is crisp, on line, and hit in the same part of the face. The protocols are difficult, and can be tedious, but they're worth the time and effort. You really get what you put into this. Can't wait to do this as much as possible now that we're in the offseason.  

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Recently started using this with a impact bag sort of and my striking hasn’t been better. 

Driver: Epic Flash SZ with XStiff Fujikura Pro 63

3W: Epic Flash SZ with HZRDUS Yellow 6.5 UPRT or PXG 0311X 2I HZRDUS Smoke Black S 2.5* upright

3H: Sub 70 939X UST proforce V2 black F3 hybrid soft stepped XStiff UPRT setting

4-AW: PXG 0211  with KBS Tour Stiff 2.5* up 1/4" long

Wedges  54*,60*:  Ping S Tour KBS Tour Stiff 3* up

Putter:  Toulon Las Vegas Stroke Lab 

Ball: Snell MTB or KSigs or Srixon Z Star XV


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