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Does this type of iron exist?

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Hey Guys,

I recently bought an older Taylormade ATV wedge on a whim for $20 bucks. Anyways it turns out I hit this thing on a dime. There is something about the flat non rounded sharp leading edge sole that cuts through the turf perfectly for me. Do any of you know of a full set of irons that have a similar leading edge? I have heard that the 2007 Callaway X forged could be like the ATV wedge, anything else? What about the Srixon VT sole?

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Nike vapor pro or pro combos

Driver: Taylormade M2 ('17) 10.5* ; Accura MV85x PINK 1 of 1

3 wood: Taylormade Aeroburner TP 15*; Diamana Blueboard 72X

4 wood: PXG Gen2 16* (set 17.5); Hzardus Red 80x

Hybrid: PXG Gen1 19* (set 20.5): Hzardus Handcrafted Black 100x

Irons: I have set up NIKE Vapor Pro Combos, PXGs, Mizuno MP59s, and Titleist 716 

Wedges: Scratch 50 (bent to 47*), 53* (bent to 51*), 58* (bent to 57*)

                Maltby 60* bent to 63*; with a custom grind 

Putter: YES! Tracy Tour 36 inches Super Stroke GP Tour


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