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Any info on the Scotty Cameron Select 2020 line?

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I think this is still safe in my bag. Amazing how many people ask me if this is a Tour Scotty.

Don't take this the wrong way but the current and older models have some of the same mill marks correct?

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I don’t think any releases have had the lines across the shoulders like this. Top line and sole seem to have a lot also.

The classic releases had a lot of mill marks in the cavity, back bumpers and neck. Face too of course.

Older lines with black oxide or oil can finishes were also more of a polished finish, which makes the mill chatter pop out a lot more. More matte or satin finishes like the modern lines make the mill marks a bit more subtle sometimes.

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I think they are a little bit “firmer” than the 2014 models. However, that could also be a factor that the golf ball is firmer now than then.

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I like these much more than the past couple models. I was hoping we’d get some options as far as sight lines, dots, or just a clean look, but doesn’t look like that’ll happen. Going away from inserts makes me happy, but I wonder how Scotty’s gonna sell it. To bring them in and sell them as magic and then say eh...they’re not all that, doesn’t look good for him. I know that’s not really what happened, some like the inserts, but I wonder what made him leave the inserts.

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Incredible pictures thanks - well there is one less difference between the tour models and the OTRs that was griped about in this thread - the milling all over looks awesome. These look more and more promising every day.

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You should feel an improvement. I changed out the soft feeling Matador grip in favor of the red cord dancing Scotty Cameron logo and it improved the feel of my '18 Newport. With a more classic grip and no insert, the feeling should be what most '08 loyalists (myself included) are used to. I'm quite excited for this line to release. I'm going to grab one for sure.

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