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Epic flash 3w adapter moving

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I’ve built a bunch of clubs with no issues but I can’t seem to get my epic flash 3w adapter to stay in place. The shaft is prepped. The adapter has been prepped and the epoxy is fine. The adapter keeps spinning on me. Any tips or tricks to fix this?

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How exactly did you prep the adapter? Did you use something to abrade the interior surface? e.g. sand paper around a small dowel works well or a round file. Did you clean it out with alchohol (denatured or isopropyl) or acetone and let it dry completely?


How is the dry fit between them? Not too loose or too tight? Is the insertion depth of the shaft tip into the bore (not including the ferrule) at least 1"?


If all of that really is good, then it comes down the epoxy - either the mix could be off or maybe too old are the more common epoxy problems.

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I've prepped the shaft with 120 grit sand paper and the adapter with a rough hosel drill bit. The insertion depth seems shallow compared to other adapters but I think that's just the nature of the epic flash fairway adapter. The epoxy isn't completely failing but if I give it a hard turn, it definitely moves. Using brampton long cure and the extra epoxy was hard as can be. I'm by no means an expert on this stuff, but this is the only club I've had that is giving me issues.

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