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Maltby DBM 4-P w/C-Taper Lite X...Orange Lizard FJ Classics BNIB..And more!!

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Hi all, few things to sell off. All prices are shipped CONUS. No trades. First time selling so prayers up the pictures are attached below. I did my best to be thorough but please DM if you need more! Thanks for looking!


1. Maltby DBM 4-P shafted with KBS C-Taper Lites in

Xflex. Played these one season. Finish is exceptionally durable so very minor wear on clubheads. 6iron off of a rocky surprise is worst mark up (pictured). Built by golfworks to their standard L/L/L specs. Paintfill removed for what i think is a cleaner look. Shafts are mint. Playable Royal Grips with one build up wrap. **SOLD**

2. Original TM RBZ 3 wood. This head is a rocket launcher. Had it forever but it never fit the gaps. Very minimal sole and face wear. Standard Ozik stiff. Tacki mac grip almost new. **$85**

3. Cleveland TFI 2135 8.0 Counterbalanced putter. This was just a failed experiment. Rolled 10 balls on the practice green. It is brand new. **$95**

4. BNIB OG FJ Classics. Smooth White Uppers with Orange Lizard skin. These shoes have never seen grass. Shoe trees since day 1 so absolutely NO caving of the leather. There is not a mark on them. Size is 9.5B so its going to take a special foot to saddle these up. **$275**


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are those shoes really narrow??

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