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Which attract you most? swing, ball flight, score, clubs brand, or else?

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Score, and if he's fun to play with. I mean, it's fun to play with a good golfer, but if he's a DB I don't care if he's shooting 65.    

her legs   

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Edit: sorry, I thought you were asking what attracts us to the game. And so I don't really understand your question.

Getting better is a fun adventure ! Trying to master this game is fun. And always have been mesmerized by golf, even when I didn't play. Just went to the range a bit and watched Tiger whip everybody. Now watching everyone whip him, pretty much. How the tide turns!

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My thoughts, EXACTLY

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TaylorMade V-Steel 9WD   Accra TZ5-85 M5
MIURA Tour Milled 52 56 60 MMT-125TX Scoring Wedge

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I don't really pay attention to others at the range because I'm so focused on my own development. I played a best ball with a buddy that I had never seen play and he was behind me on the range. When warming up I heard a pop and thud over and over. The sound of a well struck shot with a divot on the mat. I ignored it but on his full shots he was absolutely crushing his irons to the point they were making that loud "whack" sound when you hit the middle. Possibly due to range balls but the crack of the club was pretty awesome. Turned out he had been playing all his life and played off scratch.

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I'll notice their clubs and attire first, but what really gets my attention is how they handle themselves. Could really care less about their game unless they are really bad or really good.

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