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I've come to hate push carts


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I usually walk in the fall and winter. This time, I've decided to carry instead of the push cart. I've decided that I love carrying and hate the push carts. I lighten the bag and move on. My course is pretty hilly and putting two hands on that push cart and pushing it up the hills like a loaded walmart cart sucks. Even on flat ground you can't really swing your arms and use momentum like God intended. So, I've come to enjoy walking and carrying again - all because I ditched my push cart. Side note.... cliqgear for sale.... gently used. LOL!!! just kidding. not really.


Anybody else prefer to carry to pushing that grocery cart around?

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I hear ya! Carrying clubs was my preferred way until my first bout with sciatica. Now it’s push cart or power cart to keep my back from flaring up. I prefer walking with my push cart over a power cart but some courses in the area are mandatory power cart.

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I always carried until about 5 years ago when I bought a battery push cart (getting old) tried a non electric push cart for about 2 months but it hurt my back. The advantage of the electric push cart is being able to carry all the extra potential stuff you might need like clothes for cold weather and maybe rain. Extra balls, all your clubs, umbrella. Mine is a Hillbilly USA nothing fancy but takes the hills fine and battery still going after at least 400 rounds.

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I'm a bit like @Augustok in that I used to walk, never really used a trolley. As I've gotten older, I found that carrying was just too tough for me, especially on my home course with lots of long walks between holes, and significant ups and downs. I bought a battery-powered trolley, and I love it. My choice was a QOD, mostly for its small size when folded up.

On the other hand, on my most recent trip to Scotland, I used a hired trolley for every round, and was happy to have it. Its interesting to me how some "elite" golf clubs in the US seem to look at trolleys with disdain, yet at the best courses in the home of golf trolleys are pretty much everywhere.

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I just bought a new carry bag, hoping to have good results with it. Haven't used it for a round yet.


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> @brew4eagle said:

> Tried a cart one round and immediately went back to carrying. Sun Mtn 2.5 with 12 clubs a few balls and a rangefinder, barely notice it on the shoulders.


The SM 2.5 made a huge difference for me. Always carried through high school and college and desk job was making me consider the push cart but just lightening the bag a few pounds made a huge difference. Really didn't want to resort to the push cart.

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> @596 said:

> When I walk, I walk with a Sunday bag and only 7 clubs. Makes no difference to my scores. I also walk with an remote control electric cart which I love.


Like your cat. Got one just like that. We don't let him out in the winter for obvious reasons.




Would love to carry but Dr. advises against it (Bi-lateral Spondylolisthesis of L4/L5). Pushing push carts up hills does suck. Luckily the local terrain is generally flat so I'm fine with that.

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I tell you what, when at the Castle Course in Scotland we had push carts with a battery so on steep climbs you just used the power to drag you up the hill

WAAAAAAAAAAY better than pushing up a steep slope

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Love push carting for a few reasons: I don’t have to really think about what is in my bag...bring it all!, carts hold adult beverages much better than walking and mine even has a cooler?, lastly it is just plain fun coasting clubs down a hill. Sucks pushing them up the hill but not enough to outweigh the above.

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I love the idea of carrying, I really do. But my back just isn't happy with me afterwards and it does wear me down quicker so by 15,16th hole, I am toast. If I am walking I have committed to my 3.5+. 9 holes I could carry but rarely ever play anything less than 18.

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Carrying the bag makes the game enjoyable but it doesn't make it more delightful than walking and pushing a push-cart. Besides, pushing a cart means a bit more exercise. As I see the topic, walking is walking and it feels good. Furthermore, I am older now and to make the subject more frustrating, during prime time when I play, many courses in our vicinity don't allow walking with or without a push-cart. You'd think riding in a cart would improve pace of play but it does nothing of the sort.

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> @strength115 said:

> Pushing my cart up hills is beginning to get on my nerves lately. Maybe I’ll give carrying a try after reading this. I guess Ive always assumed carrying would be worse than pushing.


You’d be surprised...I tried a cart recently but my course has several steep hills, the biggest being from the 18th green to the parking lot..500 or so yards at. 30-45* incline...pushing the cart up this just once led me back to carrying.



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Before buying my push cart earlier this year, walking a round of golf would wipe me out for the rest of the day. My knees (severe arthritis) and back would ache for hours. Getting out of the car when I got home from the course would be an ordeal because my knees would be so stiff and achy. That is absolutely gone. I also find that I'm far more willing to risk bad weather when I'm on the course. Storing additional layers of clothing in my bag was out of the question when I had to carry the bag. Now, if I'm not sure what I'm going to need, when I'm on the course I wear the items that I will most likely need and put the other option(s) in my bag.


My push cart was the best golf purchase I made this year.

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I don't mind a push cart on relatively flat courses. It's easier on the back and shoulders, for sure. But on my hilly home course, I'd much rather carry than push one of those things up the hills. I don't think I used my push cart at all this year, actually. Lightening the bag to minimal stuff and 9-11 clubs helps a lot.

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i carry after having realized/confronted the fact that i just don't need 14 clubs ... take out my 3 wood and 4 irons or so, and i can carry with not much problem ... been doing some yoga stuff the past year, so back doesn't really feel it till i finish the round ... push cart is too much effort to push up a hill repeatedly ...

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I got a smoking deal on a Cliqgear 3.5 last year but only used it a few times. My home course is pretty hilly so I carried my SM 4.5 with 10 clubs and it was much easier. I may pick up a Sunday bag to reduce more weight

and see how that goes. I see Budget Golf has a Titleist for 59.96 so for that price I may try it out.

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I love my push cart.


On flat courses, it's a breeze, as many here have stated. On hillier courses, pushing up hill is a bit more work, but to me, no worse than carrying them on my shoulders. On downhills, I'll often take advantage of letting the cart run free on its own (provided the runout is safe to do so) and walk freely to catch up.


Sometimes, for a change of pace, I'll give the cart a good shove, let it run ahead of me, and again, walk freely behind to catch up. It's a great way to stay loose and let the arms swing. Plus giving the cart a firm shove uses different muscles than just pushing while walking. I find it a good way to spread the strain of pushing to different parts of the body and equalize the workout.

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To me, the only advantage of carrying over using a push cart is the ability to walk across greens with my clubs. That's more than offset by being less restricted in what I can carry in my bag--for example, a two-quart Igloo cooler, in Houston summers. Anyway, walking and carrying or using a push cart make golf a different game than riding. It's amazing to me how many young and healthy-appearing people I see riding. And, my fellow walking companions and I never slow down pace of play. In fact, on cart-path-only days, we can usually play faster.

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