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Ten Days in Texas

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Houston has a few courses, but not to the level of San Antonio in my opinion.

As far as how could anyone skip playing Brackenridge, it's quite easy. The only reason to play it is if you are into a little golf history, specifically Texas golf history. It's a neat course, but it's not on the same level of several others. The courses I would play before it are both TPC courses, Silverhorn, Canyon Springs, both courses at La Canters, Cedar Creek, The Quarry, The Republic, The Bandit, Tapatio and even Olympia Hills (hate their back 9).

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Go Frogs!

I give it twenty years! Lol

It may be done in 2 years in Waco/Temple but I'm sure they will decide to start up again in Hillsboro.

Been down in that area for a couple of golf vacations. Stay and played at Tapatio Springs. Love the hill country.

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At least for the Dallas-Houston portion, here's what I would do:

Stay at the Four Season Las Colinas

Day 1 - Texas Star (30 minutes or less from the hotel)

Day 2 - Texas Rangers (30 minutes from hotel)

Day 3 - TPC Las Colinas (at the hotel), relax that night with good dining options nearby

Day 4 - Check out early and drive to Frankston (2 hours) and play Pine Dunes and then drive to Conroe (2 hours) and stay the night there.

Day 5 - Check out early and play Woodforest (20 minutes or less from Conroe depending on where you stay) and then drive to San Antonio (3.5 hours) after your round.

Continue with SA/Austin portion.

This would be tiring, but a lot of fun.

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i lived there for 20 years before moving back home ... it is most definitely NOT a must-see destination of any kind, for any reason ... it is a business town, where people move to have a career ... there are no interesting areas to visit as a tourist, no spectacles to see, no motivating experiences ... it does have a nice restaurant scene, though that is excessively trendy ... san antonio isn't much better, if at all ... Riverwalk? ... a joke ... texas is a nice place to make a living ... not necessarily a nice place to live ...

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Maybe if you like amusement parks and you've never walked along an urban canal before you'd think SA is 'head and shoulders' above :-S Think Houston's museum district betters anything on offer in SA personally, but ya as you said about making a living, as a 'destination' for a trans-Atlantic trip, it's like winning tallest midget.

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