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Im a big fan of Aviara over La Costa. Better course and always in better condition.

I would suggest checking out Lomas Santa Fe Country Club.  It's still super close if you are in the Encinitas area.  I'm a member there, and also have been considering La Costa.  The membership at Lomas is very laid back and the staff is great.  There is only one course at Lomas, while La Costa has two. La Costa has more amenities, but those are also open to the public resort guests.

Let me know if you have any questions about Lomas.  I know they are running a membership special this time of year, so I can get you a referral.

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If cost is not a big issue I'd check out Rancho Santa Fe: The Farms, Crosby, and Santa Luz are all really nice. Fairbanks Ranch as well. If cost is TRULY not a concern then go check out Mickelson's home club, The Bridges.


I'm a member at Morgan Run because it's 1.5 miles from my house, has 27 holes and is pretty decent and in my budget. I don't recommend it though if you can afford better. Bay Club (Fairbanks Ranch) also did a recent due diligence and is considering purchasing Morgan Run but no decision has been made.

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