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New Cobra SZ Driver Ordered without testing?

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Pre-ordered the Xtreme 9º Matte Black/White Tour Length with Hzrdus Smoke Black. I have enough shafts whereby I didn't need to pay extra for an upgraded shaft

For this kind of money, I’d want to test it first. With different settings, shafts, and compare it to my current driver.

I got to try it out for a few swings, but not a full fitting. Ended up ordering a Tour length SZ 10.5 matte/white with PX HZRDUS Smoke Green 6.5 (stock, obviously). Can't wait for it to get in!

Received my new white SZ. Hit around 35 or so drives. Club has a different sound than F9. More Tinny than the F9. Looks great and performed great in its first swipes. New shaft for me is no doubt better. Well see how she performs on the course. F9 in the basement in the travel set. Discount Dans was awesome from start to finish.

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I’ve taken both the SZ and SZ Extreme on the course. Extreme shafted with PX Smoke 6.0 and the SZ with Rouge. Both look great and I don’t think they sound tinny at all. Much better sounding than the Epic Flash SZ o of Tm is replacing. I found the Extreme to work best for me. Low spin for,sure and higher launching than the regular SZ which I found too low spin and launching for my 102-104 mph swing. The forgiveness is excellent and I think Cobra has a real winner here.

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10.5. The way this happened was I spent an hour or so on a monitor 3 weeks ago and ordered the Extreme. Picked it up a week or so ago but did not open until I got home. The shop had given me the SZ not Extreme. Took it out on course and was hitting mid level line drives. Has a big store credit and decided to pick up the SZ Extreme with Smoke Stiff. Noticed a big difference in launch and forgiveness with Extreme. Actually switched shafts between the two putting the Rouge in Extreme and Smoke in regular SZ head. I still was more consistent and got better results with Extreme Smoke. In my hands the SZ is plenty low spin for me. I believe Fowler is using Extreme. Could it be the regular model spins too low if one swings under 110Mph?

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All of our Speedzone woods sold out the FIRST day of release which was on Friday. I was not working but the response has been immediate and very positive. Cobra also held last year's price points.

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Cobra F9 10.5*, VA Composites Raijin 44 F2
Cobra F9 15.5, UST Helium 49 A Flex
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Sonartec MD 23* Hybrid, UST Irod A Flex 
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Callaway MD4 58*, DG Tour Issue 115
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Just ordered the SZ driver and the tour fairway. Both with smoke yellow x flex. Extremely excited for them to come in! All the golf towns in Calgary, Canada were sold out first day, so must be something amazing about them!

Ping G410+ 9 degree AD IZ 7X
Taylormade Sim rocket Tensei pro white 7TX
Pxg 0311X 17 degree HC evenflow Black 85g
Miura Cb1008 4-w steelfibre 110x
Miura 1957 K grind 52/56/60 steelfibre 125x
Ping vault 2.0 Craz-e

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Round 2 with SZ and Extreme on course today. Extreme smoke combo winds for me hands down. Literally did not miss a fairway and got great distance for my 63 year old body. Last drive of the day was a 281 yd dead center. May have to look at the 3 Wood. My unsolicited advice is don’t automatically assume the Extreme isn’t for you because of spin. Its pretty low spin in my hands

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I’m playing the stock Smoke Yellow a 6.0 which is Stiff. I’m swing around 103-104 lasT time I checked. My transition is pretty aggressive. I’m so impressed with this driver that I have a TM SIM on order and I’m not even going to hit it but we sell it as soon as it arrives. I feel like I have found my driver for the year. Now if I ca my irons inured out I’ll be set!

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Briefly tried the Extreme 10.5 with Hzrdus Yellow Smoke, same as @Lobber .
Wasn't warmed up at all and took about 8 swings and got some excellent height, carry, distance and dispersion.
Tried it again the other day when I WAS warmed up and more of the same. I did get a little dispersion issue this time with the longer test but nothing I think I couldn't figure out after a while with the driver - as opposed to the F9, a mini-disaster. Wanted to like it but tried the F9 multiple times and it was always the army march, left, right, left, right - just couldn't control the F9 for the life of me. Shaft changes didn't matter.
I'll try the Extreme from time-to-time. I'm getting back from a major operation and while I'm getting close I'm still not up to full speed. So if it ends up being a fair bit longer than my Epic Flash Sub Zero I might be OK with the fairly small dispersion issue, assuming I can't fix it but I can't see it kicking out my Epic Flash SZ.
That said, you never know with a club ho. LOL

Callaway Epic Flash SZ Triple Diamond 9.0 Tour AD TP-6 Stiff

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Ping G400 hybrid, 19*, 70 gr Stock Stiff

Ping G20, 5-PW, DGS300

Ping Glide Forged, 48, 52, 60, DGS300

Vokey SM8 56/08 (Thanks WRX !!!)

Seemore MT7 Face Balanced (Today)

Chrome Soft Truvis Yellow/Black


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