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Does anybody else notice Faldo's bias

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I think he was trying to balance out the Golf Channel’s orgasmic speculation this week about Tiger’s chances to get win number 83 at Torrey Pines.

Everybody is biased on most things. It's a part of how the brain processes information. People who appear unbiased just control their natural bias well. Nick does let his show a bit every now and the

Of course he is biased.   Faldo is a Brit through and through. He seems like the type who, even when in residence in the US, hangs out with a cadre of Brits, sipping tea and sneering at American bump

I’ve noticed Faldo’s bias towards Euros for years. Frankly, I assumed everyone knew he was biased and had just moved on. It’s interesting that some haven’t noticed it

The way he typically displays it is just after a good shot. If it’s an American hitting a good shot, it either doesn’t get much of a comment or best case, he’ll call it a good shot in monotone. If it’s a Euro, it’s much higher enthusiasm and/or he praises the player for their skill and not just the outcome of that particular shot. The exceptions to this rule are Koepka and Tiger.

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Yes, and then when said player disappoints, they make all kinds of excuses for them. Last week, they were waxing all over Phil, but after the tournament started they began making excuses for him. The story should drive the story, the media shouldn't be doing that. That was one thing about Johnny Miller, he didn't make excuses for players.

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I'll never understand why they replaced Wadkins with Faldo.

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Wait...what? 83? Really?. Wow, that’s a lot! How did that happen without anyone knowing or even hearing about it. That must be some kind of record!!


Tools for the job!

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Of course.

And so, on a broadcast like CBS it is particularly good to engage with someone, part of the team, who brings an international perspective at a time when half of a PGATour leaderboard might be European.

There’s also the fact that Sir Nick himself has more major titles than all of his immediate predecessors (Lanny Watkins, Ken Venturi, Tom Weiskopf, Steve Melnyk, etc.) combined.

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It’s been obvious since Nick got in the booth that he loves him some Rory, and most any other Euro like Westwood. That being said I really don’t have a problem with it, he does a good job overall.

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Rory came thru the Faldo Series so he has personal connection there. Regardless Rory is one of only a few players, if not the only one, that comes close to Tiger in moving the needle.

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Very well said.

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“ Billy-Ray”.... that’s one reason. There’s more.

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Faldo isn't biased towards Euros any more than pretty much every American announcer who fawns over every move Tiger Woods makes.

With the ascension of many European players towards full-time PGA Tour players, having his perspective on some of these guys isn't a bad thing.

In general, I quite enjoy Faldo in the booth. He's knowledgeable, he knows when to speak and what to say, he doesn't talk about himself all the time.

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Every announcer fawns over Tiger, not just the Americans.


"In general, I quite enjoy Faldo in the booth. He's knowledgeable, he knows when to speak and what to say"

I agree.


," he doesn't talk about himself all the time."


No need to talk about himself all the time since Nance does it for him.


BTW, about half of the CBS announcers are not Americans (M. Immelman, Baker-Finch, Faldo, Nobilo, T Immelman)

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