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How *DO you quantify a hacker?

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A hacker is someone who refuses to put in the time and effort to improve their game, then just bitches and complains and and blames their equipment, someone who asks for advice then doesn't follow it,

Yes, open face is almost always the cause of hooks. Face is too open to some reference point like target or path, and the brain reacts by closing it late.   Hook

A 7 Hcp is better than 96% of the golf population. You have obviously put some time and effort in improving your golf.

Just a one off comment..... I need to play players who think they are great. I may lose but I play my best golf against those types. I get disarmed playing against normal joes who don't take the game seriously.
Dream round@texcrom @Bad9 @nsxguy
@nst22 (Something like that)@Londoner
I'd love to do a straight pull against these 5. Heck I would pull in @Sean2 just in case he wasn't comfortable pulling in the money I would pay. I would need someone to talk to who I liked......
200 dollar entry fee, winner takes all. I would lose no question, but this would completely identify the chump and the champs...... I'm okay extending to 500 but that's max because I would have to pay for @Sean2 I think and would most likely be an auto 1000 loss.

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I'd like to add you to the list. I'd bet a 100 you wouldn't hit it over 180 on your first drive.

Don't you worry for a minute, it's coming. I want to make sure it's done in professional lighting and everything is correct. And I need to make sure the flight scope is available. I want to show the metrics. 100+

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Here’s what you do:


1). On a ~400 yard hole get someone to hold your phone up behind you, tee the ball up, hit it, grab the phone (with it still recording) and then walk/ride to your ball. You should be near the, cough-cough, 150 yd marker.


2) Set up the phone behind you in the driving range and hit a few shots with your driver.


And then post the vid.

Of course we all know you’ll come up with a variety of excuses as to why you won’t be doing this....

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Listen Tac I played competitve tennis for years. I have a really strong core. It's pathetic with all the core training I received when I was young I can only swing it 95-100. I play ranked tennis in the metro midwest back in the 90s.
In my junior days I could get that baby around 95 mph's.
And just to get off topic I would love to play bad. NSX could caddy for him and I would pick @Sean2 2 or @texcrom

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You didn't...... Booze and insecurity most likely prompted that statement.

I just want to play with people more than anything........

One thing everyone on here would like about me. I play against my own goals and actively root for my opponents. I really love watching good golfers play golf.. A little known fact, I l wouldn't mind losing a 100 to a guy who put in a par round. That to me is seeing a child born or child graduate from college with a legit degree.

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Count Mississsippi’s from the start of your swing until you make contact with the ball.

If you’re at 3 Mississippi’s you’re swinging at 100+ mph.

If you’re 2 plus the third syllable of Mississippi you’re 105+.

Over 4 Mississippi’s and you’re under 100 mph.

At least this is what I was taught in order to get a rough swing speed when I was a junior in the 80s.

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