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Never again to pay for new ball.

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It's true; my decision is firm and complete. Because i can find NO relationship between my score, the success of any shot and the golf ball played i am quitting all new ball purchases from this day forward.

I can buy good, better and best quality 2nd hand balls here for a tiny price, compared to new. All brands, colors, designs and sizes, with english, japanese, korean, chinese or thai writing. Washed, sorted, bagged at about 10 balls for US$3. Best quality $3 for 6 balls including ProV1, other 3/4 piece top balls.

I've nothing against new, but i gotta save the cash for the green fee. If i could believe the ball made a difference in my game, i would not make this decision.

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I can see that. However, there's ways of buying new balls on the cheap. Such as Black Friday sales or prior gen QStar tour or Bridgestone, TM a. But, 6 a dozen premium used is hard to beat.

I find a ton of balls on my home course. Haven't bought a ball in years.

Same here. Don’t lose many anyway. Usually find 2-3 for everyone I lose. Only keep the pro v’s

I too went down this path and started buying balls from lost golf balls and golf balls direct. I would get the coupons for sales they were having and now I have close to 60 dozen balls. Project A, hex black, tour B, chrome soft, prov1. For me it’s because I play so much desert golf that sometimes a ball that rolls off the fairway turns into a lost ball in a bush. Saw a rattler last year and now I’m just going to take a drop instead of give anything more than a cursory look.

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I got a dozen yellow prov1s for $20 from lost golf balls and I would swear they were brand new. Conversely, I got a dozen “mint” BX and they were dog $h!t. That being said, I won’t spend more than $30 for a dozen of brand new balls

I rather buy snell MTB blacks for $27 than guess what the quality of my “mint” balls are going to be. For a $7 difference, it’s worth it

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I live in the Phoenix metro and a course that is not too bad (except the roll into the desert you mentioned) is called Apache Creek. I only play it 1x/year (it's cheap in the summer) due to that.

Buy most of my golf balls used at the 4A level - 5A being top end mint used. Sunshine Golf LLC on the 'Bay - I live 2 miles away from their warehouse in which they also sell from direct in store.

Such a great way to enjoy the game but still have $ left for greens fees or more clubs here and there.

BAG ONE:                                                                                                                     BAG TWO:
-Titleist 917 D2                                                                                          -Cobra F9 Tour Length 
3- TEE XCG-V                                                                                               3 -Mizuno MP ti
-Titleist 915 H1 18, Titleist 816  H1 21                                                      -TM 2.0 SF 18 & 21
I - Titleist T100/MR KK TiNi 105                                                                   I - TM P760/Recoils 110 F4
W- Mizuno 52, Vokey SM6 58                                                                     - Mizuno 53, Cally 58
P- Bellum Winmore Midi  787                                                                       -Guerin TS Black 370

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I agree. I very rarely buy new balls and mostly buy used online and from my experience, the absolute best time to buy used (and refurbished) golf balls online is Black Friday (and Cyber Monday). I bought used TM Pentas and Tour Preferred balls for as low as .60 CDN per ball (that's including shipping (which is usually free on bulk purchases) and foreign exchange). I got at least 20 dozen stashed in my basement.

10.5 deg Titleist 905R with stock UST Proforce V2 Shaft
1999 Ben Hogan Apex Blades (3-PW) with stock Apex 4 Steel Shafts
Taylormade V-Steel 5W & 3W with Grafalloy Prolaunch Red shafts
Taylormade ATV wedges in 54 and 58 degrees with stock steel shafts
Rife Island Series Aruba Blade Putter


"Loft for loft, length for length, and shaft for shaft, the ball will go the same distance when hit on the sweet spot regardless how old the iron."

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Same here. Don’t lose many anyway. Usually find 2-3 for everyone I lose. Only keep the pro v’s

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TM Sim Tour AD DI 6x
Ping G410 plus 3 wood Tour AD DI 7x
TM Sim 5 wood Ventus Velocore 8x
Mizuno MP20 Nippon Modus 120
Odyssey Stroke Lab Double Wide
Vokeys SM6 52,56 SM7 60
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I have a 5 gallon bucket full of like-new ProV1/x balls but I still use new bridgestone BXS balls...go figure.

Mavrik + ATMOS TS Black / Mavrik 4W + ATMOS TS Blue / Mavrik Pro 3H + ATMOS TS Blue / XForged UT + ATMOS TS Black / Apex 19-Pro + C-Taper / MD5 / Odyssey SL Black 7 + SuperStroke Cord 2.0

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AAA+ or AAAA are usually half retail price or less. Plenty good for this 3hcp

TM 2016 M2 12* - OG Grafalloy Blue X, 43.5"

TEE XCG7 16.5* 4w, OG Grafalloy Blue S, 41.75"

Cally Rogue X 18.5* 4i, Diamana 70 S, 39.75"

Cobra King OS 4-G, TT XP95 R300, -.5"

Vokey SM8 54.14F, 60.10S

"Rusty" Byron DH89 Slant Pipe // Byron GSS DH89 Long Slant // GOAT NP2 Tiger Putter

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I personally don't get it.

I always buy a new premium ball(zstar or xbs) under $20 shipped.

You can buy them with BOGO deals or bulk bidding on the bay.

To me, AAAA balls expensive.

Cobra                      F9 Driver w/HZRDUS Smoke 60 6.5
Titleist                     TS2 16.5 Wood w/HZRDUS Smoke 70 6.5
Ping                         G410 19 Hybrid w/KBS Proto 95 X
Titleist                     818 H2 23 Hybrid w/Accra M5 95 X
Titleist                     716 T-MB 5 Iron w/DG X100
Titleist                     718 AP2 6-P Irons w/DG X100
Cleveland                RTX 4.0 52/56/60 Wedges w/DG S400
SIK                     Pro|C-Series|Armlock Putter

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Snell MTB-X.

$28/doz if you buy 5 doz at a time, and testing shows them to be as good as any premium ball on the market.

The only think that worries me about the refurbished market is the possibility that I'm buying a ball that has been in the water for a period of time. While the data about the impact of sitting in water isn't conclusive, I don't want to take the chance, and the money difference isn't enough to make it worth any risk.

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