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sm8 nonsense....

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Myself and other angry villagers are getting together with torches and pitchforks and heading over to Vokey's house right now!!

You folks have to remember something here. Most of the marketing these days is geared towards the general public golfer. Most golfers are not as geared towards the fine facts of equipment like us WRX

... Forum members can be so ignorant when it comes to equipment. I have spoken too so many OEMs that freely admit this years product is a tweak or minor improvement over last years product. None of th

its been said when the sm7s came out and the sm6s before that .. the beauty of a vokey is that its a vokey .. its not that much different than the one before it .. you know what you're getting .. i doubt anyone can claim any innovation or new fresh design elements in the last 3 iterations .. since whenever the progressive cog came about, sm6? they are consistent in that respect .. which can be good and bad .. i think they even say the grooves are the same as last year?

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Man, wedges haven't changed much other than the ping glide ones etc which are more forgiving. The most important part are the grinds, but then honestly they can't sell that every year. IMO, they really don't need to talk about brand new tech, since the wedge is an actual club that needs replacing more often than any other club in the bag. Worn out faces actually affect the spin (assuming if you play a lot). Otherwise they're just attracting the uninformed buying clubs thinking it'll help their game.

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Kinda. They put lots of Tungsten in the toe and lengthened the hosel. They did this to drive CG forward. But weight at toe and hosel also means more MOI. So the MOI is only a positive side effect

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I would put the Cleveland CBX ahead of the Glides on the forgiveness scale. And they went in a different direction. The whole concept of the CBX is based on the idea that wedge sets for most golfers should have the forgiveness of their irons with the short game performance of traditional wedges. They did a great job of hitting that mark.

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This video attempts to explain this nonsense...


To recap, cg in front of the face on a wedge equals lower flight and more spin better control. Cg forward on a driver equals lower flight, lower spin, less control.

Ok vokey...






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looks like sm7 it is haha

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This is why all these companys shouldnt release clubs until 2 year spans. Every year they have to come up with something new just to say? At what point do they think we just say.. this is so dumb. At least 2 year cycles makes the consumer more intrested in new products naturally. These companys scramble for whats next as soon as the newest release is out which makes them come up with the craziest explanation for the new stuff... well you see aliens came down go headquarters and told us they have new tech to put in the clubs so we let them build these models hence the new callaway outter dimension series.

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Can we not chalk this up to, "The Relentless Pursuit of Perfection,"? Auto manufacturer's swing and miss all of time and then they go back to the drawing board and rethink the next solution. That's an AUTOMOBILE. The 3-6000 lb. vessel you trust to protect your family while hurling through the air around others at speeds of 70 mph plus.


"We Talkin' 'bout Wedges."- AI

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I got to go to the TM masters event last year. One of the most interesting takeaways was a conversation I had with some of the R&D folks. They basically do run on 2yr cycles. It’s evolutionary vs revolutionary. They work to develop some revolutionary new tech every other year, and in between they just try to make incremental improvements to the existing line so they can keep delivering ‘new’ product. Re-name it, change the color etc.

really no different than than the auto industry giving their vehicles a mid-cycle refresh to keep sales going by changing the bolt on sheet metal and adding features while they continue to work on a completely re-designed model.

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I have settled on Titleist for my equipment needs, but not because I believe the other companies are inferior.

I think Titleist makes really good equipment on a two year cycle. But what has really sold me is when I have gone to their demo days, they told me "my AP2 716s were in good shape so I shouldn't change". "My SM 7 wedges still had a lot of groove life left so I probably didn't need to change them this season".

Their honesty has made me a loyal customer. So I usually buy their product at the end of cycle to save a few bucks. Bought AP2 716s in the fall of 2017 for instance. And I like the Pro V1X - it is reasonable when the buy 3 get 4 deal comes up later this month.

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i was wondering what new angle theyd come up with ... fortunately i recognized the 6 & 7's were not a good design. the 8 is basically the grind mizuno used for a few years ago on their T4 with the added wrinkle of the hosel weighting, lol ok

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Well sit on a corndog and call me willie... i didnt realise as i play all callaway lol but i go through the same with oh no no those clubs are trash now because we just found a new better way to make you accurate and gain 5 yards lol i guess we just have to be the ones to say you know what i want 5 less yards and a half yard worse dispersion im fine where i am for now. Its just seeing new shiny toys makes you all shakey. All companys pretty much make amazing looking clubs so its hard not to want. This season i upgraded wedges putter hybrid irons. Didnt really need to just wanted to its been 4 yrs. Imo irons should last a while 5 to 9 yrs. Driver 4 to 7 yrs. Wedges 3 to 4 depending. Putter is lifetime if your good with it. even longer if you keep all this in good shape.

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... It is really amazing how many on golf forums think OEMs are expecting customers to upgrade with every new club. While a few slimy Sales VP's may be in that camp, most OEM'S want customers for life not equipment cycles. As someone said, every year someone is looking to upgrade whether their clubs are 5 to 10 years old or even older. What should Titleist say "Our SM6 is no better than our SM8 for 95% of golfers so you might as well get one off Ebay"? I have said this before but last year I was in the market for a new fridge and had no idea what features current fridges had available. I appreciated the marketing and it helped me narrow down my choices. I am sure I would have been laughed at on Fridge Forums for being so gullible.

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