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Putter technology

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Seeing what you guys think about putter technology from grooves i.e Evnroll or true roll grooves, direct force putters, new/old trussel etc.... I understand the forgiveness with high moi but with such a small stroke at such a slow stroke speed do these technologies work at all. Curious what ppl think on this

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Re: does the various technology work - yes.

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Does putter technology exist and work? Yes to some extent. Like most inserts do help get the ball rolling end over end and that can be achieved various ways, but for some you sacrifice feel and other things related to the insert. The Evnroll grooves I think work for distance control but some of their other claims are kinda bull to be honest.

Then there are the people who still prefer the simplicity of an anser style blade with a smooth face milling and putt better with that vs anything else no matter the amount of tech in it.

End of the day comfort and confidence along with some practice will do more than any tech amount of tech packed into a putter.

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They definetly work. I see quicker top roll for sure. Weighting high moi for sure. Hit a blade then hit a mallet. Way more forgiving. I can play with a blade im a pretty good putter and i use and have a odyssey o works r line and a odyssey triple tack 10. Both amazing. Also have a nike method mod 90 which is a blade center shafted putter. Love it great feel distance control but definitely can see the difference in forgiveness. Why make the game harder as far a putting? The object is to make putts. Tour pros are using mallets now.

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I will have to disagree on putter technology being completed BS. Going back in time, so the Anser style putter isn't easier to use and more consistent than the original Bullseye? I have seen too many videos of tests done with SAM or Quintic which show differences in results when comparing putters in a head to head comparisons to not think that the technology can make a difference. I would go further to state that until something like Quintic came along, there was really no way to measure and visually see any differences or actually "prove" that grooves, weighting, MOI, or specific weighting or placement of weight could make a difference. No matter, you still have to be able to aim it where you want, and then put a stroke on it that is consistent with your aim and oh yeah, the correct speed.

Call it being property fitted or tech, if any of that helps do the above, they I would say it has a value.



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The Anser was created over 50 years ago. That's not the "technology" I'm talking about. The groove stuff is a gimmick. Show me the study that shows that a ball that "get's rolling sooner" actually goes in the hole more often than another putter. It's a bunch of crap. But people eat it up because they're desperate to buy a better game. And OEM's are happy to take their money.

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High MOI is the best putter technology imo. Puts a better, more consistent roll on the ball on mishits. Transfers more energy to the ball on mishits so therefor stays on line better and rolls out to a more consistent distance.


Also not all mallets have higher MOI than an Anser style blade. Many of the larger more modern mallets do but any smaller or more "traditional" mallets probably are lower MOI. The best way to add MOI to a single material one piece or welded neck putter is to make it longer heel - toe and most Anser style blades are longer heel - toe than more "traditional" mallets.

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At a minimum you can say the grooves/inserts will change the perceived feel. FEEL=Vibration + Sound

This will help with distance control and less about how the ball rolls. A proper fitting and technique is more likely to address those issues (a better roll)

I remember when Bettinardi introduced the honeycomb faces and claimed this unique milling process resulted in a 200% flatter face and eliminated the concave effect found on other manufacturer's. It looks cool and he has a unique selling point that set him apart along with single piece milling.

The Ping Anser game changing technology was the perimeter weighting that resisted the face/head from twisting on impact.

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I don't doubt that grooves or other face tech actually impact the roll of the ball. I do wonder if there is any actual strokes gained impact from putters with technology.

I'm thinking back to another website's "Most Wanted" putter testing, which was far less scientific than their vaunted ball testing. Of course the testing allowed you to rank the putters tested from 1 to 30 (or however many were tested)... but the real world difference between the 1st and the 30th putter was tiny. Like MAYBE one stroke per round.

So all things equal, I don't really doubt that a tech-y putter may yield a marginal performance gain over a less tech-y putter. But I would take a well-fitted, flat-faced, low-MOI putter over an off-the-rack MOI monster.

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Favourites for me

B60 Anser Rossie two

Cleveland mallet CS

FGP mallet YesCallie

BUT Scotty midslant pp just does the job.

NoTechNoPaint NoLeadPingpp58 may help....almost two years in bag on WRX is a lifetime.....i am a Feel player.

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Dont hesitate to buy one!


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The question becomes does a technology work for you, are there tradeoffs and, if you need to adapt to either, do you have the time to do so.

YES! putter's 'C-grooves' were angled 20* up to lift the ball out of the micro-impression it sits in due to it's weight; it imparted a tighter, faster roll but reduced my distance control; OTOH, Jim Furek won the 2010 Tour Championship with a used, $40 YES! Sophia.

The same question applies to Techniques which are like technology minus the hardware... Guerin Rife favors using multiple techniques, depending on length of putt (ie, overcoming pressure on 5-foot putts by reducing moving parts but swinging more freely on 30-footers), Crenshaw liked a feel-oriented free stroke and Pelz advises not to release the putter head prior to contact.


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Having fiddled with this for a few years now I think initial set up, eye dominance alignment and MOI are going to be where putter mfgrs head going forward. Versa was an unintended consequence of a failed multi-material experiment. Red Ball, Sightlines on Spider, Backstryke these are unique to how the golfer sees the face in relationship to the hole at address. Think of how Ketsch or the current Phantom line uses ball framing tech, hell, look at triple track. Now I'd just like to find a face balanced blade'ish putter with winged mallet MOI. I really think good roll can be created with a decent ascending stroke but if you're not set up, aligned and miss the sweetest spot on the putter slightly all the fancy roll in the world is just that. Roll and no hole.

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I have a Rife and several Methods with grooves. The Nike putters work well on on-centre putts while the Rife is a bit more forgiving as the milling goes across the whole face. But I don’t use them anymore as I found that putters with a great balance at address works much better for me.

What I never understood is the so called face balanced putters, balanced to the sky? Shouldn’t be balanced at address to avoid unwanted torque while stroking?

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A putter that feels balanced to your stroke, when swinging it back and through will almost always perform better than all inserts etc. A well balanced putter to your stroke will allow you to hit a centred strike more often. The problem is, that very few golfers feels or has any knowledge of how a well balanced putter feels. The sensation is harder to feel due to the character of the stroke, shortest swing with the least amount of power and force.

Once you’ve managed to climb that hump, then you can start a trial and error process of the rest. It takes some time, you need to be patient to get it all dialled in. Besides the Putter is the most expensive club to Manufacture for the OEM’s and you’re most likely not buying more than one at a time, if any!? Therefore the fitting process gets less attention from them, time equals money to them and their profit gets eaten up by the process of a proper fitting, unless the client is willing to pay separately for the fitting.

Everyone who is somewhat serious by their game, should go and get fitted for their “Putter”, most used club in the bag for 99,999% of all players, I’ve only stumbled across one person who disagreed with that statement and I had to give him right in the end. For all the rest of us a proper Putter fitting will have a potential gain, in our game. :-)

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For the grooves and roll I wonder if anyone has done a test with the same or very similar putters with a flat face or light milling and compare on SAM or Qunitic vs one with grooves. Like the Bettinardi Honeycomb, Fly Mill and F.I.T. Face but the FIT is more feel than roll I believe.

Lefty WITB

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see link, chapter 47. It is a test back in 2001 on c-groove technology (I think these were Yes putters) and the pro's random putters that they were using at time. The summation fo the results were that their regular putters were skidding 100% and 55% after 500mm and the C-Groove putters were skidding 80% and 40% after 500mm. There is evidence with Quintec that shows different faces will have different effects in the roll on the ball, but like everything, there are tons of variables which will determine if any of it makes any difference for a putt going in the hole. It's a law of averages games and if there is a significant enough difference to cause an improvement in the ball going in the hole. Science and Golf IV

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