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Hey all,

I’m looking for course recommendations in Salt Lake City as I am traveling out that way later this year. I looking to play 3-4 times while I’m out there so any suggestions are greatly appreciated! Courses around the area are also an option!

Let me know!


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Great advice. Of those my top three are Soldier Hollow Gold, Wasatch Mountain, and whichever Mountain Dell course has that ravine you hit over. These are all muni's with no residential developments ar

Best courses are Park City so it depends on what time frame "later this year" represents. Some of the park city private courses can be had with a proshop call if you are a member at a club. Most are within a reasonable (1 hr) distance of downtown. Some of the public tracks to check out include: Soldier Hollow, Wasach Mountain, Mountain Dell, Valley View (Layton) and Thanksgiving point. It has been a few years since I have played any of the public, so info could be dated.

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Seconded on Park City. Canyons Golf Course has some of the best views I have ever seen, although I will say there are some tee offs in very tight spots (houses on both sides). Wasatch is a great course, your typical public course at a great rate.

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Thank you all for the responses, I’m headed there in Mid-September. We are planning on headed to park city while we’re out there so this is great to know!

Canyons is on the list so far, I will certainly take a look at the rest mentioned!


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Valley view in Layton is one of my favorites as are Wasatch and Soldier Hollow. I guess I’m in the minority, because I think the canyons is ok, but not my favorite. I also think Thanksgiving Point has gone downhill a bit, but is still a good track. Other public courses to check out would include Bonneville, Bountiful Ridge and Hobble Creek. Mid September is a fabulous time to golf in Utah and there are a lot of good public courses available for great prices.

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Huge vote for Valley View. If you have any military connection, Hubbard @ Hill AFB is tops as well, but no access unless you have a way to get on base. Park City Muni is great if you dont think you have a way to play some of the private spots. I personally think the Canyons is a little wonky. The state am was at Soldier Hollow last year, both courses are good, but play the gold course. Close to downtown is Bonneville which i think is a good representation of Utah public golf.

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Wasatch Mountain - Mountain Course - Wasatch Mountain - Mountain Course

Soldier Hollow - Gold Course - Soldier Hollow - Gold Course

Mountain Dell - Lakes Course = Mountain Dell - Lakes Course

Mountain Dell - Canyon Course - Mountain Dell - Canyon Course

Bountiful Ridge - Bountiful Ridge Golf Course




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Great advice. Of those my top three are Soldier Hollow Gold, Wasatch Mountain, and whichever Mountain Dell course has that ravine you hit over. These are all muni's with no residential developments around them. I'd recommend playing Wasatch Mountain twice, there's a couple holes that aren't intuitive, with blind approach shots, etc. I also enjoyed South Mountain in Draper, higher in elevation, a little cooler with great views.

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September you could have some beautiful colors in the mountains. There are a few different areas and I will give my favorite. Good news is most all of these will be under $50 per round

40 minutes east of salt lake

SOLDIER HOLLOW- by far the best public course in the area

Gold course is a true championship style course.

Silver is a bit more forgiving but still usually in top shape.

Wasatch- lake and mountain

Mountain is a little trickier off the tee but I like it more due to more elevation changes. Very solid public golf with some great holes and some ok ones.

Crater spring- a solid public course that I rate just under wasatch but 2 minutes away

In salt lake valley


Stonebridge- 3 9's designed by Johnny Miller. Solid public golf that has some if the best greens early and late in the year when weather makes it tricky

South mountain- I have become more of a fan of this course over the years. It is more target golf but you can get birdies here. Depends on the greens .

Thanksgiving point- probably the truest public tournament course within a couple hours. Most people that dont like it haven't played it lately as troon took over management after the last company ran it into the ground.

Valley view- 30 minutes north. Great greens, feels like an old private course as it is usually well kept.45 minutes south

Hobble creek- extremely pretty, tight holes thru tree lined fairways. Running back and forth over creeks. This is a very memorable course that requires accuracy much more than length.

Gladstan- 15 minutes from hobble, front 9 is ok but the back 9 is very good as it going up a hill and then back down.


There are a bunch of solid course to.

Cedar hills- stretch of 5 or so great holes on the back

Old mill- holes 6- 9 are very good. The old 15-18.

The ridge - very good stretch from 12- 18

Sleepy ridge- good course. Links style

Mountain dell- both courses are good with some boring holes. Just not as good as soldier or wasatch.

Bonneville- old public course with some bad holes and some good ones. Greens can be really tricky if you are in the wrong spot.





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weather is good this week and getting worst next. you will have to watch out for frost in the mornings and the only courses with decent greens will be in the lowest valleys. Stonebridge, river oaks, and maybe one or 2 more worth playing right now. There is still a little bit of snow on the benches right now so even with that melting this week the greens still won't be in good shape. the lower courses that have already melted and will firm up and possibly get mowed and rolled.


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This is the perfect recommendation! Valley View is on my hidden gems list and one of my favorite courses anywhere. Wasatch has 2 great courses and so does Soldier Hollow. Bonneville, Bountiful Ridge are both good and Hobble is another one of my hidden gems. Took 8 guys from So Cal up there 3 years ago and none of the guys could believe we played all of these great courses and never paid more than 50 bucks. We are headed back up there this July. Salt Lake City is a fantastic golf destination.

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Gladstan, Bountiful Ridge, Eaglewood, Wasatch etc.... Lots of good golf in and around SLC.

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Lots of good advice here. Y’all are making me wanna go play in the snow. Although I think most of the better courses have been suggested all ready, I’ll add a couple of more that I enjoy. Mount Ogden, Glen Eagle in Syracuse, Wolf Creek in Eden, Davis park, River Oaks, and the regular park city muni. I’ve golfed most public and private golf courses in Utah not named Glenwild, and I see no reason to pay extra to pay private courses. The few times a year I get to play the Salt Lake Country club or Oakridge Country Club, or Hidden Valley or Promontory or Red Ledges, I always enjoy the round. But no more than any of the municipal courses listed. If you shoot me a messenge as you get closer I would’ve happy to give you info on how things are specifically looking this year.

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I played Eagle Ridge back in 2002 when I was working at the Big West Refinery in North Salt Lake.

Didn't realize at the time it was a Keith Foster design.

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Most of the last years we play golf from March thru November and sometimes into mid-December. Mid November, the qualify isn't always good as it can be 40 degree's out. The best times of the year are April-May and Sept- Oct by far. 2nd half of June and July are hot(usually 90's) and august is mid 80's thru mid 90's. Fall is the best here because the leaves are colorful and courses are in great shape.

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This post gives great advice about golf courses within 30 minutes of Salt Lake International airport. Enjoy the links!



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