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Like others, I too will be a first time visitor on Tuesday and plan to get there very early. I am more interested in the course and plan to walk the back first , Backwards. I think the thing to do is to hit the merch tent first, then the course.


Couple of questions, where are the manufacturers tour trucks located on the property. I've been invited for a visit to one.

Is it possible to see the spot or area where Bubba Watson made that sick shot on #10

and can you also walk the par3 course as well?

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Went practice round last year. Went for sunrise and got in as they let the first crowds in. Watched a few guys on the chipping area. Then went to the Merchandise store right away. Lines were not bad a

Reading your last sentence a few days ago gave me goosebumps. Thanks J, I'll definitely take your advice!!

Parking lot 6am, merch before the course opens and then over to 10 to walk the back nine first. After that I'm just gonna go where instinct takes me.

I was watching Scott Van Pelt on Feherty last night and he mentioned that he goes to this spot at Augusta overlooking one of the par3 contest greens and - his exact words fail me - has this extreme moment of gratitude for that exact moment of his life, like if it all ended tomorrow he'd have no qualms about it. I will be in that very mindset for the entire day come April 8th!

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I believe SVP was talking about the 8th tee box on the Par 3.. You will be able to see some of the Par 3 course from the path/road on your way to get your picture in front of Founders Circle (but you won't get the view of the 8th he's talking about). BTW - I'd add the Founder's Circle picture to your list of 'to do's', though if you're going on a practice day, you can take your own pictures around the course and may be better served spending time elsewhere.

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Got Tuesday tickets also this year along with Berckman's Place Badges from a very well off friend of the family, Thanks for the info, i'm so scared of this stupid corona virus ruining my 1st trip to Augusta.

Titleist TSi3 9 Degree / Hzdrus Black RDX 60gram 6.5
Callaway Rouge 4 Wood / GD-GP 8X

PXG 2 Iron

TaylorMade P7MC 4-P / X100
Vokey SM8 50-54-58 

TaylorMade Chalk Spider

Titleist Pro V1X

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I have masters practice round tickets, I'm a critical as the next guy of what I read and understand, especially the news. But when you health professionals make statements regarding this scurge. well some of you may thing its an over reactions. This is not an over reaction , Those that think its like the flu. The flu is is bacterial this is a virus, this is unseen and undetectable. I don't believe the government or pros sports, collegiate sports or K-12 sports and classes are over reacting. Rock Concerts all the way to WWE and anywhere there is a gathering of people say greater than 200. The restaurant industry could suffer greatly, Disney world,

This will not be over in a month, or 6 months.....with no vaccine. The threat is the over subscribing of hospitals and healthcare.


I do believe the masters will be canceled and or postponed till next fall, Like Late October or Nov. Or a members only gallery

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I'm hearing from some the possibility if a NOV masters , week of Nov 9th thru the 15th. That being said I have practice rounds and just booked my Hotel reservation before and after the round. The hotel is in Augusta nearby. I have been paying close attention to hotel rates, some of the hotels have really jumped up for this time in Nov. MY hotel is 3.5 stars and under 100 a night including lodging tax etc. There is no cancellation fee, my room is held with a CC and totally refundable.

Looking for hotels nearby for the April 2020 masters it was difficult to find any thing decent- not some dump was 300 on up per night.


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