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Nike Footwear 2020 (NO BUY/SELL/TRADE POSTS)

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Just came in...270 Ryder Cup edition 🔥🇺🇸⛳️

I'd rather play barefoot

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After seeing all the in hand pics, Roshe tie-dyes are by far the best looking.

TaylorMade SIM Max - Fujikura Motore X F3 6

TaylorMade M3 HL 3 Wood - Fujikura Motore X F3 7

TaylorMade SIM Max Rescue 3 - Fujikura Ventus Blue

TaylorMade P770 4-AW - Project X LZ 6.0

TaylorMade MG2 TW Grind 56 & 60 - Dynamic Gold Tour Issue S400

TaylorMade My Spider X - KBS CT Tour

TaylorMade TP5X

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I got the alert for the AJ5s this AM and found that it was available in my size. After having thirsted for the 97s and waited on pins and needles on Mon I was already psyched for the 97s to come today.

Now, with the chance for the AJ5s in tie-dye (instantly my alltime fav colorway in anything) I pulled the trigger and want to see what I like better the AJ5 or 97s.

I'm not a huge buyer (well wife may disagree) so don't know why I got access (until 5 PM apparently) but am psyched to get the chance for the AJ5s. Last time I got some AJ golf shoes, the ones that were like the TW13s, I was sorely disappointed but still was able to sell for about 75% on eBay so there's always that available.

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I like limited shoes as much as anyone. I don't understand the tie-dye interest. Going to wear them once? Some would argue they go with everything. I would argue they go with nothing.

Had access to the jordan 5s but didn't pull the trigger. Only reason I would have got the J5s in tie dye was to flip them but they were under retail (factoring in fees) already on stockx today.

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There used to be two type of reserves. One was specifically for you in your size that would last until the stated time, one was a general reserve, which as you mentioned, can still sell out and you’re sol. Only one type now? I dont know. I haven’t seen the one where it was specific to me in a long while.

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Thanks, good to know. I get tie-dye is not for everyone. At 50+ now, I get nostalgic easily and tie-dye means lazy summer days at camp making tie dye shirts by hand (do the light colors first!) and the innocence of the times. I truly hope everyone can enjoy their personal nostalgic moments. For me personally, I love it.

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f5557a4d-6084-4ade-978a-b04a9a496f89.jpegBeen wearing my 270s all day around the house for break in purposes and they feel great. Seems like a similar kind of process i had with the J11s. Gonna take them out to the course tomorrow. Interestingly the side look of the shoe doesn’t make the tread seem aggressive. Could probably get away with them as a street shoe as well ?‍♂️

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My zoom infinity tour PGA pair came in today and looks like a cream midsole as opposed to white. Production dates are from March 2020 as this shoe was supposed to release in May 2020.

No worries. They’ll be worn next round.


Driver: TaylorMade SIM 10.5*
Fairway: TaylorMade M6 15*
Fairway: TaylorMade M2 18*
Irons: Titleist 718 T-MB 4 iron
Irons: Titleist 718 AP2 5-PW
Wedges: Cleveland RTX-Zipcore 50*
Wedges: TaylorMade MG2 54*
Wedges: TaylorMade MG2 60*
Putter: TaylorMade Spider X

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221c51aa-1f4e-4689-a351-1449d2bc3bfe.jpegFinally got my other two pair in.

[color=#000000][b]TM 2016 M2 10.5 w/KK Silver 60 S [/b][/color]
[color=#000000][b]TM 2016 M1 3(15) w/KK Black 70 S [/b][/color]
[b][color=#0000ff]TM Rescue 11 3(18) w/NVS Org Next Gen 85 S
Nike VPC 4-PW w/Nippon Modus Tour 120 Stiff[/color][/b]
[color=#000000][b]TM MG2 52 SB and 58 LB w/DGS200  [/b]
[b]TM Spider X Copper [/b][/color]
[b][color=#000000]TM TP5 Pix[/color][/b]

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