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First fitting experience

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I've never been fit for any club I've purchased. But today I had a free iron/wedge fitting and I learned a lot. My game has been.....disappointing lately. I strike the ball well but my dispersion has suddenly grown massively. I'm never one to blame the arrow over the Indian so I just assumed I needed to practice more. Well after getting baseline numbers on trackman today I was amazed at how neutral my path and face numbers were. And I was saddened at how low my 6iron carry numbers were. 3-4 degrees down, 0-1/0-1 face to path. 93 mph with around 4800-5200 spin. Lots of shape left carrying 185.4. Ball speed 126 ish

about 30 minutes later everything changes when we eventually find our way into Ping Blueprint (half an inch shorter than I typically play - I'm 6/3 but always played +.5" but actually standard works better bc of my monkey arms). Project XLZ 6.5. Shot immediately neutralizes (and miraculously I can fade the ball again). Ball speed up to 131. smash 1.4 Spin up slightly and dispersion improved massively totaling 196 avg carry.- all with a shorter club with weaker lofts. Now honestly I was more excited about the shot shape and dispersion than anything - but hey I'll take 10 yards.

I never wanted to pay money to get fit for clubs. After seeing the difference and knowing I'm in the right setup - I've already scheduled my long game fitting and I'm not remotely concerned about the cost. Get fit it's worth it

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Good to hear you were happy, BUT...


...your spin rates seem really low. Typically you'll get 6k of spin with a 6-iron at even moderate speeds. You should be somewhere between 6k - 6.5k.


Did that get resolved because what you listed initially is like 20% under expectation.


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Just curious...what is your wrist to floor measurement (was that taken during the fitting)?

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I'm going for a fitting in a couple of weeks. I'm dropping my 64* and looking to add something that's longer than my 3h. I'm also having them take a look at my driver. I'm thinking the new club will be a wood (5 or 3) but historically I've not been very good at launching them. Recent swing changes may have changed that.

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I've never been a high spin player, even when I swung the club faster. Put me in a lighter shaft and I seem to hood the face more and produce a larger draw shape (which lowers the spin). Put me in a heavier stiffer shaft and I seem to neutralize the flight and increase the spin. I was testing with prov1x and I'm planning on moving to ProV1 or Bridgestone rxs to get more spin. Should be just under 6,000. this was discussed at length during the fitting.

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That’s a nice starting point, but not gospel.

if your descent angle and peak height is good and spin is close to that then you’re good.

my last fitting put me in a lower spin set up than the 1000 rpm/ iron number (8k for 8i, 7k for 7i) but the descent angle was good and the lower spin gave me less dispersion and a lower flight. Distance and control went up vs my previous set up. If some more spin is need you can always have them bent 1* weak.


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The numbers aren't perfect but I'm also just starting to play again this season and I'm confident my SS will increase as well as contact, delivery and spin. But they were still a big improvement in dispersion and distance compared to what I had. My concern now is gapping into my hybrid. I just picked up nearly a club of distance

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