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First putter fitting-Blown AWAY!

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Being a golfnut for the last 7 years I always loved to tinker with every club in my bag...until I really decided to get my game on track. Driver/fw, irons, wedges I got fit for, but I never saw the need for a putter fitting as I always thought that I would know best through practice. After several years of putting woes and never averaging <34 putts per round for a season I decided it was time to change that mentality. Not sure why it took me so long to decide I should treat the flat stick more holy than anything else and give it the attention it needs. After getting my bag ready to go for 2020 I had limited funds to devote but figured it would be something that would last me awhile so I got approval from the boss at home to dump a few more benjamins promising no more long brown boxes would appear at the front stoop.

I fortunate enough to have several places around me that have good fittings available but ended up going to 2nd swing in Wilmington for the option of buying something "used" but that could still be fitted to me. Found out the putter I was currently using was nearly 67*!! First fix was getting that tidied up.Went through a little discussion on typical miss and preference for looks, overall I'm not super picky but have an eye for what doesn't look right to me.

First fix was getting that tidied up. Then off to the iPing analysis which showed about a 5 degree arc on my path and my face tended to get a little closed. Fitter also noticed that my hands didn't lead quite as much as they should so I had a little bit of work mechanically to do but figured that was something I would need to address later. After hitting several putts with a couple of Scotty's, a Ping, a Toulon, and a few Odyssey Stroke labs I narrowed down preference for feel to the stroke lab putters, with the Scotty's just missing out (man how I wanted to throw one in my bag).

Then it was time to narrow down to what I felt really the best with between a Seven, V-line, and Tuttle. V-line was out after a few more strokes as it was too TM spider-like. Appearance wise, the Seven was my favorite look, something about the sharp edges but had just a bit more toe hang for me and didn't feel as comfortable with it. I was surprised with my acceptance of the Tuttle, was never really a fan of the almost bean shape but it really was the most stable and didn't have to fight it at all. After a few teaks of lie back and forth, we were locked into the Tuttle.

I'll have to let the honeymoon period wear off but after having all my other clubs fit, I have to say this is the one I am most excited about. Now I can really hone in my putting practice without that nagging worry in my brain that the putter isn't quite right for me. I can't recommend a putter fitting more highly, even if its not at a place that has a Sim-lab or something similar.

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Congrats. putter fitting is so important but so few do it. Heck, I played for almost 30 years with the wrong style putter. I always played a no arc putter and come to find out I putted much better with a strong arc. I never looked at them because the look never appealed to me. Now, I feel uncomfortable putting with anything else but a heel shafted putter with about a 4 0'clock toe hang

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Yeah I was doing the same with a fully face balanced putter. Almost did the fitting more as a tool for learning about my stroke, but couldn’t pass up something new to throw in the bag. Even putting with it the basement feels so natural and free flowing. We will see if the honeymoon wears off throughout the season.

odyssey might have something with the new stroke lab shaft too. Or it’s all mental but it feels insanely good, even the Seven felt really stable.


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Took out the stroke lab of my Las Vegas as well and put in a CT Tour shaft. It feels much more stable and connected through the stroke. Looks great as well!

Nice work on the fitting OP.

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