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Would really like to see TM improve on their custom ordering options, specifically swing weight. I read you are working on that in your post on this page father up in the thread and it's really exciting to hear. I really think it would only benefit your company with more sales to be able to have custom orders meet swing weights within reason. I would have ordered a set of P760s 5-PW and P790 4 iron when they came out if TM was able to match my swing weight preference of D5, but I was told by TM they would make them at D2. With that being the case I ordered from another manufacturer since they were able to match all of my specs. Basically came down to the custom order options for why I didn't choose TM for my irons.

Titleist TSi3 8 deg - Mitsubishi Diamana DF 70TX

Titleist TSi3 15 deg - Project X Even Flow T1100 White 85 6.5

Titleist 816 H2 19 deg - Mitsubishi Diamana D+ 90X

Titleist T200 4 - Project X 6.5

Titleist T100 5-PW - Project X 6.5

Vokey SM8 Jet Black 50.12 F, 54.10 S, 58.08 M - TT DG TI Black Onyx S400

Scotty Cameron Special Select Newport 2

Titleist ProV1

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Why don't you do an all black version of your Drivers/fairways? Even if it's limited release. Cuz that would be cool

No worries, l love sharing any info I can! I'm also currently in a shelter in place situation in Monterey, Ca. I also have 4 kids. I'm literally counting down the minutes til the kids go to bed the mo

I moved from the 14' MCs to the P760s and actually added a 4-iron back into my bag. I love the look and feel of the P760s and I have already mentioned that they are my favorite player's cavity I've ev

It's two degrees more upright than the lie at the standard setting, but that's not the same as 2* upright with respect to the lie angle in the standard position with a +/- 2* adapter.

If the lie angle range for the head (with the +/-2* adapter) is 56* - 60*, then that lie angle range will change to 57* - 59* The 'standard' lie angle is one degree more upright than with the +/- 2* adapter, and the 'standard upright' lie angle is 1 degree flatter than with the +/- 2* adapter.



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TaylorMade Team,

Thanks for providing a place for us to ask questions as we are all trying to find ways to scratch that golf itch. I'm currently playing the original M1 from back in 2015. Do you have any comparison from a performance standpoint of what I might see with a Sim or Sim Max? This is the oldest and least confident club in my bag, so it's time to make a change.

Thanks for your help!

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Going to lop off about 3/4 inch off my Sim Max driver. It's currently at D2 & 45.5 inches. When I switch out to shorter shaft swing weight is about C7. Can I get a heavier weight to add to the weight port in the driver?

I thought the M6 weight would work but it didn't fit. Trying to avoid the lead tape route.

Can we get interchangeable weights directly from TM?

Driver: Cobra SZ Extreme @ 11.5 Degrees

5 Wood: Cobra F8 @ 17 Degrees

Hybrid: Cobra 3-4 OS @ 20.5 degrees

Hybrid: Cobra F9 @ 24 Degrees

Irons: Callaway Apex 19's 6-SW

Wedge: Callaway Sureout 2 @ 60 degrees

Putter: PXG Closer

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No. currently you cannot purchase heavier weights. You have two options, hot melt or lead tape. I ordered my SIM Max at 45" and it arrived at D1.5 and 193g. Many others have had the drier arrive at the desired swing weight. Unfortunately, I was not one of them

Driver: Taylormade SIM Max 8º (8.75º) w/ Fujikura Motore X F3 65s

Fairway: Taylormade SIM Tour TI (v2) 3w @ 16.4º w/ Diamana TB 70s

Hybrid: Titleist TS3 @ 19º w/ ProjectX Hzrdus Smoke Black 90s

Irons: Miura TC-201 (4-6); MB-101 (7-PW) w/ MMT 105TX (ss*1)

Wedges: Artisan Raw @ 51º, 56º, 61º

Putter: Artisan 0117 Deep Milled

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Hi Calfan36!

Twist Face is definitely a BIG contributor to this! The inertia generator in the SIM drivers is also a key part. One work I have been hearing over and over again when fitting our drivers this year is stability. Having such a low and deep CG creates a very forgiving head that will help on those mishits.


Jimmy A - Team TaylorMade

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Hi getair23,

Based on the player type that the 790 TI is made for and the vast majority of golfers going into rescues over long irons I don't see us coming out with lower lofted irons in that set but as we've mentioned several times before, you never know what our R&D team is working on coming out with and adding into the lineup.

Jimmy A. - Team TaylorMade

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Great question regarding the sliding weight in the driver. I would like to know what your typical miss is with the driver. If you play the pull cut but the miss is left having the weight in the draw setting can make the fade worse as your tendency likely is to hold the face open more so you don't see it go left. Having the weight in a neutral or even slight fade setting can allow you to feel like you are able to release the club head more without fearing the left miss. This is what could have been allowing you to hit more draws when you first played with it in the neutral setting.

Jimmy A. - Team TaylorMade

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Hi Toddyboy,

You'll likely see a big change in regards to dispersion pattern with Twist Face and the much lower and deeper CG in the SIM heads. You will also see faster ball speeds across the face so those mishits are going to be straighter and further than your current M1. I strongly recommend you find and sign up for a fitting event with our teams in the field to give it a try and get back the confidence in the driver! Visit https://my.taylormadegolf.com/myFittingExp/#/ to find an event near you!

Jimmy A - Team TaylorMade

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Regarding TP5 vs TP5X, I'm wondering who is best fit for a TP5 vs. a TP5X. In your opinion is the TP5 going to fly a little straighter with most clubs in the bag due to it being a bit spinnier? I'm currently playing the TP5X but am looking for some more green side spin but don't want to give up much with my longer clubs. Natural ball flight is a draw that sometimes draws a little too much with a closed club face for reference.

Callaway Mavrik Subzero Triple Diamond - Mitsubishi Tensei AV Raw Orange 75X

Cobra Big Tour - Mitsubishi Tensei CX Pro White 85X

Ping G410 - Ventus Blue HB 9X / Taylormade P790 - Tensei CX Pro 95X

Srixon Z Forged PW-4I - Oban CT 125

Cleveland RTX 4 - Dynamic Gold S400

PXG Gen 2 Brandon Putter

Srixon Z Star XV

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I always recommend choosing a golf ball by going from the green and working your way back. I went through a similar situation to you when I moved from Wisconsin to Arizona and needing more green side spin due to firmer conditions. I had always played TP5x but made the switch to the TP5 for the added spin. When I do a side by side test of the two balls I do hit the TP5x about 5-6 yards further in my long irons but gladly gave that up to get more control around the greens. Also, the TP5x will fly a little straighter do the lower spin characteristics. A ball that spins more will allow you to shape shots easier which is why certain tour pros prefer the slightly softer, spinnier golf balls.

Jimmy A. - Team TaylorMade

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Thanks for the reply. I did find a bit of work around though. I do not like hunks of lead tape showing on my driver (yes I know I'm a stickler for appearance of equipment) So when I unscrewed the weight & looked at the inside/opposite side, there was actually some room to stick some tiny little pieces of lead tape. So that's what I did. Swing weight is up to D1 which is close enough for me.

Driver: Cobra SZ Extreme @ 11.5 Degrees

5 Wood: Cobra F8 @ 17 Degrees

Hybrid: Cobra 3-4 OS @ 20.5 degrees

Hybrid: Cobra F9 @ 24 Degrees

Irons: Callaway Apex 19's 6-SW

Wedge: Callaway Sureout 2 @ 60 degrees

Putter: PXG Closer

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Sorry if this has been answered already, long thread.

What is the current build/wait time window for CUSTOM BUILD IRON Sets fitted through your authorized dealers? P790 to be exact.

I want to know from the source, not the sales person.

Mizzy GT180 w/ Atmos Black TS / Ping G410+ 9 degree W/ Atmos Black TS
Titleist 917F 16.5degree
Mizzy CLK 19degree Hybrid 
Mizzy Mp-18 Hi-Fli - 4 iron 
Mizzy 5-PW 919 Tour - Modus 120
Mizzy T-20 Raw 50 - Modus 130
TM MG2 54/58 wedges - Modus 130
TM Spider X (Chalk) / Nike Method Origin B1-01 Putter
Nike Air Hybrid II Bag x 2 (camo and all white)

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Former Titleist snob here, moved onto Taylormade in my recent years of trying to get back into the game. I love the performance of the p790’s, but always preferred smaller faced irons/or even blades. For some reason, the larger faces impair my ability to strike the ball as cleanly (weird right?). I was gifted a set of rac tp mb irons 6i-pw (3i-5i were in the cavity back model) and have had a couple of great range sessions w them, just haven’t had a chance to get them out on the course. Also, a friend/TM sponsored player, lent me a set of TM MB irons and absolutely loved the feel of those blades. Wondering what your opinion is the softest feeling TM irons currently produced (or even from the past). Any help is appreciate, just another golfer in the forever-long search of the irons with “that special feeling.”

Btw, I got hold of a SIM driver head in 8* and mated it to a Fujikura Speeder 661 EVO IV shaft.... so good!!!!! Can’t wait to get in the course next!

Taylormade SIM 8*, Fujikura Speeder Evolution IV 661 shaft
Titleist TS3 18*, Fujikura Speeder Evolution IV 661 shaft
Taylormade P790 UDI 2-iron 
Taylormade P790 4i-PW, Oban CT-115 S shafts
Miura Tour Wedge HB 48*, Miura K Grind 2.0 54* & 60*, Oban Ct-115 wedge shafts
Scotty Cameron Red X center shafted putter
Taylormade TP5

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@TaylorMade Golf I’m really baffled here. Can anyone comment on what the actual finish/plating was used on the TaylorMade Hi-Toe wedges? Raw Carbon>Chrome>Copper or Carbon>Copper or Something entirely different?
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Callaway Mavrik 9* w/ Aldila ROGUE White 130 M.S.I. 60
Callaway Mavrik 3 wood w/ Aldila ROGUE White 130 M.S.I. 70
Callaway Rogue Heavenwood w/ Project X Evenflow Blue 75
PXG Gen 1 0311X 4 iron w/ Mitsubishi MMT 80
PXG 0211 5-PW w/ Mitsubishi MMT 80

Cleveland CBX 52* and 56* w/ Rotex Graphite

Cleveland RTX4 60* w/ True Temper Dynamic Gold Tour Issue S400
Olson Manufacturing Legacy Stainless

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Are the new iron replacements on hold or will still see the new 760/770 irons this summer?

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Sim Max 9.75* GD IZ 6s
TS 17* 

SM8 52F-56D-60M
Nike 006 Paul Casey Proto ([b][color=#FF0000]Oven[/color][/b])
Nike 006 Rory Proto ([b][color=#FF0000]Oven[/color][/b])
TP5x Pix

[url="http://www.golfwrx.com/forums/topic/973333-mnnikeguy-nike-oven-witb/"]WITB Link[/url]
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