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Looking for a good epoxy glue

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I need to purchase a new supply of epoxy glue for club making. My go to product was a quick set two part epoxy from Locite. I still have a good amount left but it is a few years old. I read a post saying not to use old epoxy. Any particular brands I should get? I am looking for a product with good strength. Fast drying time is not as important.

Thank you!

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Brampton is excellent.


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Brampton it is! I ordered some today. Thank you all for your input! NOW, if someone can give me a good technique of sanding the hosel end of the ferrule that's slightly larger in diameter than the hosel of the club. It is a tapered iron and shaft. I don't want to invest in the belt sander that is used with a felt sanding belt. I did see a video of the manual technique where you use a thin piece of 150 grit sand paper or similar. Using a shoe polishing technique, gently sand around the ferrule till it's very close to the hosel diameter. It is then finished with acetone. Obviously, the graphite shaft and hosel are taped off to prevent scratching. If someone has other techniques that you feel work better, I would like to know. Thank you!

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