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have a louisville golf niblick 5 wood that the shaft broke clean off right at the ferrule (yes there’s a metal ferrule thing on this instead of whipping ). I called louisville golf because I live in Louisville but they won’t let me drop it off because of covid. Said I could ship it though (dumb) and then said it would be $80!! For a steel shaft. And I honestly believe it was because the graphite shaft was their stock shaft and it was super flimsy and weak for such a heavy head club. Launched wayyyyy too high. Like seriously had gap wedge trajectory. Great club for getting over trees though. Wondering if anyone can do this and I drop ship a shaft to you and the head?


I also have 1-3-5 set of some honma persimmons that currently have stock graphite shafts (regular shipping). Looking to replace them with something stiff and longer as they are short and A flex. Maybe just use steel shafts. And maybe give all of these a once over. The Honmas look great but I feel the clear coat is weak as I’ve only hit like 5 balls with the 5 wood and it’s already showing wear.


i love swinging the persimmons so if someone could point me in the right direction


maybe some Graphite or steel shaft recommendations too. I guess all of these came stock with graphite so maybe I shouldn’t mess with the swing weights too much. I think I’d like steel in some though... I don’t know


any help would be appreciated!

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