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Open up courses, one to a cart (NO POLITICS!)

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Honestly all of us would like to be playing. I’d feel a little guilty to be out playing when people are dying, very sick, losing jobs, health care workers are risking their lives to help people and all the people working at jobs that put them at risk also. I am just hoping people I care about don’t get this thing. Missing a few rounds of golf just doesn’t that important right now.

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OP, I'm with you. We need the release and the courses need the revenue. We need to get back to a new normal that includes outdoor rec. If fast food drive through's are open then we can certainly open up golf.

The Indianapolis courses are closed... so those golfers are either taking C19 outside of Indy or bringing it back in. Doesn't make sense to me.

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I think the main issue is not whether the golfers are able to safely play but rather if the maintenance crew are able to safely work.

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Courses in my county just reopened with the following guidelines.


Walking is mandatory. You can you a push cart or your own motorized cart

Tee times are 15 minutes apart

Payment is done online or by phone

Driving ranges are closed

No rakes, ball washers or water jugs on course. Holes are modified to minimize touching the flagstick when you get the ball.

Restaurants can only be food orders to go. (Which was already in place).


IMO, it gives the golf courses the ability to generate some revenue and golfers the ability to play while minimizing risk. I played a course with similar guidelines this weekend. Other than a starter on a cart 10 feet away from the path, the only people I saw was the 3 people I played with. We all maintained distances.

The comment about the maintenance workers above was a bit confusing. Most course maintenance is done solo with a few tandem or team items. that you need to be close to do. Even when the closes were closed, the judge allowed for the course workers to maintain the course, just like they allow general commercial landscaping.

I think the governor of California has it right. People are going to have to get their minds around the idea of business being conducted in a different way for a lot of places. You can't hole people up indefinitely. And it's not like there a switch getting flipped anytime soon that is going to get things 'back to normal.' Different areas are going to have to figure out what their regional risks are and slowly ramp things back up.

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lmfao no. While a safety is a concern, it isn’t the main issue. The main issue is that people don’t listen or follow guidelines established. They bunch in the tee, around the green, in the parking lot etc.


interestingly enough golf has actually gotten less popular as time has gone on, what I mean is there was a poll put out weekly from NBC Sports/GCSAA asking if golf should be allowed/open during quarantine (obviously with restrictions) it’s first week was about 95 percent if memory serves, this week it was 79 percent of those polled that said it should be allowed. Point is people are slowly realizing that staying home is the absolute best thing to do. Every post I comment on with something on this topic, I’ll always say it (even though I know it won’t be heeded), please stay home. I want to tee it up like everyone here but this is serious golf isn’t necessary right now. The responsibility is on all of us to stay home to protect ourselves and those around us.



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Really every course in Florida is closed? From three weeks ago?!? Which part of the executive order from the governor says no golf? While golf wasn’t ever listed as an essential activity On multiple EOs or clarifications, the NFPGA spoke with the governor’s office seeking clarification on the matter.

Now this is from 2 April, but Steve McMillan (shout out Steve) president of the NFPGA shared a letter with his members (for some reason I cannot get the link to work, I’ll skip to my favorite part), “[...] per confirmation with the Governors Office, golf is considered an essential activity.”

Again maybe things have changed, I hope that is the case tbh (we don’t need to be playing golf right now) but I know some privates are still open in Martin county area (spoke to some friends and members over Easter this past weekend) or if you’re in Miami/Dade area I heard they are severely restricted.

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Every area is different and needs to weigh the best interests of everyone. This will probably get locked and i don't want to get into a whole thing...but some areas that have been hit brutally hard should probably really stay home as much as humanly possible

Other areas that are operating at like 15-20% of their ICU capacity and not seeing surges in hospitalizations can probably stand to look at opening back up certain parts of the economy. Golf is an ideal type of business in that physical distancing is relatively easy , and it allows some people to get back to work.

Every geography is different, and some are at different parts on the curve than others

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Courses in my prefecture are mostly open, with restrictions on things like using the locker room, bath, and restaurant, though it varies from course to course. The governor declared a state of emergency on Tuesday, and ordered certain leisure facilities to be closed (karaoke, gyms (I think), and basically anything indoors), but golf courses were left off the list.

I called a course to see about playing, but I didn't like the fact that: 1) they still weren't allowing walking; carts only (most courses in Japan are like this, but this policy should be revisited now), 2) there was still only one cart per group (should be cart per person if carts are compulsory), 3) If only 2 people were playing, they still had to pay the "2 person supplement" (social distancing be damned??).

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In AZ the courses are open right now. One person per cart unless you live together. Electronic pay, noodle sleeves to keep the ball from going to the bottom of the hole, pins stay in. No bunker rakes. I get more exposure at the grocery store. I am playing every weekend because you never know when it may change. Both men’s clubs are still having tourneys. Some guys play with masks or bandanas. It has become a guilty pleasure. Played last week in the mountains and got hailed on. It was a dry hail though.

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Illinois courses both public and private have been closed throughout the entire state per our Govenors order and will be closed until May 1. Everything is closed, courses, ranges and clubhouses. Even golf stores are closed. He doesn't believe golf is essential. He is thinking of extending his order until June 1 but hasn't made a final decision on that. Sucks big time.

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I played yesterday (I'm in California, San Luis Obispo County - one of the very few counties permitting golf). The usual restrictions are in place - modified holes, one to a cart, etc. There were a few people congregating around the clubhouse. I'm afraid these thoughtless people are going to cause a total shutdown. Use your head, people!

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Courses closed here in NY. At least until the end of the month. Governor decided the courses were being a bit "liberal" in their definition of "Essential" businesses. All of the courses I checked into (that were open before lock down) were taking the precautions most recommend- More spread out tee times, Pay in advance online, or over the phone, pool noodles or raised cups at the holes, no rakes, etc... Along with single rider only carts if desired. Pretty standard stuff to try and mitigate the spread. I would have suggested that walking be MANDATORY, and only single rider carts for those with Handicapped designation (ID's, Plates) being allowed. If your not handicapped and can't walk the 18, then don't play or play 9. Which might open a space for someone else who might just want to at least get out and walk for 9 holes.

Even AFTER the courses closed, the Police had to chase 70 people off one of the courses. Photos had guys huddled around each other while waiting to tee off. IF you could get some enforcement on the social distancing thing, it isn't such a bad thing to get out and play responsibly. Unfortunately, you cant fix stupid. One guy they interviewed said. (paraphrasing): "Hey, the gates are wide open- what are we supposed to think?" And THAT is the guy(s) ruining it for the rest of us.

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