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What's wrong with 10 year old clubs?

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i've got multiple sets of Maxfli Revolution Black Dots (1999), and have just recently switched over to Wishon 560MC irons.

Great one piece forgings (Wishon), butter nickel coated casting on the Maxfli's.

Easy to buy used and be particular about face condition and get loft/lie checked.

Since you seem not to mind the AP1's, maybe stay with them.

But if you go to replace them, I'd be the first to tell you no worries with 10 year old irons.



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TEE EXS 220 10.5* - Testing continues - Accra TZ6 55M4 at 44.5”
TEE XCG7B 2h 17* -Aldila Tour Blue 85 
TEE XCG7B 4h 22* Aldila Rogue Blk85
TEE XCG7B 5h 25*- Diamana Thump i465ct 4i shaft
Wishon 560MC 5-PW (27,31,35,39,43.5,48) at -1/2" length Multiple sets with different shafts 
Vokey SM4 52-08F S200
Wishon HM wedges 56/60 Wishon Smooth steel Stiff
SC Futura X5r 33' flownecked by Bastain-cerakote sniper gray-silver dots-white flange sight line-SS Flatso 2.0

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Lofts and lies can be jacked around on a 10 year old set of forged clubs. Very likely they were hit off of mats at some point in their lives ... so you'll want to have those checked out.   Grooves ca

Might check lofts . Over time lofts can change. Other than that nothing.

As far as one piece forged cavity back irons... there hasn't been any 'tech' improvements whatsoever over the last 10 years. Just a lot of design churn, and maybe some minor loft jacking for some models... but changing a '9' to 'PW' on the sole of the club doesn't count as 'tech'. Plenty of different designs so you can find one set that fits your eye best whether that's low or high offset, thick or thin top lines etc but 'tech' improvements... nope.

Pretty sure there were high COR faced irons around 10 years ago even then.


If only Bubba knew not to play those Ping S59's for 10 years (and those are some more techy irons than a forged cavity back)

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Coops the huge tech leap was the Ping S58!Way ahead of S59.Style and Substance.

2020 18 July mid winterNZ
Ping Rapture 2006 10.5
Nike VrS 3wood
Callaway Razr Edge5 wood

MP100=33 9876 5/mp63
54     RTX2
60     RTX2
ProPlatinum NewportTwo
2002 325gram +8.NewGrip
Dont hesitate to buy one!


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Admiration to people who play older clubs. I’m not one who could but should. I’ve had my AP1 718s going on 3rd season but tried to replace them twice. Yes I’m a dumb a$$.

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Livin' proof that Lefties are not naturally talented.

Driver Callaway Epic Flash 10.5 set to 9.5
3 Wood Epic Flash set to 16 degrees
3-5 Hybrids Epic Flash 18 20 23 degrees
6 hybrid Big Bertha 26 degree 
7-AW Callaway Mavrik Irons 
50 degree GW Vokey SM7
56 degree SW Vokey SM7
Odyssey White Hot V-Line Fang

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10 year old irons seem pretty new to me. I only have a couple sets newer than that, one of those by only a year.

I don't think there's anything wrong with 30 or even 40 year old irons.

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The Ever Changing Bag!  A lot of mixing and matching
Driver: TM Original One 11.5* set to 10*, Aldila RIP Alpha 80 X, 43.5"
3w:  Cobra King LTD, Matrix 8m3 X, 42"
Hybrid:  TaylorMade Stage 2 Tour, NV105 S or DGS400

Irons grab bag:  3-PW Mizuno MP37, Recoil Proto 125 F4 (reshaft pending); 1-PW Golden Ram TW282 or Vibration Matched Golden Rams, RIP Tour 115 R (coin flipping for the reshaft project); 1i & 3-PW Golden Ram TW276, NV105 S
Wedges:  Dynacraft Dual Millled 52*, DGS400; Scratch 8620 DD 53*, SteelFiber i125 S; Ram Watson Scoring System 55*, DGX 7i shaft; Ram TG-898, DGS400; Ram TG-898, NV105 S; Wilson Staff PMP 58*, DGS300; Ram 1982 Commemorative Nickel 58*, Dynamic S; Ram TW282, DGS; Ram TW276, DGS; Ram Troon Grind 58*, Dynamic S; Maltby Design 60* mid sole, DGS400; Maltby Design 60* mid sole, NV105 S
Putter:  Snake Eyes Viper Tour Sv1, 34"
Balls: Wilson Staff Duo Professional or TaylorMade TP5

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Those are great irons, but don't take advantage of design improvements and increased MOI. They don't have any tungsten so they can't perimeter weight as much. While actual size of the sweet spot might not be that different (a few millimeters) percentage wise it's a big difference. If you consistently hit the center, you have no worries. There are slight differences in launch and spin rate and lowering of CG.

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As said by others earlier, the advances in drivers, fairways, and Hybrids are easy to defend. Irons...it gets a little murkier.

I still game these circa 1997 beauties. And they are going nowhere. I’m sure there are comparable irons out there that are “recent”. But I see no reason to switch them so I can attach a different yardage to the number on the sole. These, for me, are everything I could want in my scoring clubs. Consistency, workability (both vertically and left/right), and forgiveness. Last round was 73 for them. When my game is off, more times than not, it’s off the tee or a putter. I don’t think there has been a measurable improvement for irons that I’d game.

...although I’ve tried, and like tons...


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Cobra BioCell Plus w/ Matrix Red Tie
Cobra BioCell 3W w/ Aldila Tour Green ATX65
PING g20 Hy w/ Nippon Steel
PING BeCu ISI w ZZ65’s...properly patina’d 
Vokey SM’s 54 & 58
OWorks Two-Ball Fang
...all subject to “adjustment” per WRX societal norms...

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There's something to be said for having equipment you know inside and out. Years of trials and tribulations, and knowing well the strengths and weaknesses of you playing them, to help you manage your way around the course.

Our games change over time, and what we use to play with doesn't fit our swings as well as they did in the past. Sometimes they were never well fit. So I wouldn't discount the idea of trying new clubs out, but I think it goes without saying they should reasonably outperform and/or bring more enjoyment to you over what you already have.


Golf Jobs
Driver: Titleist TS3 9.5 w/ Tensei Blue 55 S
3W: Titleist 915F 15 w/ Diamana D+ 80 S
3H: Titleist 915H 21 w/ Diamana D+ 90 S
Irons: 4-GW Titleist T100 w/ Project X LZ 6.0
Wedge: Vokey SM8 54.10S TC w/ Project X LZ 6.0

Wedge: Vokey SM8 60.04L TC w/ Project X LZ 6.0
Ball: 2019 Titleist ProV1


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Absolutely nothing wrong at all! I have MP-32s from 2004 (legal for the 2010 rules). They were mint when I picked them up 10 years ago; and although I've tried quite a few other irons, these ones remain in the bag. I only pulled the PW last year for a Vokey wedge in order to match my other wedges.

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Wilson Deep Red II Tour (9.0)
King Cobra SZ (15.5), G10 HY (18, 21, 24)
MP-32 5i - 9i, Vokey SM5 50, 54 (F), 58 (M)
Rife Aussie

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More comes into it than just matching loft and lie when it comes to matching a players iron to a game improvement iron. You could jack the bounce up on the players iron if you bend them too far forward. Most gamers have a more aggressive leading edge and thinner sole. Combine that with far less than originally intended bounce, and you are losing some forgiveness. You got to know your swing and your miss-strike tendencies. Altering loft is one way to go but shaft length is also an avenue to explore.

There's nothing in the rule book that says you can't play drunk.

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With irons there's no difference. They're all just hunks of metal at the end of sticks. Some iron heads today are more advanced with multi-material construction and tungsten weighting, but, in reality, it doesn't make any difference. You could take a 20 year old iron and a modern one and they would perform the same.

Woods/hybrids, however, are a different story. Older stuff is still really good, but modern equipment is much stronger in the forgiveness and ball speed retention category. You could still go back ~5 years with drivers and see a negligible difference, but any further than that you might start to see some dropoffs.

Personally, I can't go any further back than 2010 because I do play in competitions. But if I could, you better believe I'd have a mixed bag of very old and new stuff!


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Do your own research and hopefully you will find that there have been tech improvements in the last 10 years. If you do not agree stick with whatever equipment you have. I certainly have no intention of detailing each manufacturers improvements over the past 10 years for you. A bit of ambition versus cynicism on your part might help and even lower that 20 handicap you possess. Good luck.

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I play in state events, men's club tournaments, and an am tour I joined this year. In Connecticut, as long as an iron was on the 2010 conforming list, they are good for competition.

Srixon Z585, 10.5*
TaylorMade SIM Max 5 wood 18*

Titleist TS2 21* hybrid
Cobra DWS 23*, Nippon 950GH
Callaway X-14 5-PW

Vokey SM7 52F
Vokey SM7 56M

Vokey 60M
TaylorMade Ardmore 1

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