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Can't quit you - full wedge shot

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My 80% lob wedge goes 90 yards. My 100% lob wedge goes 60 yards. what I feel is a "full" or 100% wedge is in actuality a bad overswing.

A “full” wedge shot in my opinion should be a 80-90 percent wedge shot. Watch montes video with athletic motion golf titled wedge it close. It makes a lot of sense! No reason to hit a lob wedge 110

You can have the ability to hit both, but it's more about the shot you can hit with better consistency.

Eliminating the effect of the different CGs and even bounce with wedges and how they effect launch angles, it comes down to forgivable launch angles.

For standard parabolic flight and equal ball speeds(not factoring air resistance), 45* is optimum launch angle. Around that angle, adding 4* or subtracting 4* BOTH REDUCE flight by 1.1%

On the other-hand at a launch angle of 56*, Adding 4* REDUCES flight by 6.6% while reducing angle by 4* ADDS 4.7% to flight.

Factoring in air resistance, optimum launch angle is lower than 45*, but much closer to that of your 9i than your SW.

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You can only know what you should do with your wedges based on what you can do with the wedges. If you should hit the mid flighted wedge into a green but you can only hit the high floater, you had better hit the high floater and vice versa.

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Dj said 70 yards is his “half” 64 degree shot... wtf lol. I could spend all day at the range and not hit a 64 140yds without blading it.

he hates half wedge shots. Will always attempt to leave a full wedge in. If your swing is great, wedge shots no problem. Id be surprised if the average amateur consistently scores better with half wedge shots.... those can take a while to master

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