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Putter Length for 6' 4" height


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It's all about comfort. Are you comfortable with a 34" putter? Does your back hurt if putting more than 10min at a time? Does your stroke feel off with a short putter vs large?

For me I like longer, I'm 6'3" and prefer putters in the 35-36" range because I'm more upright and my back likes it. Pro Jigger Thompson who's 6'9" uses a 34" or something on the shorter side because he likes the position it gets him in. Then there's Jon Rahm who's 6'1-6'2" and uses a 37".

So as you can see, nothing set in stone just what you find comfortable and works.


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I am 6'4" and I use a 36" putter and yes it matters a lot to getting everything lined up properly!

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6'1 play .5 over irons. Played 35" putter for a long time. Switched to a short heavy putter at 33.5 and have been putting great. Also switched from face balanced to plumbers neck.

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6'4" here and play irons +.5" 3* up. Putter length has fluctuated anywhere from 34-36" over the past 2 years. With all this quarantine downtime at home, decided to lengthen my entire stable of putters to play 35.5" - 36". Ultimately came down to a comfortable posture, as I prefer more upright. Also working on correct eye position at address, so I'm using the reflective side of a CD face up to see my reflection, placing the ball in the center hole. Quick easy reference in a pinch.

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6’4” here my irons are +1/2 and 2* up...putter is 35”. This is comfortable for me and I putt better with this length...which as others have posted is the most important factor.

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6'4" with irons .5" over and putters are primarily 35" and have a few 34"

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I’m 6’5 playing 35 inches.

tried 37 inches. The swing weight went off the charts, and so did distance control.i tried counter balance, overall weight was too much. I assume Jon Rahm had a custom lighter head made for this purpose, dunno tho.

I Putt like Rory now... I don’t stand over it forever. I line it up, get set, and go.

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Thanks everyone! really helped to hear your experiences. I ended up taking back the 34" and getting the 35". More comfortable, easier on the lower back and feels better off of the face. Went with the Scotty Cameron 2018 Newport, I can see my handicap getting lower with this putter (when the CA Gov decides to let us play golf (palm to face)).

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