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Sellers Remorse!! Why did I sell them????

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I understand where you are coming from but I guess I am just stubborn and not going to pay over $600 for a set I would not consider in good condition. Call me crazy but there is no way a set of JPX 900s are selling on this site for over $600 unless they are new. The 900s are about to be 2yr old model in the fall of this year. I might have to pony up some more $ and get a set of the 919s however I prefer the 900s over the 919s.

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Don’t feel bad, we all did this in our youth Grizzled veterans keep back ups while testing new sets and generally have back ups for the back up’s back ups

Don't forget to change your signature.

I understand where you are coming from but I guess I am just stubborn and not going to pay over $600 for a set I would not consider in good condition. Call me crazy but there is no way a set of JPX 9

I get that, but I don't. I personally don't see why going to pay $600 for a set of irons you don't want out of principle because the ones you really wanted shouldn't retain their value as well as they actually do. Who knows, maybe you will like the 919 more, but at the same time, if you don't, that's another $600 spent on something you didn't actually want just in an attempt to justify it. Maybe I am weird but if I want something, I pay what it costs. If I can't pay that, I save up for it. I could see if they were selling for $600 with completely worn in brown spots on the face, extremely bag chattered to the point they need to be refinished. Sure, I wouldn't buy that either. However, if they are generally okay in condition, just a little worse for wear than the ones you had....well tough cookies IMO, take your medicine and buy them and be happy :)

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For nostalgia reasons alone : Ping Karsten III a irons 2-PW

Just for play: Nicklaus N1 1 - PW irons

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Livin' proof that Lefties are not naturally talented.

Driver Callaway Epic Flash 10.5 set to 9.5
3 Wood Epic Flash set to 16 degrees
3-5 Hybrids Epic Flash 18 20 23 degrees
6 hybrid Big Bertha 26 degree 
7-AW Callaway Mavrik Irons 
50 degree GW Vokey SM7
56 degree SW Vokey SM7
Odyssey White Hot V-Line Fang

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Adams A4 Forged irons. Probably the best irons I ever played.

They'd probably be worn out by now, but I regretted selling them for quite a while after I let them go.

Had a Mizuno Bettinardi BC7 343gm that I wish I had back. as well as a Studio Select Newport Mid Slant........


Ping G400 10.5 (9.75) Hzrdus Yellow 5.5 76 ( Atmos Blue TS 6 sometimes)
Callaway Rogue 17* 4wd Atmos Blue TS 70  
Ping G410 19*, 22* & 26* Tensei CK Pro Blue 80
Cobra Forged Tec Black 6-GW SteelFiber i95cw R (2019 Forged Tec SteelFiber i95cw R trial run ) 
Vokey SM7 54/8 M 
Mack Daddy PM 58/12
Toulon Madison H1 neck / Bettinardi BB1 Tiki 2016 / Toulon Long Island
 Wilson Staff FG Tour/ TM Tour Response/ BStone B RXS

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Sounds like your performance in that Men's League isn't that important after all. Sell those other sticks and pony up, man!


Bag 1

Cobra King LTD Pro 9.5* HZRDUS Black 7 6.0 @ 44.5"
King LTD 14.5 - Aldila RIP Beta 80 S @ 43"
F6 5-7 @ 17.5 - Aldila RIP Beta 80 S @ 41.5"
Mizuno MP5 4-PW - Aldila RIP Tour 115 R
Mizuno MP-T5 52, 56 & 60 - TT Wedge
Grips - Grip Master Master Perforated Midsize

Bag 2
F7 9.5* - Aldila Copperhead 70TX @ 44.5
King LTD Blk 14.5* - Aldila RIP Beta 80 S @ 43
King LTD Blk 19* - Aldila RIP Beta 80 S @ 41.5
Mizuno MP15 4-pw - Aldila RIP Tour 115 R
Mizuno MP-T5 Black 52, 56 & 60 - TT Wedge
Grips - Grip Master Classic Wrap Midsize

Bag 3
Mizuno ST190 9.5* - Diamana "Flowerband" Whiteboard 73 S @ 44.5"
Mizuno ST190 14.5* - Aldila RIP Phenom 80 S @ 43"
Epic Flash Heavenwood 19* - Aldila RIP Phenom 80 S @ 42" 
Mizuno MP25 4-pw - Recoil Proto 125 F4
Mizuno MP-T5 Satin 52, 56, & 60 TT Wedge
Grips - Grip Master Roo Midsize

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Find the best looking heads you can find on eBay for cheap that aren't crazy loft/lies. Send them into Mizuno for a reshaft and regrip and get them bent to your specs. Its like $30 a club and you cant beat that anywhere. Recently did that with some MP-5s. Cost me $200 for the heads and $225 for the reshaft through Mizuno. Sold the C-taper Shafts they came with for $125, all-in my cost was $300 for almost new MP-5s with my exact specs. Took me about 3 weeks from start to finish.

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A mint set of Cobra Greg Norman Signature forgings, the blade version. I'm not good enough to use them 15 years later but man, they were beautiful.

Cobra F9 10.5*, VA Composites Raijin 44 F2
Cobra F9 14.5, UST Helium 49 A Flex
Ping G10 3 Hybrid, Stock Graphite R
Sonartec MD 23* Hybrid, A Flex Stock Graphite
TXG Custom, Mizuno JPX 919 Hotmetal 6-pw, "B" heads, 2* up, + 1/2", UST Recoil ESX 460 R, Soft Stepped Once
Mizuno S18 50/07, KBS Tour 110 R
Ping Glide 1.0 55*, Accra 90i R
Callaway MD4 58*, DG Tour Issue 115
Taylor Made TP Red Chaska, 35"
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This is easy for me. Founders Club came out with this titanium fairway line called The Judge. For some reason, I had the 5 wood in that set and it was this magical club for me that I NEVER missed and it had a dime sized sweetspot wear pattern when I've never done that to any other club. It, along with it's strong 3 big brother were the very first clubs I sold online, on ebay, and I regretted it every day.

They looked like this https://i.ebayimg.com/images/g/MaYAAOSwiFNdI4w2/s-l500.jpg and there really wasn't anything special about it but man I killed that thing. I swear I could hit it 250 all day long and as high as I wanted lol.

I was also skinny, had not a stress in the world, and ran a driving range and hit 300-600 balls a day :)



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TM Sim D-Type Tour AD IZ 7s
Mavrik SZ 16.5 Tour AD DI 7s
Cleveland Hibore Xli 3,4,5
TaylorMade P790 6-AW
TM Tour MG Raw 54/58
Evnroll ER-1.2

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905S w Grafalloy Blue S

I finally purchased one on eBay and it replaced my TS4. Clubs had so much better feel and made it easier to swing imo

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905S 9.5 Graffaloy Blue S
Ping G25 3 wood Diamana D+ X

Ping G25 3 hybrid S300
Mizuno MP-18 4-PW S300
Ping Glide Stealth 52*/ Ping Tour S 56*/Ping Glide 3.0 60*
Scotty Cameron Mil Spec 350 35”
Pro V1

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The only club I regret selling is the G25 driver I had. For some reason I sold it after getting a G30, then G400 and now G410. I look at my GameGolf stats and I hit it better than the rest, but in reality it's probably because I'm getting older vs the club. I keep most of my prior clubs or I give them to my sons. There are other things (firearms) I've learned to never sell else I would regret it. Better to just hold on to things like clubs if you can afford to.

Ping G410 Tour AD DI6

Ping G30 3W

Ping G30 5W

Ben Hogan VKTR Hybrid

Ping G400 5-SW Steelfiber i95

Ping Glide LW

Scotty Cameron Fastback or

Bettinardi Studio 28cs

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I sold a JDM Bettinardi to someone here a few weeks back or so. The minute the money hit my account I had regret and it's not like I can't find another one down the road it was just that the one I had was in amazing condition especially at address, it looked brand new. I loved that putter despite not using it much but something was telling me to sell it so I did. Then not long after a TP Mills Handmade came up and I spent the Bettinardi money on that so good call.

I'll buy another Bettinardi blade but lefty options are limited and just means I'll be picky and always on the lookout. But don't want it to be the same like last time, buy it and never use it.

Lefty WITB

Driver: 9° Ping G410 Plus - Tour 65S

3W: 13.5° Ping G410 LST - Aldila NV 2KXV Green 75X

3H: 19° Ping - Tensei CK Pro Orange 90TX

Irons: 4i - 7i Srixon 585 / 8i - PW Srixon 785 - AMT Tour White S300

Wedges: 51° MD3 - 56° Glide 2 - 60° PM2

Putter(s): TP Mills Handmade - SIK Pro Tour Proto - MannKrafted MA/66 LN - and more. 

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The A4 forged were my first seller's remorse. I had them in the Project X Flighted 6.0, and stupidly got rid of them for some TM MC irons. I hit them ok, but I liked the Adams better. I tried to buy them back from the person I sold them to, but he was trying to charge me more for them because of the grips he put on them after he got them from me. I eventually got a hold of some Adams CB1 irons, and played those for quite a while. I really wish Adams still made irons.

I came on here to say my old 15* Adams XTD Super Hybrid that I used as my 3 wood for a long time. I stupidly sold it for a different 3 wood because I wanted more distance, and I've regretted it ever since. I have a Cobra F6 Baffler that I've turned down to 16-16.5* at times, and that is pretty close to the same performance as that old Super Hybrid, but still not quite the same. I'm trying a F9 Tour 3 wood right now, but I'm probably going to go back to the Baffler if I don't start hitting the F9 better. Range time will help as local courses start to open those back up.


Driver: 10.5* SIM set 1 click lower with Elements Earth 7F4 or Diamana D+ x5ct 70s

Hybrids: 15* Adams XTD Super Hybrid Proforce V2 85F4, 19* Adams XTD Super Hybrid UTS Proforce VTS 100s, 23* Adams Super 9031 dgs300
Irons: 5-PW Ben Hoga PTx Pro Modus 125s
Wedges: 48* bent to 49* Vokey SM6 F Grind, Zipcore 52* Mid bent to 53*, Zipcore 56* Mid Raw bent to 58*. All wedges have DGTI S400
Putter: Toulon Las Vegas or Kingston KP1 Carbon Oil Can Finish

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I'm a 900 Forged owner and think they are one of the all time great sets. I previously owned the 800's and have extensively tested the 850's and 919 Forged as well. I just the 900 Forged are special clubs. Would I play any worse with the 850's or 919s, definitely not, but I just love my 900 Forged. Hoping the OP can find a set soon.

Srixon z785 9.5'
Srixon F85 3W 15'
Ping G Hybrid - 18'
Mizuno JPX 900 HM 4 Iron
Mizuno JPX 900 Forged - 5-GW
Titleist SM7 54' and 58' - S Grind
Bobby Grace Tour Triple Diamond

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Two regrets: a set of MacGregor 1025c irons with 5.5 (5.7) shafts, and a Titleist 3 wood. I forget the model of the 3 wood. But it was the size of a table spoon compared to today’s models. Must have been 12+ years back. That club would absolutely smoke a ball off the deck.

The 1025s were as close to “fitted” as clubs came back then. Local pro built them, CFMed, spined, etc. I played some good golf with them. Then some new shiny came along and the 1025s were sold away.

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G25 driver. Bought another one a year later.

G400 Max. Bought TM cos all the cool kids had one. Big mistake. Very happy with current Cobra but still miss the Max and just don’t fancy the new PING. Hoping their next one will drop the moveable weight.

Callaway Mavrik Max Driver
Cobra Speedzone fairway
M6 hybrid
PXG 0211 irons (5 to G)
Callaway 56 and 60 PM grind 2.0
PXG Operator putter

Callaway Chrome Soft balls

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