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Faldo vs. Mickelson, who was better?

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Faldo got to no. 1., and was relentless in his final masters over Norman. If they are both playing their best golf I would favor Phil unless it is windy then Nick. Phil only recently (last 10 years) seemed to play well in the wind. Great careers for both showing that there used to be more than one way to be at the top of the game. Now golf appears to be less dimensional at the top. You better have some club head speed...

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Faldo: Six wins, three seconds, three thirds, 19 top-fives, 24 top-10s.Mickelson: Five wins, nine seconds, seven thirds, 28 top-fives, 38 top-10s. Those are for the Majors Faldo - 41 total wins (30 on

I’d go with Phil.   And you couldn’t ask for 2 guys with more disparate dispositions on the game. Yet, who did it “their way” and rose to the very top of their games.   California Phil, devil may car

phil ... his prime years were during tiger's rise to dominance ... tough ask for anyone to reach #1 ... plus, he had an outstanding amateur career ...

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Even if you say their records are similar. FWIW I think Phil's is better >> Win total, 3 of the 4 majors, a Player's, top 5 finishes in majors, short game, etc etc

You can't equal the Euro wins of Faldo with Phil on the PGA Tour. Sure the Euro had 8 top guys but then it was a bit of a cliff after spot 10 I think we can all agree.

One more major to Nick should not place him higher. He was a steady one dimensional player who was solid under pressure and had incredible patienceyou have to give it to Phil on longevity alone

Here he is still winning, at near 50, still has 175mph ball speed, injury free

Faldo was a point A to B player, he couldn't handle Augusta or any long track nowadays

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The most interesting part of the comparison is how directly their practically opposite temperaments and personalities translated to practically opposite styles of playing the same sport.


Yet both very closely match up as far as career accomplishments.


Thats what’s cool about sports. Or is it games? What have you ; )

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Phil is easily one of the top 15 players of all time. He will leave a unique legacy on the game, made it more interesting in his prime and will become a great ambassador for golf. Also I know Faldo was from Europe and Phil played mostly in the US, but the difference in PGA Tour wins is big IMO.

His IG alone is worth at least one major. And he will be a better commentator should he ever choose to do that.

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Sorry but Phil vs Hogan w/ or w/out Tiger would never be a discussion. Sorry not now, not ever. Hogan won the only three majors he entered that year, he couldn't make it back for the PGA because he went by friggin boat to the UK. played in ONE open championship at Car"nasty" of all places and won.


As for me I give Faldo the edge, but I have a hard time being objective on this one. I IDOLIZED Faldo growing up. The methodical Hogan like steeliness, the precision, his Ryder Cup assassin like attitude. Watching him stalk down the Fairway staring straight ahead was so awesome.


I always answer these types of questions with "If so and so had to play the 18th at Oakmont in US Open conditions and make a par to win for me to stay alive who would I pick?" that answer is Faldo all day.

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Faldo was more of a ‘feel’ and ‘rhythm’ player than anyone gives him credit for. He just mastered the mechanics of the swing to a point where he didn’t have to think about it. It looked slick and repeatable because it was, even under the greatest of pressure, but the rhythm gave him great feel.

Iirc, he has talked about hitting a 5-wood ‘a smidge out of the toe’ to create a little bit of draw spin to hold the ball flight into the wind on the 17th at Muirfield in 1992 (when he almost lost to John Cook ) so that he could land it in the ideal spot just short of the green and run it up to the flag. Imagination, feel and control of ball flight were all attributable to his control of the mechanics of his swing...not that he had a mechanical swing.

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This is what people seem to forget. Phil was never going to get to that #1 ranking. Sir Nick has more majors and I think a better overall career; but man what could've been if it weren't for Tiger.


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Faldo just answered this question for us during the broadcast of the PGA Championship. Phil was a guest commentator and was giving Sir Nick a back-handed compliment (or, at least that is how Sir Nick took it), and Faldo responded, as only he could: “When you win seven Majors, then you can rip me.”

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mickelson is terrible in the booth. someone should put a muzzle on him

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