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We lost a good one today. The R7 Superquad finally cracked.

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Today was the day I have been dreading for years. My beloved R7 Superquad finally cracked.

She had a great run as you can see from the wear on the face. 12 years of pure Bliss.

Will I ever find another fairway after this?



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RIP!! R7 ! You gave it a good life! Great excuse to get a new one.

Sorry for your loss. Now the fun but not so fun part comes....the replacement and all of the agonizing questions.

should have stayed in isolation

should have stayed in isolation

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Very sorry to hear about this. I'm sure you'll find a replacement. With any luck you'll probably score a 282!

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A little J&B weld and that thing is still playable.

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If you don't have to have the latest and greatest Taylormade has some very good drivers around for not very much money. The M2 and M4 for example are selling for around $250. I like my Wishon driver a lot but I've been straying and looking at the M2 and M4 occasionally. One thing I want to do is be careful since there ae so many fake golf clubs around that I'm for instance very skeptical of 'new' Taylormade M2 drivers on the bay for $174. Way too good to be true and likely made in a knock off shop in China or Taiwan or Bangladesh. They are opening up golf courses here in the Bay Area beginning the 4th with a whole laundry list of restrictions like: no touch the flag, hole mounded up above the green so no reach into the hole, only two players walking at a time, only one person in a cart if they are even allowing carts, nobody allowed in the Clubhouse (they have to figure how you will pay). I'll probably be out there on my local nine hole but when I spoke to the Pro he said they are getting directions from the City Council and then they would have to figure it all out. Good luck everybody. Be safe!

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I bought a r7 superquad tour edition 3 years ago for $39, best driver I have played good luck in your search for another one, I’m sure they are still out there.

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Sorry for your loss, but welcome to better off-centre shots.

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Hoping the OP keeps this thread going with updates on the replacement :)

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This thread inspired me to play my 282 today. Really forgot how good this club feels and it's still as long as anything I'm playing today. Have it shafted old Matrix XCON 6 and the feel off the face is a springy metallic blast. Also forgot how round and compact it looks.

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I have landed on a Mizuno st190g with the Atmos tour spec black 6x cut down to play at 44.5.

Weights in the back and set loft 1 notch up to provide a draw bias.

I figured I wanted from match the length of my old R7 as I was having issues hitting the sweet spot with stock 45 and 45.5 lengths.


I have had great success with this set up. Long high baby draws. Occasional straight low missles. And the very rare low hook when I get too fast. Or a super high push if I get lazy.


Happy with where I am at so far, not quite as consistent as my R7 as a fairway finder though I am getting more and more comfortable.

(I took back a gifted R7 I bought for my brother a year ago when he loved my driver, though I have yet to fall back on it. Never thought he would give that up but he moved on)

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