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Cavity back wedges

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Who is using something like the ping glide or Cbx style wedges in the higher lofts? I need a new 54 degree wedge and I’m kind of torn between something like the TaylorMade mg2 (that what my 58 is and I really like it) and the ping glide 2.0 (what my 50 is and I also really like it). My play with the 54 is fairly straightforward. Chipping, full shots, Longer bunker shots and pitching. Most of my bunker play is with the 58 and any flop shot style things are done with the 58. This makes me think that a cavity back would not provide many issues and could provide a little bit of extra forgiveness (I shoot in the mid 80’s and have plenty of misses from everywhere).

What have you guys experienced with these wedges as far as their limitations as well as their advantages? Is anyone who is a lower mid handicapper/upper single digit player considering them, or are you giving up too much versatility?

thank you!

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I always prefer the gap wedge from the iron set, and the sand and lob wedge be dedicated wedge designs with the grinds I want. To me it just makes more sense and the bag flows better that way. Basic

I play a CBX 50/11, obviously as a gap wedge.

Nice enough on full shots, too 'hot' for chipping, too light in the head for touch shots, out of heavy lies etc.

Added 2 grams lead tape to the head to make it more acceptable to my tastes.

Not really a fan.

Cobra F8+ 9° XCaliber 6+ S 45” or XCaliber Tour SL TS 45.5” //  Cobra Fly-Z 14.5° XCaliber FW S 43.25” //  Srixon F45 18° XCaliber FW S 42” //  Srixon Z565 3-PW Nippon N.S. Pro 980GH DST S

Cleveland CBX 50.11 //  Cleveland RTX3 56.14 bent 55.13 //  Nike VR X3X Toe Sweep 58.10  //  Wilson Infinite Windy City //  Titleist Pro V1 

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I have the Glide 2.0 Stealths and they are by far the most versatile wedge I have played. Very forgiving and love the low bounce option that I have on my 58*, that club is money off of hard pan lies. Use my 54* / 12* bounce for everything else, you can open it up real easy in the bunkers as well.

DRIVER -    Taylor Made Sim Max 8* | 🔥🔥KHT AUTOFLEX SF505🔥🔥
3 WD -        Taylor Made Sim Max 14* | Ventus Red Regular 
HYBRIDS-   PXG Gen 2 -  2/3/4 | Accra Tour 100i Stiff
IRONS -       PXG Gen 3 -  0311XP 5 - GW | Accra Tour 90i Stiff
WEDGES -  Ping Stealth Glide 2.0 54-12 / 58-06 Wedges | Wedge Flex
PUTTER -   PXG One and Done w/JUMBOMAX 17" FLAT
BAG -           PXG Staff Bag
BALLS -       Snell MTB Black / Pro V1

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I have the CBX2 54/10 and CBX2 Full Face 58/12. Love the wedges I have played a lot of wedges and these are pretty dummy proof imo. I love them, from looking down at then they look like a typical wedge but they have a lot of help behind the cavity. Great wedges and the Full Face looks a hell of a lot better than the TM or Callaway offerings in the same shape imo

Titleist TSi3 9° | Tensei AV Raw White 65S

TBD | Tensei AV Raw White 75S
Titleist 818H2 21º | Atmos HB TS Blue 8S
Callaway Apex CF19 5-PW | Modus 105S
Callaway MD5 50°W 54°S 58°X | KBS $-Taper 120S

PING Sigma G Tyne H 
Titleist ProV1x


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If your miss is slightly heavy or fat, the CBX2 wedges will help you tremendously. That is my miss, and no clubs have ever helped me change my game as much as these. I have a 50 and 54 cbx2, and even on a poor swing the ball still gets up in the air and can stop on the green. It will slide through thick grass, and it even works for me on tight lies. I have successfully opened the face on the 54 even with the wide sole, and I dont think it has ever restricted my shot options. I still have a 60 degree RTX4, and I am not sure I even need it anymore honestly.

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I am playing the CBX2 in 50* and 54* and absolutely love them both, Previously my 50* was a semi cavity Cleveland and I played it for 5 years thinking I would never find something to replace it with. Not only did I replace it, but liked the flexibility so much that I want a 54 degree as well.

  • Driver - Ping G410 LST on HZRDOUS Yellow
  • 4 Wood - Titleist TS2 turned down 1 on UST Mamaiya Black
  • 7 Wood - Callaway Epic Flash turned down 1 on UST Mamiya Black   
  • Hybrid - Ping G400 17*
  • Irons = Ping G410 4 iron on Recoil 110
  • Irons - Ping i210 5 - PW on Recoil 110
  • Wedges - Cleveland 50 and 56 CBX2 and RTX4 @ 62 on UST Recoil 110
  • Putters -  Sunset Beach Ocracoke or Mannkrafted MA/66
  • Ball - Srixon Z Star XV
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Always a wonder for me how people will play a set of cavity back or sgi irons and transfer to blade wedges. I’ve done it but now I have a glide es stealth 54° and a glide 2 58° also es grind. And I am gaming ping ie1 irons now. The wedges are great from sand and with a bit of care also from tight lies and the rough. Leading edge is a sharp tool be careful with it and the old saying about a sharp tool plays true. The es grind is probably not going to be a favorite of someone playing soft fairways, fat shot is not forgiven. Get the ss grind if that is the case.

Ping 9° G410+ tensi orange s
Ping 3 Wood G410+ tour 75 shaft s.  
Ping 5 wood G410 Alta s
Adams 9031 23° Mitsubishi diamana 
Ping G710 DG 105 R300
Ping glide stealth 54° es grind
Ping glide 2 58°. ES
Ping anser

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Great thread!

I am a high single digit and play a CBX 52,56,60. They literally are the safety net of my bag.

The leading edge being a tad bit thicker is the only thing that I have noticed as a limitation when needing to really open it up, but that also will greatly depend on the lie. I've maybe only ran into that scenario a couple times.

Beyond that, they're money! I feel like where they really shine is on full shots, they become an extension of your bag and gapping, you're able to hold greens and they produce a ton of stopping power and spin.

Definitely a worth a look into.


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I picked up a 52 CBX 2 a couple of months ago, I had been struggling finding a gap wedge I was happy with. I had it bent to 51 and flattened it 1 degree. So far I have absolutely loved it. So much I picked up a 54 CBX2 a couple of days ago to see if I like that one also. I got it used (looks 9.5/10), and has a jumbo grip on it I have to change, I will see how it goes. I had played the older 588 CBs several years ago, liked them, but when the grooves wore down, went back to blade like wedges. Part of the appeal of the CBX 2 for me I think is the wide V sole, I grew up playing a wide sole Hogan wedge, but haven't played one in many years.

What got my on the CB wedge kick was picking up a mid 1980s Ping Eye 2 SW for 10 bucks at a flea market last fall. It has turned me into an actual decent bunker player, and I like it of the grass well enough also, took a bit to get used to the look.

Ping G410 LST 9.0 Tensei CK Orange 60 X
Ping G410 LST 3W Tensei CK Orange 70 S
Calaway Epic flash 3 and 4 hybrid, stock stiff Tensei Silver
Srixon Z585 5 iron Recoil 95 F5
Srixon Z785 6-PW Recoil 95 F5
Cleveland CBX 2 52 bent to 51 DG 115 W
Cleveland CBX 2 54/10 DG 115 W
Ping Eye 2 SW 57.5 ZZ lite
Odyssey White Hot #6, back ups Never Compromise Dinero Baron  or Cleveland BRZ 2
Srixon Z Star or XV
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Using CBX 56* for:

most sand shots

some chips

some pitch shots

Full shots at 85 yards

G400Max 10.5 Driver Red tie 6Q3 stiff
G410 5 Wood Tensei Orange stiff
Ping G410 Hybrid 22* & 26* Evenflo Black 6.0 stiff

Ping G Gap-6 iron Steelfiber i95 R.flex

Ping Anser 52* Steelfiber i95 R.flex
Cleveland CBX 56* Steelfiber i95 R fles
Callaway X Tour 59.5* Steelfiber i95 R.flex
Scotty Newport 2,  prov1x, Kangaroo-hillcrest AB

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Thanks guys for the responses. I got a 50, 54 and 58 glide 2 ss based on the feedback given. I would have liked the glide 3 but cheaped out. I was able to play them for the first time today. The only one I had any concerns with was the 58 but if today is any indication, it’s going to work out really well. Eventually I may have to make a shot in which I’ll miss the blade some, but I was able to hit flop shots and chip from tight lies today with a lot of confidence. I’d prefer the blade for the flop shot but for everything else the glide gave me a lot of confidence and the results were great. Thanks again for the input

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Done like you're gonna leave for 10 years again?


Is that really you or is this an imposter? What are your thoughts on Lee Westwood?


Callaway Mavrik Max 9 w/Hzrdus Smoke Black 80
Ping G410 LST 13 w/Ping Tour 75
Ping G400 Crossover 20 w/KBS Tour Prototype 85
Ping G410 4-SW w/S300
Titleist Vokey SM8 60 M grind

SGC #002 flow neck 385g

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I'm not mat562 but I have slept in a Holiday Inn Express about a year ago and, frankly, I like the guy a lot. Westy is a guy I've followed for longer than 10 years and he's still a player. Take that for what you will...

Driver PING G400 SFT (10°) 

Fairway Wood PING G400 (18.5°) 

Crossover PING G400 (25°)

Irons PING G10 XG ((5) 6-9, PW, UW)

Wedges PING Eye2 XG (55°, 60°)

Putter(s) PING Karsten 1959 Anser X; Karsten Piper (35")

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The Glide 2.0 is a compact pro wedge. It has about as much cavity as a Titleist 718 CB. The Glide 3.0 has a smidge more, let's go with an AP2 comparison for that one (still pro level absolutely, I believe AP2 is amongst Titleist's most popular sets on the PGA tour). The CBX is a completely different animal, that one is more like a Ping G410. I've played all 3 extensively (3.0, 2.0, CBX).

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As someone then with experience with all 3 and having outlined the differences, how do you say they each play?

Cobra F8+ 9° XCaliber 6+ S 45” or XCaliber Tour SL TS 45.5” //  Cobra Fly-Z 14.5° XCaliber FW S 43.25” //  Srixon F45 18° XCaliber FW S 42” //  Srixon Z565 3-PW Nippon N.S. Pro 980GH DST S

Cleveland CBX 50.11 //  Cleveland RTX3 56.14 bent 55.13 //  Nike VR X3X Toe Sweep 58.10  //  Wilson Infinite Windy City //  Titleist Pro V1 

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I switched from vokey to CBXs about a year ago. First I replaced my 56 which is the wedge I probably use the most for chipping. I found it to be better than my vokeys across the board, but where it really shined was full shots. With the vokeys, I might hit full shots high and short, low and long, left, right, etc. It was probably mostly due to my lack of abilities, but I did not find the clubs consistent. The CBXs are great. I have very reliable distances for full shots, and they inspire confidence for chips and pitches. I liked the 56 so much I got a 60 as well.

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Have a newish Ping Glide 3.0 52 as a gap wedge. Not sure about it yet. Only played a few rounds but is my least favorite club in the bag right now. Might reshaft it as it just feels light to me. Would trade for a RTX4.

PING G410+ 9* TPO 60S

Adams XTD 17* Fubuki 

Callaway Apex 20* AD DI 85s

Callaway Apex 23* OBAN Kiyoshi Purple

5-6 Srixon Z585 Modus 120S

7-PW Srixon Z785 Modus 120S

50 Cleveland RTX 4

56 and 60, TM Hi Toe


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It's me. Wedges are a favourite subject of mine, so I thought I'd chip in, even if my recommendation's a bit left field versus more contemporary suggestions.

Eye 2s are still great wedges if you ask me, and if it's a cavity-backed one you're after, or are considering, there are few wedges made since that come close to being as good. The much-imitated sole design on the sand wedge just works, and with a bit of grinding you can turn a chunky soled L wedge into a proper, usable, low bounce lob wedge that you can lay wide open and hit flop shots of concrete with. I've been out with mine earlier for a bit of lockdown chipping in the garden, albeit not off the driveway. The XG and Gorge versions aren't quite as aggressively grooved as the old ones of yesteryear that caused all the fuss, but the newer grooves are decent, produce plenty of spin, and give adequate control from the semi or wet lies, which I've found to be less than stellar with some of the newer wedges with the CoC grooves. The main drawback for me of the modern reissues is that the powers that be have stopped you being able to get beryllium ones; so no longer can you have a nicely aged copper wedge with a dark patina at the front of the bag. Honestly, I reckon my depleted uranium shafts and asbestos-corded grips will be next for the chop.

The Eye 2s have a bit of a face that only a mother could love, and are certainly an acquired taste - and if you're seen playing one by anyone under 25 you and your Eye 2 will both be ridiculed - but there's a reason every man and his dog on tour had one or two of the things in the bag back in the day.

If the humungous sole bothers you, do what I did and model your own custom grind after a T grind Vokey lob wedge by whipping off the back edge and the heel.

Oh, Westy? Great bloke. Past his best now, but still a solid game. Hopefully he may yet pull a rabbit out of the hat and win a Major at some point, if the venue, weather and his putting all align.


Old Nike woods with blue shafts, Titleist 712Us and a bagful of 681s, a couple of rusty Vokeys, an Eye 2 L wedge and an Anser 2

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Yeah it's definitely you. Haha. Glad to have you back dude. I remember reading your posts many years ago when i was new here.

For the OP, I'm a huge fan of the Eye2 aswell (actually i have a Ping Glide 3.0 Eye2 lob wedge) however i find that it performs similarly to other wedges , like my Callaway PM grind which it's based on

I play a UW and SW that are Ping G410's, a big honking cavity like this i would only recommend for full swings and not touch shots around the green. I only use these because 99% of my short game work is done with the lob wedge. Full swings a cavity wedge is actually pretty easy to hit IMO

Callaway Mavrik Max 9 w/Hzrdus Smoke Black 80
Ping G410 LST 13 w/Ping Tour 75
Ping G400 Crossover 20 w/KBS Tour Prototype 85
Ping G410 4-SW w/S300
Titleist Vokey SM8 60 M grind

SGC #002 flow neck 385g

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