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Lamkin Crossline vs UTX


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Crossline is a classic rubber grip. Like a Tour Velvet. UTX uses a synthetic rubber compound that feels totally different. Inferior feel in my opinion although I've used them on many many sets. Opinions are variable though.

Ping G400 Max driver w/Aldila Rogue 125 Silver 60S
Cobra (Lexi blue) F7 4 wood w/Aldila Rogue Black 70S
Cobra (Lexi blue) F7 Hybrid w/Aldila Kuro Kage 80S
Ping G410 irons w/Recoil 95S
Ping Glide 55/60 wedges w/Recoil 110S
Ping Anser - the "real deal!"

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I loved the feel of the Utx the first set I had with them.

I don't know if they changed them a little or what, but subsequent sets felt firmer than the first I had so I've moved on.

I generally like to support Lamkin, but they change things too much sometimes. REL Ace is an example of dropping a great grip from the line up.

I understand they have incorporated some of that tech into the latest crosslink model though.

Ping G425 LST 10.5 Oban Devotion 6/04 or Riptide 60 CB 5.5
Epic Speed 16.5 HZRDUS Smoke im10 70 6.0
Ping G410 19* Riptide CB 80

Ping G410 22* & 26* Tensei CK Pro Blue 80
Apex 21 6-GW Recoil Dart 75 
Mack Daddy PM 2.0 54/14
Mack Daddy PM 2.0 58/12

Bettinardi Innovai Rev 6.0  33”

TM Tour Response/ ProV1/ Chrome Soft TT

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The UTx is better in high humidity and wet conditions IMHO.

I switched to the player's cord + because I prefer less taper. If you haven't considered this on you should give it a shot.

Cobra RAD Speed 9* : KBS TD 70 Cat 3 / Ventus Blue 6-S

Cobra RAD Speed 3W : Graphite Design AD TP8-S

Srixon ZXU #2 : Nippon Modus 3 120-S

Wilson Staff CB 4-PW : Nippon Modus3 120-S

Cleveland Zipcore 50, 54: Nippon Modus2 120/125 S 

Cobra MIM Black 58 : Nippon 125 Wedge

Piretti Potenza 370g : Breakthrough Technology Stability Shaft - 34"

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utx will feel firmer, grittier. Crosslines, softer, velvetlike. Crosslines do tend to get slippery with sweaty hands. I bought some crossline +4s and whatever they did with those i hate it. Not the same. Thumb spots have abrasions now like someone dragged them accross concrete. Never had that problem with any other grip.

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I've used both grips, and I prefer the UTx grips. The main reason for me is the vibration dampening of the UTx grips compared to the Crosslines. The combination of Prosoft inserts and UTx grips have helped keep elbow pain manageable when I'm practicing and playing a lot in the summer.

The Crossline was the first go to grip for me, and I still use some version of it for my driver..right now, it's the cord version.

In terms of durability, I find the Crossline to be the better of the 2, but the UTx is still really good.

Driver: 10.5* SIM2 set 1 click lower- AV Raw White 65s

Fairway: Cobra Radspeed 3 Wood with Aldila NV 2KXV 70s and Radspeed Tour 5w turned up to 18.5* (Shaft TBD, but Motore F1 is solid)
Irons:  Adams 23* Super 9031 (Proforce Tour Weight Iron shaft), 5-PW Ben Hoga PTx Pro:  All shafted with DGTI s400
Wedges: Cleveland Zipcore Wedges (All Raw with DGTI s400 shafts) 48* bent to 49*, 52* Mid bent to 53*, 56* Mid bent to 58*.   

Putter: White Hot OG 7s with Stability Tour Black or Kingston KP1 Carbon Oil Can Finish

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The BEST Grip I have ever played.

The one post is really accurate about the UTx they used to be softer and then they got really hard, much like the z5's.

Taylormade mySIM2 murdered out 10.5 (Set to 9.0) MCA Tensei Pro White 1k 60S"
Taylormade SIM2 15 set to 14.5 MCA Tensei AV Blue 75S Tipped .5"
Callaway Apex Pro 19 Hybrid Fujikura Atmos TS 8 Stiff
Taylormade M3 3i KBS Tour 105 Stiff
Bridgestone J15CB 5-PW DG AMT S300
Taylormade MG2 52 DGTIS400, MG2TW 56/12 DGTIS400, & Tour Raw Hi Toe 60/09 KBS HiRev 125
Scotty Cameron TeI Newport 2 Longneck 34"
Bridgestone Tour B XS

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I currently play the Crossline, and have for years. But, put a UTX on my driver as a tip toe back into cord grips. Really enjoying it thus far. Tried the Zcord, but only playing a couple times a month, it ripped me up. None of that with the UTX, but a little more grip than the standard Crossline.

Titleist TSi3 10* - MCA D+ LTD 70TX

Taylormade Sim 15* - HZRDUS Smoke Black 80X

Cobra SpeedZone "4" - 18* - Recoil SMAC 

Callaway Apex MB (8-PW) XForged (4-7) - MCA MMT 105TX

Vokey Wedges - 52/56 - DG AMT S300

Piretti Lucca

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I bought the UTx Cord Midsize, hoping I would like them. Also bought the Tour Velvet +4 to have less taper on my wedges for partial shots and have the Crossline Midsize on another set.

The UTx are .58 grips that I put on .60 shafts which probably makes them feel firmer than they’re supposed to be. Here’s my observations:

UTx feel good, but not great. I had higher expectations. Perfect for sweaty hands, though. UTx develop those abrasion spots where my thumbs are, as mentioned before. That’s not nice after 3 range sessions. Photo below. Crossline Midsize feel great, a little firmer than Tour Velvets. Get slippery when wet real quick, though. They’re also a little smaller in diameter than the TV Midsize. TV +4 Midsize feel very smooth, I like them, but as slippery as the Crossline when wet. Still, a great feeling grip, but needs to be replaced more often than others.I LOVE the less tapered +4 grips for my standard shots, too. Will now play +4 grips or comparable exclusively.


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Good stuff.

So after ordering the UTx, I found out they only come in mid-size and I need standard. Also, I found out they are corded, which I don't want.

I LOVE the feeling of the grips on the Callaway wedges (they say UTx), but they aren't corded.

So if those are some special "made-for" grips that I can't order, what would be similar in feel?


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I could’ve swirn there used to be a non-corded UTx. A quick search showed there’s only corded versions available now. Wrap cord or standard.

Here’s an interesting comment from the product website:

„Lamkin’s maximum performance grips such as UTx or Crossline ACE 3GEN have a firmer feel for superior torsion control, meaning they twist less under the greater pressures of a quicker swing. Comfort grips from Lamkin, such as R.E.L ACE 3GEN or Wrap-Tech are softer feeling and ideal for players with lower swing speeds or those who prefer a tackier connection.“


Maybe the ACE 3GEN is for you?

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Hm, I buy over ebay, and I’m based in Europe. Adore Grips are a great source in the UK, but if you’re US based, someone else needs to chime in, pretty sure there’s something comparable in the US.

Ebay has good retailers, if you look around. And you can usually go to their website if you prefer buying directly from them.

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Yep, its a shame we can't buy the UTx grip that comes on the Cally wedges. Outside of the Gripmaster Leather grip that I use the UTx grip on the Cally wedges is the best feeling non-leather grip I have felt. @aquapig Thanks for the update, I may try the Crossline 360's as well as a backup to my Gripmasters


FAIRWAY WOODS - PING G425 SFT 16* @14.5* and 19* @17.5*

HYBRIDS - PXG 0317 X GEN2 19*/22*

IRONS - T200 [6i-GW]

WEDGES - CLEVELAND RTX ZIPCORE 52.10 / 56.10 / 60.10


PXG 0317 X

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A while back, Lamkin had a Tour Van section on their website. For a limited time they had the Crossline Cord with the ACE material- that was the best grip I had ever used. The current CL Cords are regular rubber I think, and they do offer a Taylormade branded Crossline Cord using their Genesis material.

I've used the UTx a bunch of times and was never a huge fan. They felt heavily tapered and didn't have as much traction as some of the other cord models.

SIM2 9*, Atmos Black 7x

Flash SZ 17°, VTS Silver 8x
Mizuno MP Fli Hi 21°, Recoil 110

MP-20 MMC  5-P, DG X100
SM7 50F, 54S, 58M
PXG Closer Gen 2  
Tour BX

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PURE grips and Tacki Mac are about your only options if you want American made grips. I'm going with PURE grips from now on. A little pricier than Tour Velvet 360 or Lamkin Crosslines, but not made in China. I'll definitely pay more for that.

Bag 1                                                                               Bag 2                                                    Bag 3

PING G400 MAX 10.5 GD YS Nano Reloaded 6X         Titleist 905R 9.5* Speeder S             Cleveland Classic 310 GD Pershing 60 S

PING G25 16.5* 4 Wood UST Attas 4U 7 TS                Titleist 906F2 15* YS6+ FW S           Callaway Warbird 3, 5, & 7 Woods Memphis 10 Steel

Callaway Epic Flash 7 Wood UST Attas 4U 8S            Titleist 906F4 18.5* NV 75 FW S       PING Zing BeCu 5-SW AMT Tour White Black Onyx S300

Titleist 915H 24* & 27* DG S300                                  Titleist 904F 22* DG S300                PING Eye 2 XG 56* & 60* DG S300

PING i210 6-UW DG TI S400                                         Mizuno MP30 4-PW DGS300           PING Sigma Tyne H

PING Glide 3.0 Eye 2 54* & 58* DG TI S400                Mizuno T20 54* & 60* DG TI S400

Odyssey Stroke Lab 2 Ball Blade w/Triple Track          Odyssey White Steel #5


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