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?? Prices DROPPED! ★ 2014 TM MC 3-P ★ cheap Vokeys ★ Datrek

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Here's how this works:All prices include shipping to CONUS (none of this $5 west of the Mississippi horse sh*t)No trades!PM me to purchaseIf you find a better deal, let me know (with a link, obviously) and I'll match the price!LFG! ↓↓↓••••••••••TaylorMade 2014 MC (3-P) with KBS Tour SNever been a gamer set! The 7 and P were used on an indoor simulator; the rest are fresh af (drool @ pics below)FROST ALERT! A few heads only have light shop wear and are waiting for you to pop the cherry and ding em up like you just don't careStandard length, loft, and lieKBS Tour S shafts throughout the setTM Tour Velvet grips on 3 and 4i, Green/gray NDMC in very good condition on 5-PThe 3i is a poor man's UDI, but you ain't heard that from me...Why did the guy before me not use the 9 iron? I have no idea. But now you get a clean one.$305 $300 $290 to make your buddies wonder why they spent $1099 on Epic Flash Fire SIM Max Plus irons

••••••••••Titleist Vokey SM5 56º/10º (S-grind) with DG X100

35.5" long, 56º loft (standard), 64º lie (standard)S-grind has 10º of bounceDG X100 shaft has no label but is in perfect conditionLamkin Crossline cord grip in very good conditionSlightly rusty wear spots from sitting around, but this thing hasn't even had a midlife crisis yetBig gouge on the toe (off the grooves) happened because I'll try recovery shots from anywherePerhaps the above line is true, or perhaps I just often hit approach shots to horrible positions ?$36 to add my shame to your game

••••••••••Titleist Vokey SM5 60º/8º (M-grind) with DG X100

35.25" long, 60º loft (standard), 64º lie (standard)M-grind has 8º of bounceDG X100 shaft has no label but is in perfect conditionLamkin Crossline cord grip in very good conditionGood condition for its age with no browning or unsightly dings on the face$41 to get this guy off my bench and into your starting lineup

•••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••?PACKAGE DEAL ALERT!!! ?

??Take both Vokeys for $65

•••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••Datrek Go-lite Pro Stand Bag with 14-way, full-length dividers

MGS's "2016 Stand Bag of the Year"14-way top with full-length dividers will keep your clubs quietPerfect number of pockets + pocket placementZipper pulls are very slightly oxidized but still work fine (a lil WD-40 will spruce em up nicely)Cool features include an insulated drink pouch, rain hood, glove velcro thingy, and well-placed handlesRemember—shipping is included in this low price!$105 $90 to re-capitalize my storage closet and send the stock market soaring ?


?And now for the PICS! ?

••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••TaylorMade 2014 MC (3-P) with KBS Tour S



















tm-2014-mc-19.jpg••••••••••Titleist Vokey SM5 56º/10º (S-grind) with DG X100



vokey-sm5-56-3.jpg••••••••••Titleist Vokey SM5 60º/8º (M-grind) with DG X100



vokey-sm5-60-2.jpg••••••••••Datrek Go-lite Pro Stand Bag with 14-way, full-length dividers







datrek-7.jpg••••••••••Titleist TS3 9.5º with HZRDUS Smoke Black 70 6.5 (x-flex)New in box! Never removed from plastic; box was only opened for pictures45.5", D9 swing weight (Titleist standard at this length)HZRDUS Smoke Black 70 6.5 (x-flex)Golf Pride Tour Velvet Gray gripIncludes best-in-class OEM headcover and adjustment wrench"I'm not a smart man." (I paid $541 for this thing but fell in love with a big-butt Fusion while waiting for it to arrive.)$OLD for a driver that will actually be shipped immediately, unlike locked-down OEMs in California ?

••••••••••Adams CMB 4-G with DG x-flex shafts [custom length set with specs listed below!]Do you know why you're here, Neo?You're here because you know CMBs are the GOAT. And this set is fire. Read on ↓G: 36.0", 50º loft, 63.5º lie, DG SL X100P: 36.0", 46º loft, 63.5º lie, DG SL X1009: 36.5", 42º loft, 63.0º lie, DG XP 115 (X100)8: 36.5", 38º loft, 63.0º lie, DG XP 115 (X100)7: 37.0", 34º loft, 62.5º lie, DG X1006: 37.0", 30º loft, 62.5º lie, DG X1005: 37.5", 26º loft, 62.0º lie, DG X1004: 37.5", 22º loft, 62.0º lie, DG X100All clubs have midsize Lamkin Tour Wrap Cord grips in decent condition (some have thumb grooves, which I happen to like)I have documented most of this set's history in a thread here on WRX, but I recently had the lie angles bent back to the specs listed above.Lead tape on most heads is there to balance out swing weights—or more accurately, swing feels—due to custom lengthsIt's your turn to take the red pill and try the best irons ever made ?$OLD for the full unicorn with the elusive gap wedge

••••••••••TaylorMade Spider Tour Black 35"The OG putter that set the world on fire in 2017 ?35", Tour black shaft has held up well and still looks great!Still rocking the DJ special Winn AVS midsize pistol gripIncludes OEM headcover in "rode hard, hung up wet" condition (velcro is barely hanging on and needs to be sewed)Shot my only under par rounds with this putter, so naturally, I'm selling it ??‍♀️$OLD to see if you're a "mallet guy" and not a "blade guy"

••••••••••TaylorMade M4 3HL (16.5º) with Fujikura Atmos Red 6xOnly hit 2 balls! And the sweet spot is still a virgin ;)43.25" long, standard everythingFujikura Atmos Red 6x fairway shaft weighs 67g (mid-mid profile, very smooth)Golf Pride Dual Feel 360º gripIncludes saucy OEM headcoverTaylorMade totally ripped off BMW with the color scheme for the M4, and I heartily approveWhy is my smash factor with TM fairways always better than with TM drivers? I'm 1.48-1.51 all day with this thing.$OLD to give yourself a convincing reason to never hit driver again, but you still won't listen

••••••••••Nike VR Forged 50º (10º bounce)Nike is as dead as the dodo, but this wedge still has a ton of life left36.25" (1/2" long), standard lieKBS Wedge X-flex shaftIt's gucci, brah$OLD to summon the spirits of Nike's Tiger-driven past ?

••••••••••Odyssey Toe-Up Headcover (with magnetic closure)New, never usedMagnetic closure is the GOAT of closuresFits blades and mid-malletsCheap AF$OLD to stop dinging up your putter while cartballing


Once again, please PM me for purchase details!

Thanks for reading this behemoth ad ??


pin 5/18

Callaway Fusion 9º •• Matrix 75M4 X
TM 2016 M2 3HL 16.5º •• Aldila NV 2KXV Orange 65X
Callaway Apex 20º •• PX Evenflow Black 80HY X
Adams CMB 24º–46º •• DG TI S400
TM MG 50º •• PX LZ 5.5
Vokey SM5 54º/S •• DG S400
Vokey SM5 60º/K •• DG S400
TM Del Monte 35"

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Well don't hold back. I'm selling everything listed in this ad (except maybe that headcover—nobody wants the Toe Up stench near their clubs, even if it means a killer magnetic closure that will actually fit in your bag and never malfunction).

Callaway Fusion 9º •• Matrix 75M4 X
TM 2016 M2 3HL 16.5º •• Aldila NV 2KXV Orange 65X
Callaway Apex 20º •• PX Evenflow Black 80HY X
Adams CMB 24º–46º •• DG TI S400
TM MG 50º •• PX LZ 5.5
Vokey SM5 54º/S •• DG S400
Vokey SM5 60º/K •• DG S400
TM Del Monte 35"

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Great ad! I am gaming the CMBs (love them). While I have no objective evidence other than their product releases, it just seems like TaylorMade purchased Adams, stole their tech, then cheapened the materials. Only more recently have we witnessed great clubs starting to emerge again. GLWS. The next owner of those CMBs will be very happy with them!

[b]WITB 2020:[/b]

[b][ Driver ] Mizuno ST190 | Atmos Black TS 6X[/b]
[b][ Hybrid ] Callaway XR - 19 degrees | Graphite Design AD-DI 7x[/b]
[b][ 3 Iron] Titleist T-MB | Project X Precision Steel 6.5[/b]
[b][ 4-GW ] Adams CMB | KBS C-Taper 130x[/b]
[b][ Wedges ] Scratch - 53, 58[/b]
[b][ Putter ] Taylormade TP Ardmore Limited Edition Black[/b]
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Im gaming the cmbs and love them... if someone buys 4-people, I’d be interested in picking up the gap wedge. If it happens and your interested, let me know.

As of 6/5/20

9.5 Cobra LTD Pro with Aldila Silver 110

13 Degree Adams Speedline with Aldila Alpha 

18 Degree Adams A12 with Proforce V2

4 Utility Sub70 699u 22 degree Proforce V2

5 iron Sub70 639 CB with S400

6-PW Adams CMB with Project X 6.0

50, 54, 60 Vokeys

Tank Counter Balance #7 

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